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Resistance To Mother’s Day Is Futile


Happy Mother’s Day! Beyond a shadow of a doubt this is the most successful holiday manufactured by corporate America. We have been conditioned to believe that if we don’t participate and we fail to give our mothers their props today, it is damning proof that we don’t care for our mothers enough for one square squat.

Even right now my mom is collecting her Mother’s Day cards and aligning them in order so she can see at a glance who cares about her and who doesn’t. By the time she’s through, with all the children, grandchildren, and friends, she’ll have enough cards to open her own Hallmark store. The only problem is that her entire inventory would be recycled products.

Yet today is the day restaurants would be at their busiest. From McDonald’s to whatever is the biggest, fancy restaurant you can think of, everybody is going to be jam packed and busy today. This weekend is a florist wet dream, second only to Valentine’s Day.

With each and every day I love and appreciate the mothers in my life year round. Of course there’s my mom. And then there’s the mother of my son. Baby boy would not be here without her. I appreciate my sisters on this day. I give props to my grandmothers, may they rest in peace. I remember my aunts. I remember my friends who are mothers everywhere. I recognize and appreciate each and every ancestor and elder in my family line that was or is a mom.

Love is synonymous to moms. Or at least it should be. Mothers are the givers of life and must be remembered and honored as such. Even though I think today is wrapped in manipulation of our heart strings as we our guilt tripped into recognizing our mothers, resistance is futile. My mom wants what she’s been told she should expect. And like a good son I will comply and I will teach my son to comply. It’s not that bad. Especially when you see mom smile. It can cut through the toughest deflector shields to warm the heart.

Sunday, May 10, 2009 - Posted by | Life, Star Trek, Thoughts


  1. Yes, Yes, Yes….
    I feel a bit torn in two different directions on this day. On one hand, I get the intent of the holiday…although why we pick out one day to honor the moms instead of everyday is bit wierd. And make no mistake, this is one of those dates I won’t dare mess up and miss, for fear of my own well being. For me being an emotionally detached jerk, her stonewall of negative vibes accompanied by silence can be devastating.
    And yet, I see this specifically as a HALLMARK HOLIDAY, which the greater mass of society has bought into. And while I don’t want to support it on principle, I know my viewpoint will not only be isolated, but directly unsupported, and bad things will happen. To be fair to the women out there, I feel the same way about Fathers Day, in fact I insist on the fact that if they want to do something for me, then they can avoid all the hooplah for me.

    Comment by Mike Lovell | Monday, May 11, 2009 | Reply

  2. I agree with you and Mike. I don’t agree with the holiday either. It is just another way to suck money from our and our families pockets.

    And yes, not going along with it will definitely isolate us and get you labeled as a bad child who obviously doesn’t love their mother.

    What a crock of bull. I agree that if we honored our family members each and every day we could knock off pretty much all these phony holidays. Then we can go back to birthdays only.


    Comment by theblacksentinel | Monday, May 11, 2009 | Reply

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