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Bridging The Racial Divide


“Just remember that biracial children that live in America are for all intents and purpose black children-just ask Barack Obama and Tiger Woods. White folks are not deceived into believing these people are at all white. So where does that leave them if we reject their obvious blackness also?
And besides, I reject the “us vs. them” mentality that seems to pervade through much of your argument. Attack racism wherever it lives, but embrace togetherness wherever you can.
To focus on these people’s hangups are unfair because we all have them (length of hair, shape of body, color of skin) and what difference does it make if it is a big booty or blue eyes that first catch our physical attention? The human animal is complex; I hold that a black guy who won’t speak to sister that doesn’t have a big butt is just as “depraved” as a guy who won’t speak to a sister, period.
Finally, I enjoy your musings and most of the time you’re totally on point, but remember, if a contingent of Blacks were brought together to grade how “black” your column is, I’d dare say that most would be critical of your frequent parallels to white penned comic books and sci-fi. It doesn’t bother ME (it’s actually a little refreshing), but does remind me that we all buy into the majority society to some degree in order to move forward at anything quicker than a snail’s pace. If you don’t believe me, show up to work looking like a Kenyan tribesman.
Besides, to reject whiteness is to reject ourselves to some degree. Rather by hook or crook, 60% (some say more) of us American Blacks have white blood coursing right alongside the black.
Finally, we will ALWAYS have a black culture because black doesn’t melt well in this pot and we will always need each other. I don’t think that black people are ignoring black culture to their biracial children-just “ghetto” culture something I’m sure you do also if you’re smart. There are lessons to be learned from the ghetto, but they need to be run through the parental filter be the children black, biracial or white as rice.”

Thanks for the feedback Carlton,

I’m not surprised that you minimize this entire issue to an us vs. them perspective. You want to pretend that racism is the exception when all evidence point to it being very much the rule. Most people want to ignore the fact that generally speaking the black community comes up short in every social measure. Most people ignore the fact that unarmed black men are regularly murdered by police officers and black people are regularly depicted as loud mouths, thugs, miscreants, and criminals. We regularly accept the argument that someone black is simply up to no good while someone who is obviously white has a reason for their behavior that we should try to understand and help them if we can.

Last year, at the peak of the political primary races, a white man strapped himself with duct tape and junk to make it look like he had a bomb strapped to his chest and walked into a Hillary for President storefront. He held the people their hostage and kept the police and authorities at bay for hours. People took the time to reason with him and determine his troubles. He was unemployed and facing financial troubles. The standoff ended peacefully without anybody getting hurt. Time Magazine did an article on that man and how he represents a growing frustration in middle America.

But sometime prior to that, a black woman calls the police about her black teenage son with a history of mental problems. The son was ranting loudly and the woman wanted help to control him. When the police arrived, the young man held them at bay with a hairbrush. The police shot him dead five minutes after they arrived on the scene. Who has time to spend fooling around with a mentally ill black man?

We live in a society that regularly promotes discrimination against black people and rewards black people who keep the black community at bay. Tiger Woods doesn’t even consider himself black. He’s some mixture of ethnicities that defies description. The idea that Mr. Woods represents blackness or the best interest of the black community is genuinely ludicrous. The idea that Mr. Woods is a role model for black children and other impressionable black people does not bode well for the black community. Mr. Woods assumes that the black community is not important. His children will grow up learning that the black community is not important. This weakens the black community.  Personally, I have never heard Mr. Woods say that he’s not ghetto.  However, I have heard him say time and time again that he is not black.

In his bid for the White House, the only time Mr. Obama allowed himself to visit the black community was when he went to the black church and told black fathers to quit being the epitome of irresponsibility. Based on what information does Mr. Obama feel that black fathers are more irresponsible than other fathers? There are five times more white children growing up in houses without fathers. Why does the black community need singling out? This is the same Mr. Obama who is more than happy to go to the Jewish community and promises that the United States will protect Israel’s interest without reservation. Why can Mr. Obama make such a pledge to people halfway around the world but refuses to say anything about solidarity to the black community in America’s borders? The fact that a black President can turn his back on the black community weakens the significance of the black community.

As far as the embrace of racial togetherness goes, I’m all for that when it happens. I have nothing against anybody who is able to reach across the racial divide without hesitation or reservation or limitations. But to think that this is America’s normal operating procedure when dealing with black people is to fool one’s self into thinking that we really do care about our racial divide. And one thing I have learned is that America as a whole is about healing the racial divide as a klan rally is about promoting equal opportunity to blacks.

The fact that you find my supposition a rejection of white people does not surprise me. In America, to challenge the establishment is to be minimized as little more than someone who rejects white people. Just about anyone who holds up a mirror to America’s face and says look at your racism is considered an enemy of the state. It doesn’t mean that it is any less true.

I will admit that I have embraced American culture as much as anyone else. How can you live in this country and not adhere to its social policies and its rules for social behavior especially as a black person? But I also refuse to accept America’s orthodox thinking that says black people are inferior, disposable, and less than.  Embracing America does not mean I have to embrace racial double standards that leave the black community to its fate of being nothing more than a collection of second class people.  And lastly, embracing various aspects of American culture doesn’t mean than I have to reject African American culture or keep black culture at arms length.

It would be wonderful if more people accepted such a position on both sides of the racial divide. Simply saying we are equal does not make it so. Especially when every measurement of social wellbeing says that the black community is not being treated fairly. Don’t take my word for it. Just open your eyes and look.


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  1. This sounds very familiar, is the example given in your portion a reprint???

    Comment by Mike Lovell | Friday, May 8, 2009 | Reply

  2. Mike,

    Both come from another post as comments. Yet, the answer and the comment which garnered the answer need repeating. I looked at the comment and answer and was trying to get a reply ready but now there is a post to reply to instead.

    This guy seems to be a running theme. He does give a lot of crazy replies that you can run to the blog bank with. Geez.

    Comment by theblacksentinel | Friday, May 8, 2009 | Reply

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