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Easter Surprises


The week before Easter Sunday I was watching the news as Michelle Obama was being hounded by photographers and news journalists.  She was working in the White House garden.  Somebody was hollering the question when was the first family going to get their dog.  Ms. Obama yelled back, soon.  The journalist persisted hollering the follow up question, how soon.  Ms. Obama yelled back her follow up answer, very soon.  She was a little coy in the process.

Easter Sunday morning the news is broken.  The Obamas are getting a black, six month old Portuguese water dog.  The pup is a gift to Malia and Sasha from Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy’s family.  The first dog will be named Bo.  And the answer is no, he’s not being named after some Duke redneck who drives around in an early model Dodge Charger with a southern swastika on its roof.  The dog is named in honor of Ms. Obama’s father who was nicknamed Diddley.  If you heard this news nowhere else, then remember you heard it here first.

Initially my response was, how nice.  It would be a nice Easter Sunday surprise for the Obama daughters.  I remember being a kid and waking up to the surprise of Easter baskets.  It would have been cool to wake up on Easter Sunday and get a dog to boot, especially after waiting for so long.  I could imagine those girls thinking it was a very cool surprise.

And then how thought, goddamn!  What do a President and a First Lady have to do to keep a surprise for their little girls?  It’s just a dog for Christ’s sake (no Easter pun intended).  Can’t the first family keep some secrets in the hope of doing the kinds of things families all across America take for granted?

I know that everybody is going gaga over the first couple.  I know that quite a few people want to know every little miserable detail of the Obama’s lives.  But really, is all of this truly necessary?  It’s a freaking dog for a couple of little girls, for crying out loud.

Why did the paparazzi feel entitled to spoil the surprise for the first daughters?  I’m sure if Ms. Obama took the rather bold journalist to the side and trusted the Easter Sunday secret, we would’ve seen the story on the first page of their affiliated newspaper or magazine.  There were already news leaks on the internet that the Obamas had a top secret meeting to vet the pup several weeks ago.

Now that the doggie news is done what do we have to look forward to next?  I guess this is just a prelude to what we can expect for the next forty six months or so.  What will the Obama’s do for the girls for Christmas?  What surprise will the Obamas try to provide to their daughters for their birthday?  The top investigative reporters are on the subject.  State of the art surveillance equipment will be employed to peer through every package destined for the White House.  Mr. and Mrs. Obama better learn another thing or two about the state of the art in secrecy if they want to keep the surprises for their daughters safe.

Personally, I’m so glad to see this come to past.  The fact that we are in the worst global financial crisis the world has ever seen, the country is in the middle of two overseas contingency operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, North Korea is firing rockets, Iran is feared to be developing nuclear technology, Israel has just finished bombing the shit out of the Gaza strip, Michelle Obama is wearing off the shelf outfits out of a J. Crew catalog instead of the latest from fashion designer Oscar de tu Mucha, and all some people want to do is focus on who will be the first to bust on the first family secrets.

It just might be me but I do believe that the first family is entitled to be a family.  And that means that the first family is entitled to surprise their children the way any other parent would get to surprise their young ones.  Too bad more people don’t realize this and give that family the space they should be raising those girls in something that resembles privacy and peace.

Instead, our photographers and journalist work overtime trying to feed our insatiable appetite for celebrity news.  And right now, when it comes to celebrity, no one is hotter than the Obamas, except for one lone Portuguese water hound.  But that’s only temporary.  Now that the cat is out the bag (pun very much intended) the breaking news surrounding this dog is bound to become old news pretty quickly and we’ll find something else to obsess about with the Obamas.

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  1. This is one of the problems with being in the public eye. You traded your anonymity and right to secrets with fame and sometimes fortune or power.

    And it seems that power was the trade off for the Obamas. They should look forward to more surprise ruining moments with the press. As the people want to know every tidbit and otherwise juicy morsel of information about them andhoever else is their favorite celebrity.

    Anyhow, haven’t we seen this behavior over and over with stars beating the hell out of paparazzi. And didn’t we see the most tragic run in with paparazzi with Lady Di? I hate to sound callous but they put themselves in these positions and want to complain after the fact. Not to mention they all seem to become media whores after the limelight fades.

    But, hopefully they will have better luck in the future. But, I highly doubt it. I am sure we will see news of the First girls losing their virginity before the First parents do. Shame!


    Comment by theblacksentinel | Monday, April 13, 2009 | Reply

  2. You got it right: the Obamas try hard to remain a family, despite the publicity. Even the paparazzi should show a little more understanding. I’m sure they have families too.

    Comment by MacDaddy | Monday, April 13, 2009 | Reply

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