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Lights Out On Ameren UE


Ameren UE has employed former KSDK-TV anchor Karen Foss to help push the public on approving legislation that will lead to a new nuclear facility in Missouri.  In order to pay for the facility, laws have to be changed to allow Ameren UE to immediately start charging customers for a new nuclear power plant to be built in the future.  The commercials include a narrated blurb about how Ameren cares about its customers and is looking out for our best interest.

Excuse me for my language but Ameren UE is full of shit!

When I first came home to Saint Louis with my family to be close to my mom I rented an apartment and tried to get the utilities turned on.  I called Laclede Gas and arranged to get the gas turned on.  I had an outstanding balance from my condo when I left the city about fifteen years ago.  It was fifty nine dollars and it had to be paid before the gas would be turned on.  They had my previous address as well as a good approximation of when I left.  Not a problem.  I paid the outstanding balance and the gas was turned right on.

I called Ameren UE to get the electricity turned on.  They needed a copy of my driver’s license and rental agreement along with an application.  Filled out all the documentation and to my surprise the utility denied me service until an outstanding balance on my new apartment was paid.  It appears that the previous renter and I have the same surname and so the people at Ameren UE who now try to tell me they care so much about providing me good service decided to deny me any service.  They refused to tell me what the outstanding balance was but somehow I was supposed to pay it.  It wasn’t until I contacted the alderman, the Mayor, the Governor, and anybody else I could think of in order to get the only company that provides electricity in Missouri to provide us with electricity.

And it wasn’t just the fact that I was denied service.  It was as if the people I was talking to actually enjoyed telling me that I wasn’t going to get a single watt of electricity.  The people at Ameren who now care so much about providing service often called me a liar in so many words and would rudely hang up on me as if I was an old boyfriend trying to ask them for a loan.  It took a week to get the electricity turned on when it should have taken no more than twenty four hours.  If I had a choice I would have gladly gone to their competitor.  But since they don’t have a competitor I was stuck like chuck dealing with these fucks.

That was eighteen months ago.  Now that I have a little personal history dealing with this company I know exactly how much Ameren UE values its customers.  I know for a fact that this company wouldn’t lift a finger to help this customer.

On the Ameren UE web page, the company claims to adhere to six core values.  One of these values is respect.  Ameren says, “We treat all people with dignity and respect.  We create a work environment that attracts, develops, supports and retains a high-quality, culturally diverse workforce, valuing each person’s talents, perspectives and experiences.”

Another care value is integrity, “We manage our business honestly and ethically.  We always do what is right and take personal responsibility for our actions.  We behave in a way that earns the trust and respect of all of our stakeholders and enhances the reputation of our company.”

Well, I must say that I have never felt respected by Ameren UE and in my humble opinion the only reputation these people have enhanced is their reputation to be assholes.  If I had any say in how this company operates I wouldn’t trust them with a spent nine volt battery let alone a multi billion dollar nuclear powered facility.  I’d rather see Homer Simpson run a nuclear power plant than the uncaring automatons at Ameren.

The seeds that the Ameren UE representative planted eighteen months ago have born bitter fruit.  The idea of this company doing right by the people of Missouri or Illinois or any other state is pretty farfetched.  This company is nothing more than another faceless global conglomerate with the ethics of a used ass wipe.

More than likely Ameren UE will continue to put all of its resources into convincing people that it is in their best interest to change laws so that this utility can charge its hostages more popularly referred to as customers for a nuclear facility that won’t come on line for at least a decade.  Many of us will be convinced to pressure our legislators to vote against our best interest.  But this company couldn’t buy enough marketing to make me forget who they are and what they are about.

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  1. I find it highly interesting in a country that supposedly works to keep monopolies from forming in many industries has no problem with allowing utility monopolies from forming. Up here, we have Mid-American as our electric provider, and Alliant Energy as the natural gas provider. I believe they are related companies, one being a subsidiary of the other. It would be one thing if they just did a better job, that kept other utility providers from being a major player, but in fact they seem to be all about themselves. I suppose this is basically because they know full well we consumers have no choice if we wish to be able to light, heat, and cool our homes, or cook our meals. For any other compnay to come in, they can’t even lay down their own netowrk of lines, and must use current lines owned wholly by these two companies, which would cause usary fees, ensuring in inability to compete.
    Sadly, I don’t even know of how competition could even be had if municipalities had control of the distribution systems.

    Comment by Mike Lovell | Monday, April 6, 2009 | Reply

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