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My Better Half


Next week it will be this blog’s two year anniversary.  I’ve been looking forward to it.  A lot of people didn’t think I’d make one year let alone two.  In two years I’ve managed to write about seven hundred articles.  While I don’t quite have a hundred percent with a new article every single day, I will have a new article about ninety five percent of the time.

Most of my articles have been about the disparity of racism and the subjugation of the black community.  I simply cannot believe how many people come to this blog in support of the obvious discrimination against the black community.  I’ve written a lot of articles about politics.  All things considered America could’ve done a lot worse than to choose Barrack Obama as our President.  I’ve written about current events and their affect on the globe, the country, and the black community.

My original intent was to write more about the spirituality of the African tradition rooted in Yoruba culture known as Ifa and how people need a fresh perspective of the belief system without the interference of having to adhere to strict traditional guidelines of status and hierarchy.  I need to do more writing on that subject in the future.

I’ve written about my job and about looking for a house for the family.  I’ve written a lot about my family.  I’ve written about my son, my brothers and sisters, my mom and dad.  I’ve written about my all but adopted son Young Peacemaker.  I’ve even written about my minivan as well as my ancient Honda Accord wagon.

But I’ve never written about my soul mate and partner in life, Ms. Peacemaker.  I’ve mentioned her in a few articles.  However, I have yet to make her the subject of any article.  That’s a shame.  And one day, I might correct that oversight.  But that’s a daunting task indeed.

You see, Ms. Peacemaker does a lot for me.  She is the first person I see in the morning and the last person I see at night.  She has given me the most beautiful baby boy in the world and does her best to take care of him and Young Peacemaker and me in the process.  She helps me take care of my mom.  She was there when my mom fell in the alleyway between my mom’s house and our apartment.  She was there when I was down and depressed from being rejected for so many employment opportunities.  She helped to snap me back to reality when I have lost my mind.  She keeps me focused on what’s important and helps to keep me from being distracted by what is not.  She does a lot for me.

When I come home from working at one of the local modern day plantations, Ms. Peacemaker has dinner ready.  She keeps the house running and coordinates everything for everybody.  When my mom leaves out of town, Ms. Peacemaker is the one that takes care of my mom’s house and dog.

All too often I take Ms. Peacemaker for granted.  I assume she knows that I appreciate what she does for us and how much she does for us.  But that’s a dangerous assumption.  She’s more than just the wind beneath my wings.  She’s the branch that I land on when I’m tired of flying.  She’s the ground I land on when I fall out of the sky.  She’s the heat that keeps me warm when it’s cold and the air conditioning unit that keeps me cool when it’s hot.  She’s not the center of my world.  She is my world.

But like a lot of people who have a good thing and take it for granted, I don’t tell her how much I need her in my life.  Not just because of what she does for everyone.  But simply because of whom she is.  Without exception she is the most beautiful person I know.

It has been two years and I have never used this medium to tell her thank you or I love you or I’m so glad that we are together.  And trust me, she could do way better than me.  I hope she never leaves me.  I hope to have her in my life forever.

But I’d like to say all of that in a way that is worthy of her.  I would like to do something that’s really clever or outstanding or spectacular.  I would like to do something really special that says I’m sorry for taking two years to give you your props.  I just hope I can figure out a way of doing it clever soon.  In the mean time, I’ll have to do something a little lame like thanks Ms. Peacemaker.  I could not have done anything without you.

Brother Peacemaker

Note: The statement above was written in a high state of appreciation in the relationship between a black man and a black woman and should not be construed as a contractual obligation or admittance that Ms. Peacemaker is entitled to any of Brother Peacemaker’s material possessions.  Only his heart!

Sunday, March 15, 2009 - Posted by | Life, Thoughts


  1. Reading this put a smile on my face.

    Comment by jojo | Sunday, March 15, 2009 | Reply

  2. “should not be construed as a contractual obligation or admittance that Ms. Peacemaker is entitled to any of Brother Peacemaker’s material possessions.”

    I am in a situation where “Ms. Ollie” is wealthier than “Mr. Ollie”; hence the above is not a problem for me. Oh yeah, she has no interest in my science/math books nor in my treadmill nor in my smelly running shoes. 🙂

    Comment by ollie | Monday, March 16, 2009 | Reply

  3. This is very, very lovely and I am sure she will find this more than says what you want and in a clever way!

    Shame on you with that disclaimer! Unless…You probably know something about her we don’t know. 😉 Wink, Wink!

    Thanks for the lovely insight into your heart.

    Comment by theblacksentinel | Monday, March 16, 2009 | Reply

  4. It has been my experience (usually after being told to me- I can be pretty dense afterall), that the grand spectacular things you can do with/for your wife are great, but the most important thing is the fact that you made the effort to make any time for the two of you, without the kids. Even the smallest, ungrand and unspectacular venue can be more special than the cliche ritzy things you can do. That in the end, the only thing that matters is you and her, together!

    And I have to agree with The Black Sentinel….this article is a clear wording of at least half (Lord knows our true feelings rarely find audible words in the open to express how the man really feels) of how you feel about your wife, and her special meaning to you in all areas of life!

    PS- congrats on the 2 year mark!

    Comment by Mike Lovell | Monday, March 16, 2009 | Reply

  5. Nice! The disclaimer is hilarious! lol!

    Also congrats all ’round! The blogosphere and particularly the afrosphere is a better and smarter place because of your thought-provoking articles.


    Comment by asabagna | Tuesday, March 17, 2009 | Reply

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