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Now that the nightmare of four more years of failed economic, military, foreign, domestic, health, social, and any other national policy we can think of is over with the election of Senator Barack Obama as our soon to be forty forth President, most of us can go back to our living our pre run for the presidency lives.  I saw a picture of Arizona Senator John McCain back home actually driving himself to some destination in one of his many vehicles without his entourage for the past couple of years or so.  Alaska Governor Sarah Palin went back to her home state and started doing what she claims to do best which are things like practicing foreign policy by keeping Russia in line and commanding the Alaskan National Guard.

This isn’t the first time a political party had to deal with the aftermath of losing a race.  But before the dust could settle from all the Election Day commotion the political infighting started in the Republican camp.  What remains of the Republican Party is being far nastier to Sarah Palin than any Democrat would ever dare to tread.  Ms. Palin has been portrayed as a high end, spend happy, compulsive shopper and a prima donna hillbilly who walks around donning nothing but a bath towel and a smile when she should’ve been prepping for her civic government tutoring session.  The criticism of Ms. Palin climaxed this week when it was announced that Ms. Palin did not know that Africa was a continent.

Former Senator John McCain for President staffers are slinging the mud on Ms. Palin in a clear attempt to blame her for their obvious failure.  And laying the blame squarely at Ms. Palin’s feet is easier than shooting polar bear cubs from a low flying huey.  It didn’t help that Ms. Palin could be regularly and so effortlessly lampooned by her doppelganger Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live using Ms. Palin’s very own words.  Ms. Palin was a walking talking gaff generating machine.

Ms. Palin went back to work and blasted the wave of critical stories from anonymous sources that have appeared in the media that Ms. Palin is constantly reading.  Ms Palin claims she never asked for anything more than the occasional soda.  Remarks suggesting she didn’t know her geography have been spitefully taken totally out of context.  Ms. Palin said, “It’s mean-spirited, it’s immature, it’s unprofessional and those guys are jerks.”

Now who exactly is the pit bull?  This from a woman who claimed that our President-in-Chief elect was palling around with terrorist, that he doesn’t love America like patriotic Americans love America, that he didn’t have any executive experience, that he was a socialist that wanted to spread the wealth and raise taxes because he didn’t care about hardworking Americans, that he was community organizer without any real responsibilities, and a whole host of criticisms delivered in front of a crowd of people who were the most conservative of the conservatives as they chorused with shouts of terrorist.  But I guess these criticisms were professional and mature.

To listen to Ms. Fey in her last parody of the unfortunate Republican Party running mate, Ms. Palin is thinking of making a stab at the 2012 presidential race.  Good freaking luck!  If Ms. Palin thought certain people within her own party are being jerks now that there’s nothing left to lose, wait until the has to face the full wrath of her future Republican Party competitors.

If this is in fact Ms. Palin’s future, in less than four years this young hockey mom will have to face some serious competition in the Republican dog pound where the tried and true Karl Rove tactics have been honed to a fine razors edge.  This unlucky lipstick wearing pit bull puppy would have to throw her wagging tail ass into the ring with the likes of Republican versions of Cujo, the rabid, demon possessed St. Bernard of the Stephen King horror novel by the same name, on one side and Cerberus, the three headed hound of hell, on the other side.  Mr. Obama and the rest of the Democratic were willing to take it easy on the thrilla from Wasilla.  The Democrats didn’t want anyone thinking that they’d be willing to throw their political arsenal at the national politics neophyte.  But training day is over and now comes the real fight for the Republican faithful.

When Ms. Palin didn’t hesitate to become the maverick sidekick to the maverick of maverick’s she opened up political Pandora’s Box.  She snapped the pop top of a political can of whoop ass pointed right at her own head.  Ms. Palin thought she was going to jump all the conservatives in the line and skip to the front to become the forerunner of the Republican Party.  However, now that Mr. McCain is no longer around to give her a hand up for his own political gain no one can protect her.  Unfortunately for the little Alaskan missy, the real viciousness has just begun.

Monday, November 10, 2008 - Posted by | Life, Politics, Republicans, Sarah Palin, Thoughts

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  1. She is hilarious and should take a traveling show around to display more of her real american homespun reindeer manure patties intellect. It would be a big hit with inbred morons who worship Limbaugh, Watkins,Coulter,and Malkin those pieces of trash!

    Comment by jimcornet | Friday, November 21, 2008 | Reply

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