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Why Would Anyone Want To Be President?

Why would anyone want to be President of the United States these days?  The country is in the middle of some of the worst difficulty it has ever had to face.  Two wars that appear everything but winnable, a mortgage crisis, a credit crisis, an economic crisis that has global ramifications, we’re in the middle of a trillion dollar bailout of the financial community, we are importing three quarters of our oil, Medicare and Medicaid are facing pert near inevitable bankruptcy, Social Security is close to behind in a toilet dive, and lord knows we’ll have to spend a lot of diplomatic credibility trying to protect George W. Bush and Dick Chaney from prosecution by our allies.  The dollar has dropped in global currency markets as if it was wearing concrete goulashes.  The next President is going to be extremely busy correcting the multitude of messes that Mr. Bush and his cabinet leaves behind.

The presidency exists in a realm that defies time.  Somehow, the person who serves as the President ages something like two years for every year in office.  The President has to face natural national catastrophes while projecting an image that he actually cares about what’s happens in people’s lives.  Mr. Bush learned that lesson the hard way when he turned his back on New Orleans during the hurricane Katrina fiasco.  And then, as if to emphasize his desire to keep the hurricane Katrina’s aftermath at arms length, Mr. Bush made the choice to just do a fly over the drowning city two days after the hurricane made landfall.  In many respects, Katrina was the Bush administration’s lowest point.  But then again that was before the current economic crisis.  Now people have a couple of choices as to what was the lowest point in Mr. Bush’s administration.

Our President felt it was his duty to sell the public on military conflict and trust that he knows what he’s talking about.  He has to promise to get the bad guy responsible for shattering our security.  Many people have learned to trust our President without reservation when he says that we need to spend ten billion dollars a week to send our troops to sacrifice their lives in the continuous and never ending liberation of a country from its stable government into a Pandora’s Box of political chaos and instability and constant war.  The fact that this land never attacked us and wasn’t about to attack us is lost on a people who desperately need to attack somebody else in order to feel safe again.  Everybody knows that the American troops in Iraq are being attacked because the people there hate our freedom.  The fact that they probably would attack our troops because they want their own freedom doesn’t occur to some people.  And when things didn’t work out the way we were sold it puts pressure on the President.

The last eight years have aged Mr. Bush.  And this was a man who inherited a country that was in the process of paying down its five trillion dollar debt with a hundred fifty billion dollar yearly surplus.  Mr. Bush inherited a country at peace.  Inflation was low.  Unemployment was low.  Our standing in the world and our leadership in the world was strong.  Mr. Bush may not have been handed a country that resembled a well oiled machine, but at least it ran.  And yet, Mr. Bush still aged considerably.

Today, the country is sputtering like a machine that is running out of oil and fuel, smoking from way too much friction on its main bearings, in the hands of an incompetent operator and is long overdue for a tune up.  And the idea of this machine stopping, let alone breaking down, is a scary proposition for the entire world.  The new President will have to reverse years of damage and neglect.  Two fronts in this global war may have kept us safe from people who are jealous of our freedoms, or what’s left of our freedoms considering how they’ve been gutted by the Patriot Act in this war on terror, has left the country vulnerable to an economic attack that has far more devastating consequences.  And with every step the next President makes, people from both sides of the political aisle will be watching and ready to pounce with criticism.

The next President has a serious mess to clean up with the entire world watching over his shoulder.  I predict that at the end of the next four year term the next President will look like Rip Van Winkle after his long slumber.  The President will age six years for every calendar year.  At seventy two years old, and I do not mean seventy two years young, and with his wide mood swings I don’t think Senator John McCain would survive being President.  I think if Mr. McCain is elected it would be just a matter of time before President Sarah Palin took over.  Thanks but no thanks, and I’ll personally dig that tunnel to nowhere, anywhere but here.  The south side of Mexico sounds pretty good.

But regardless, whether it is Mr. McCain and his protégé Ms. Palin or Senator Barack Obama the next President is bound to end the term looking like a California Raisin.  The pressures waiting for the next resident of the White House could turn coal into diamonds.  And people are spending millions of dollars in an effort to win the White House and all this responsibility.  That’s like people spending their life savings to stand in the path of a runaway train.  Except the train will be quick and virtually painless when it hits with no one else getting hurt in the process.  The presidency is a slow arduous process that’s painful to watch when the person in the position is incompetent and floundering.  And the impact will have global consequences.  Why would anyone want that?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008 - Posted by | Democrats, Life, Politics, Republicans, Thoughts


  1. Lord knows its a mess. And whoever is president is going to have his hands much fuller than he anticipated when he launched his campaign. It has been said, that either candidate that wins, given the length of time they expect for the economy to even come close to recovery, will surely be a one-termer.
    God help whichever one makes it into office. Lucky for me, I’m not eligible for the office of President until 2016, hopefully things are somewhat better by then.

    Comment by mike lovell | Tuesday, November 4, 2008 | Reply

  2. Thanks for the feedback mike lovell,

    I don’t know about Mr. McCain, but I heard Mr. Obama say during an interview that it’s not the idea of him losing that keeps him awake at night, it’s the very possibility that he might win and have to do all the things that he said he would. I’m sure these men are aware of what they’re trying to get themselves into. But the idea that someone wants to do it is beyond me. Even if I could I wouldn’t do it. I don’t even want to do my civic duty and be on a jury let alone decide the fate of so many people in the world.


    Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Tuesday, November 4, 2008 | Reply

  3. I am glad that Obama won; we need someone of his intellect and talent in the Oval office at this time. 🙂

    Comment by blueollie | Tuesday, November 4, 2008 | Reply

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