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John McCain Wants An Underserved Handout

The latest word is that the American people should vote for a McCain Palin administration because if the Obama Biden for President campaign wins then we will have a political trifecta with the executive branch, the House of Representative and the Senate controlled by the Democratic Party.  The argument is that there will be no system of checks and balances if we have a single party running the country.  What they are essentially saying is, “remember the bang up job the Republican Party did in the first six years of a Bush administration with a rollover Republican Congress?”

The Republican trifecta, along with Senator John McCain, wasn’t worried about any checks and balances.  The Republicans came into the nation’s capital with across the board tax cuts to stimulate an economy already stimulated but slowing down.  While the average American got a tax break of a couple hundred dollars, the most well to do were getting hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax breaks, and major corporations like Exxon/Mobile with their tens of billions of dollars of profits would save millions and millions of dollars in extra profits.  Popular conservative thinking is that when you save companies millions of dollars, the extra profit will generate jobs instead of dividends for shareholders and bonuses for executives.  But somehow, for some reason, jobs continued to evaporate.

Our Republican tifecta did a bang up job managing our military.  After the attacks against the country on September 11th, 2001 by the terrorist who were predominantly from Saudi Arabia, the country pretty much unilaterally attacked Afghanistan and Iraq.  The Republican leadership sent our military into war with great expectations of a quick and easy victory with little in the way of sacrifice from the rest of the country.  Six years later, nearly a trillion dollars spent, and well over four thousand lives lost, our military is stuck in our first quagmire of the twenty first century.

The freedoms that we are so willing to go to war for and fight to protect have been decimated by the Patriot Act and we can now read about them in history books.  Our educational policies that can be summed up as no child left behind has consumed so much of our limited school resources to teaching our children how to take national tests.  We have watched our country turn its back on its own citizens drowning in our own backyard after hurricane Katrina because we had to learn how to rescue people.  We’re supposed to believe that the government is ready for an unforeseen terrorist attack when our Republican led government couldn’t even respond to a foreseen natural disaster.

And after all the complacency and arrogance of a Republican administration backed up by a Republican controlled Congress and helping to develop a conservative, heavily right winged Supreme Court, the Republican nominee for the oval office now wants to tell us that we need to send him and his protégé from Alaska to the White House so we can have balance.  His idea of balance is more war, more tax cuts for the rich, no spreading wealth around so more of us can afford to live, and more protection for corporate America.  If Mr. McCain was to become our President, I would not be surprised to see him do for people like Charles Keating, Jr. what he couldn’t do as a mere legislator.  That will be providing balance for the American people.

Mr. McCain wants people to vote for him because he’s not the Democrat.  Mr. McCain can’t give us a real reason to vote for him, other than we need party balance.  Vote for Mr. McCain because we need some kind of political party affirmative action.  Mr. McCain wants a handout because he is obviously not the best candidate.  But because he’s our best hope for keeping the Democrats from having control of everything political on a national level we need to vote for him.  Does he deserve it?  No!  Do we need to vote for a candidate whose only political claim is that he’s not a Democrat?  No!

If Mr. McCain wants to be President who should prove to people beyond a reasonable doubt that he is the most qualified candidate, despite his party affiliations.  I don’t want to vote for the guy who says, vote for me because I’m not one of them.  I want to vote for the guy who, as President, will demonstrate that he has the best plan for getting the country out of our doldrums brought to a head so well by the previous Republican administration.  The idea of voting for a President because he’s not a part of the party that was in the minority through the last eight years is not even close to being a factor in my decision.  Hopefully most votes share my view.

Monday, November 3, 2008 - Posted by | Affirmative Action, Life, Politics, Republicans, Thoughts

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