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If Obama Wins

Months ago, when Senator John McCain actually pulled ahead of Senator Barack Obama in the polls asking people who they favored for the presidency, somebody actually wrote that black people will riot if Mr. Obama did not win the presidency, as if to say that black people have become so used to having our political aspirations satisfied that we have difficulty accepting disappointment.  Everybody knows that when a black man or woman running for Mayor or Governor or any other political office and fails black people are quick to take to the streets.  Kind of like hockey fans when their team wins the Stanley Cup.  These are the same black people who riot when the company they work for don’t hire the black candidate to fill a position.

I hope you can tell that I’m being just plain silly.  Truth be told I’ve never heard of black people rioting because a black candidate didn’t get the majority vote and lost to the white opponent.  Black people are well aware that the political cards are stacked against the outcome that most favors the black community.  If Mr. Obama doesn’t win, what’s one more disappointment for the black community?  I seriously doubt if there’s going to be some big, nationwide black uprising.

But nevertheless, somebody wrote some time ago that black people are preparing to riot so therefore, white people need to prepare for anarchy.  It is a situation similar to the Y2K scare that said at the end of the second millennium, civilization would seize up because our computer driven systems, nearly everything in the modern world, would suffer an information crisis.  Nothing evil happened on midnight on the eve of Y2K.  It would’ve been nice had it did.  That way, all the people who invested in freeze dried food, electric generators, home water purification system, firearms and ammunition, a lifetime supply of toilet paper, and who knows what else would’ve gotten something for their survival gear investment.  But Y2K turned out to be without exception the biggest dud to feed our collective anxiety.

When it looked like Mr. Obama would lose, some people thought it would be prudent to prepare for the day Obama loses, or DOL, on November 4th.  DOL would be the straw that broke the frustrated black community’s back and we would all lose our minds and riot against the establishment.  At least, that was the thinking when it looked like Mr. McCain could actually pull off an upset with his pick of Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate and people became enamored with the idea of having a political unknown with an Ellie Mae Clampett persona going to the White House.  It looked like Mr. McCain was truly going to pull off an upset akin to Rocky Balboa, played by Sylvester Stallone, upsetting the superior pugilist Apollo Creed, played by Carl Weathers, in the Rocky saga.

But that’s all Hollywood improbable fiction.  This is the real world and things rarely go along the written script.

The crash of the American economy showed Mr. McCain at his worst.  The man was all over the place.  The fundamentals of the economy were strong but just hours later the economy was in crisis.  The next day he would hire a blue ribbon panel to study the economy for a few years.  The day after that he said he would fire the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission.  Later that day he suspended his campaign until the legislature can develop a bailout plan and he wouldn’t debate his opponent.  After that he told David Letterman that he couldn’t appear on Mr. Letterman’s show because he had to go to Washington.  As soon as he hung up the phone Mr. McCain was on his way to make an appearance on the CBS News with Katie Couric.

I guess Mr. McCain though in for a penny in for a pound and threw his integrity out the window with his sense of political direction.  In response, many people snapped out of their flirtations with a possible McCain Palin administration and decided to put their support behind the Obama Biden effort.  It looks like DOL has been averted and we are headed for DOW, short for the day Obama wins.

However, I seriously doubt if the people who were preparing for DOL will be happy that they lost their chance to assist in the reestablishment of law and order in the black community.  It’s looking more and more like DOL is just like Y2K all over again, nothing but a big dud.  However, all that preparation for the defense of the establishment from a black community uprising could easily be applied to an offensive against the black community for the defense of the racial status quo.

On July 4th of 1910, Arthur John Johnson, better known as Jack Johnson, fought undefeated heavyweight champion James Jeffries who came out of retirement for the sole purpose of proving that a white man is better than a Negro.  In Reno, Nevada, in front of a crowd of twenty two thousand, after watching Mr. Jeffries knocked to the canvas twice, Mr. Jeffries’ team threw in the towel to keep their man from being humiliated by a knockout.  People in the black community were jubilant.  People in the white community were incensed.  That night, there were violent racial clashes all across the country.  People called them race riots but the more accurate term would have been white people attacking black people in order to keep black people in their place.

If one thing the political campaign has shown this year is the racism of America that ranges from the very vulgar and blatant to the sophisticated and subtle.  No other presidential candidate has ever had to deal with being referred to as a terrorist.  No other candidate has ever been lampooned as a sambo eating waffles.  No other presidential candidate had to deal with some jerk out of the opponent’s audience calling them unpatriotic or a borderline criminal or suggesting they should be decapitated.  It might just be campaign rhetoric.  But rumor has it that the death threats against Mr. Obama and his family have escalated in recent weeks and the Secret Service has the overtime pay receipts to prove it.

Back in the day when boxing was considered an exclusively white man’s sport because no one believed black men had the intelligence to formulate an effective boxing strategy, white people everywhere lost their minds when Jack Johnson, a black man, beat their best hope for redemption.  I think it is more likely that white people who will be the ones turning violent on or shortly after Election Day.  Somebody might suggest that people should prepare for an unruly black population if Mr. Obama loses.  Black people might want to prepare themselves for some people’s disappointment if Mr. Obama wins.

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  1. Good point. I was just talking about this. Also, when crazy people accuse others, (“You’re going to riot if your guy loses”) they are really accusing themselves. I doubt that the suburbs will go up in flames, but there’ll be some kind of backlash. Lets hope Obama has the political will of a Lenin or a Robespierre (no I don’t mean literally) because he is going to find himself leading a revolution, (Whether or not he wants one) and there will be counterrevolutionaries.

    Comment by Jon | Monday, November 3, 2008 | Reply

  2. Thanks for the feedback Jon,

    Like you I doubt if there will be just a mass uprising of people taking to the streets with guns and explosives. But there are so many of these Guns & Ammo reading idiots running around here who will be all too happy to do their part to redeem white superiority. There’s no race riot on the way. It will be white people attacking black people. One of the black people that will be a target is Mr. Obama himself.


    Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Monday, November 3, 2008 | Reply

  3. I used to be a Guns&Ammo reader!!! However, I was not the idiot, nor looking to redeemwhite superiority.
    As for all the race riot comments being flung around like a trapeze artist, I think a lot of people feel the need t blow a lot fo crap out of proportion. Is it fearmongering, or following the lead of the fearmongers…who knows? Either way the idea of mass riots actually happening sounds pretty idiotic.

    Comment by mike lovell | Monday, November 3, 2008 | Reply

  4. Thanks for the feedback mike lovell,

    That was a pretty blatant comment! My apologies to any and all Guns & Ammo reader who isn’t looking to kill black people or anybody else for that matter.


    Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Monday, November 3, 2008 | Reply

  5. Sometimes in the midst of the political season, bluntness is required for real attention. On behalf of other “normal” Guns&Ammo readers, we accept your apologies. Also as the representative, I more or less knew what you were gettig at, but I hadnt commented in a while and felt the need to pipe up with something!

    Comment by mike lovell | Monday, November 3, 2008 | Reply

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