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Direct Results Of Previous Presidents

For the first few years of his administration President George Bush was able to blame a lot of the things that were going wrong on the record of President Bill Clinton.  When inflation was on the rise it was Mr. Clinton’s fault.  When unemployment started to rise it was because of Mr. Clinton’s policies.  When the trade center towers fell it was because the Clinton administration didn’t go after Osama bin Laden hard enough.  When the all of America’s military muscle and national intelligence couldn’t catch the mastermind of al-Qaeda it was because Mr. Clinton left those organizations in such a bad state for Mr. Bush to inherit.  When the deficit started to rise it was because the previous administration didn’t pay it down fast enough.

But truth be told everything that has happened to this country for the past nearly eight years was the direct result of Bill Clinton.  Relatively speaking we had it good during the Clinton years.  People had jobs and the economy was going well because people had enough confidence in things to keep the bubble inflated.  The national debt was actually being paid down after years of reckless spending.  We were not in some godforsaken perpetual war.  We had problems but they paled in comparison to the things we face now.  And because we had it so much easier on a national level we had the luxury of taking our eyes off of national issues and started to focus on matters of ethics and morality and character.

It didn’t help that Mr. Clinton was a philanderer caught red handed in Monica Lewinsky’s blue dress cookie jar.  So many people who were sticking their own hand in somebody else’s cookie jar.  But it didn’t stop people from humiliating the President with a big to do with impeachment hearings.  A man gets caught having an affair and other people having their own affairs want to prosecute him for it.  It didn’t help that the Democrats in the Congress were rolling over faster than Krypto the super dog.  The Democrats didn’t even try to support the leader of their party.  It was inevitable that a change was coming.  Eight years ago we wanted someone who claimed to moral and ethical and wanted to bring integrity back to the oval office.

Eight years later we find ourselves in a polar opposite situation.  The country is floundering economically and militarily.  It might be nice for some people to focus on feel good issues like voting for a President that will make us feel smart because the President and his running mate actually look so intellectually lacking.  It might be nice for some people to vote for the man to be President who is so conservative that he or she is willing to revoke a woman’s right to choose for her self what happens to her body.  It might be nice for some of us to vote for the man to be President who will change the Untied States Constitution so that marriage will for the first time in history be defined as the union between a man and a woman and we will stick it to all those same sex couples.

But because we collectively no longer have the luxury to focus on conservative issues of morality and the regulation of other people’s morals we need a President who can focus on getting us back into a healthy economic status and restore some semblance of national strength to our global neighbors.  Because things are so dire we need to bring our attention away from our moral values and make sure we protect our economic values.  The President with the best plan to calm the jitters in the economy sounds so much more important than the President that’s ready to pass some kind of same sex prohibition.  The next President will be a direct result of Mr. Bush’s inability to keep his focus on our national issues.

Like Mr. Bush is a direct product of Mr. Clinton’s time in the White House, the next President will be a direct result of Mr. Bush’s presidency.  But while Mr. Bush was able to indulge his conservative leanings because of the comparative success of Mr. Clinton’s national stewardship, the next President will have to roll his sleeves up and work harder than most Presidents ever did to repair the damages and failures of the Bush administration’s leadership.

If Mr. Bush had done a better job of keeping the economy on a more even keel then more of us would have been able to continue to select our next President based on whims designed to punish others who may not live up to our ethical or moral standards.  Quite frankly, I believe we shouldn’t be using such matters in our presidential equation.  If the President wasn’t so focused on making us adhere to his standards of behavior he might do a better job of running the country.   Thankfully, Mr. Bush has done more to bring this concept home than any other President has in a long time.  Hopefully, the next President will be a direct result of the lessons learned from Mr. Bush’s presidency.

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