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Barack Obama Wants To Kill Babies

I just got through reading an email from a conservative friend of mine who thinks Senator Barack Obama is pro-abortion.  The email is an article from Robert P. George, a conservative faculty member at Princeton University.  One of the points the article makes is a comparison of the abortion issue to the enslavement of black people during America’s institutionalized slavery.  The author of this rant against Mr. Obama says that no one today would say the enslavement of black people is a matter of choice.  Why would we accept the notion that abortion is a matter of choice?

I am offended that this author would equate abortion to the enslavement of our African ancestors.  While our African ancestors spent their entire lives in virtual torture and misery, being beaten at the whims of white people, with nothing to show for their labor but the rags on their back and subhuman food, white people benefited.  White people beat slaves for trying to educate themselves.  White people fought hard to keep black people from being recognized as human.  White people would impregnate our female black ancestors and then sale their babies own offspring away.  This subjugation of the African American has destroyed the esteem of black people.  And this is the equivalent of an abortion?

The enslavement of black people was the foundation of America’s early prosperity.  The sole purpose of slavery was to enrich the dominant community.  Slavery was an economic issue supported by widely accepted racial disparity and hatred.  Who is saying that abortion is being fueled by America’s institutionalized hatred of the fetus?  Nobody is saying that abortion needs to be on the table in order to keep the economic status quo.  No one said that abortions will impact the finances of plantation owners.

The analogy is just a distortion of an invalid argument for the demise of a woman’s right to chose for her self.  It’s not “pro-abortion” but “pro-choice”.  We can apply such a baseless analogy to other examples of human behavior.  It’s not “pro-murder” but a “pro-choice” to take someone else’s life away.  It’s not “pro-theft” but a “pro-choice” to steal.  It’s not “pro-wife abuse or child abuse” but a “pro-choice” to commit acts of violence against other, weaker people.  It’s not “pro-tax evasion” but a “pro-choice” not to follow tax laws.  The useless comparisons are virtually endless.

And the argument that people should be free to stipulate that they don’t want their tax dollars to support government programs that they don’t agree with is another invalid argument.  We don’t get to pick and choose what government programs we want to support.  Personally, I don’t want my tax dollars to go to the war effort.  I believe every citizen should have the right not to fund America’s insatiable war machine that has been let loose in the Middle East against Iraq and Afghanistan.  I don’t want my tax dollars going to find Camp Guantanamo.  I don’t want my tax dollars paying for Dick Cheney’s next rectal exam.

But it does.  As an American citizen I don’t have the luxury to say what I will and won’t fund.  We are supposed to be in this social construct for better or for worse.  If we are going to give one group of people the right to pick and chose what they want and don’t want to fund then I say we all should have an a-la-cart style tax system.  Trust me, the way the black neighborhood catches the worse end of any social services funded by our taxing system, I’m ready to make some seriously deep cuts to my bill.

Saving every human life possible is not even close to being the objective of a pro-lifer.  These people will move heaven and hell to force a woman to bear a child that she would prefer not to, but wouldn’t give a damn about dropping a five hundred megaton bomb from the latest skunk works bomber on downtown name-your-city in Iran, Syria, Liberia, Panama, North Korea, or Spain if they don’t get their act together and tow the American line.  How many children have lost their lives thanks to American bombs?  Where are the pro-lifers to detest this loss of life?

Pro-lifers don’t bat an eye when police shoot the life out of a black suspect for walking home with groceries or driving home for his wedding day.  When pro-lifers take their stance of protecting life seriously I might listen to their selective arguments.  But the single minded insistence of forcing a woman to have a carry her fetus to term and then people washing their hands of any responsibility to the woman and the baby after it’s born just for the sake of saving baby lives is rather shortsighted.

I am no fan of Mr. Obama for my own reasons.  But to boil the presidency down to a single issue that isn’t even truly an issue for right winged conservatives that not only does Mr. Obama wants to win the White House solely for the purpose of aborting as many babies as possible through government policies, Mr. Obama will make abortions mandatory.  Mr. Obama also wants to abort babies up to the very second that they’re born.  He’ll even abort babies after their born the way some people like to distort their version of the story.

Mr. Obama said that if his daughters made a mistake he wouldn’t want them to be punished by having an unwanted child.  Now I’m sure Mr. Obama and his wife Michelle are doing everything they can to give their daughters a strong foundation of self esteem.  However, they also realize their daughters are human and might make a mistake that would result in a pregnancy before they are ready to be mothers.  Now, it doesn’t matter what your overall, general concept of children is.  A woman who is forced to have a baby might perceive that child as punishment for their mistake.  You and I might call it god’s little gift, but she might have a totally different perspective.  We don’t need government in our homes.  If you believe a fetus is a human then that’s fine.  If you believe sperm is human life, more power to you.  But our national government should not be used as a tool to push other people’s beliefs down the nonbeliever’s throats.

The bottom line is that we are looking for a President that will confront an entire array of issues, not just the abortion issue.  If all it takes for some people to sleep at night is the fact that they have stopped a woman from exercising her right to choose what is best for her then these people would probably be more than happy to continue their lives under the leadership of President George Bush.  Mr. Bush will bend over backwards to save American babies.  But if that baby was born in Iraq or Iran or Afghanistan he or she can kiss his or her foreign baby-ass goodbye.  After all, collateral damage is expected in times of war.

I prefer my President to represent my views on a broad spectrum of issues.  And quite frankly I really don’t think meddling in a woman’s right to choose is the responsibility of the President, the Congress, the Supreme Court, or myself.  We will spend a great deal of energy on the protection of the unborn while ignoring the cry of the children in our neighborhoods.

We will stand back and allow our children to be murdered by gangs of body armored, baton wielding, boot camp guards like the ones that murdered Martin Lee Anderson in that Florida boot camp.  We will allow our children to be punched in the face by mace spraying police for breaking curfew like Shelwanda Riley.  We will stand back and allow our government to turn its back on an entire city of children in need of help like the ones in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina destroyed their lives.  And I’m supposed to force a woman to bring a child into this world under these conditions.  Thanks, but no thanks on that abortion issue to nowhere.

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  1. An unwanted pregnancy is always a difficult situation and each such situation has its own complex set of factors that need to be assessed. Sometimes a woman will decide that the best outcome will be to continue the pregnancy and have the child and she’ll try to find good circumstances to do this. Sometimes she will decide that’s not the best outcome, but I don’t believe the choice either way is made lightly.

    Like you, I can’t understand how the dilemma of unwanted pregnancy has any relationship to slavery.

    Comment by Betsy | Sunday, November 2, 2008 | Reply

  2. Thanks for the feedback Betsy,

    It’s as if people think that loose women are running down to the local Abortions-R-Us franchise with a coupon that they cut out of the Sunday paper. It may be difficult enough that a woman has made the mistake of being intimate with the wrong person. Now, that intimacy is compounded by an unwanted pregnancy! A woman deserves to make the choice for herself if she wants to continue the pregnancy.

    And the analogy to slavery! That’s just dumb!


    Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Sunday, November 2, 2008 | Reply

  3. I had an abortion, and I was there in the waiting room with thirty-odd other pregnant women. Only one of them was under 18. All but one of the others were married with children, typically 2-3. As I was in Raleigh, NC, most of the women were minority, and the ability for those children to be adopted had the pregnancy come to term was more limited, unfortunately. Only a couple of us had never been married or had children.

    I was so ill, and I am so thankful that no one continued the torture that was that pregnancy. I love kids, but I simply cannot fathom having any of my own thanks to my own experience. Incidentally, my mother and her mother had similarly bad pregnancies and only had one child each so my chances of having a similarly bad pregnancy again are very high.

    In my own case, I had been given a poor prognosis for surviving the pregnancy, so it angers me that so many people feel that killing me is the solution. I tend to take that personally.

    Comment by Deirdre Saoirse Moen | Sunday, November 2, 2008 | Reply

  4. Thanks for the feedback Deirdre Saoirse Moen,

    I think if I was a woman it wouldn’t matter if I was pregnant or not, I think I would take it personally. I’m a man and I take it personally! The idea that so many people think they have the right to control other people based on their narrow spiritual beliefs and standards for human behavior and ethics is too much. A lot of people believe god gives us free will to decide for ourselves. What makes other people think they have the right to take that away for any of us. I don’t care if a woman decides she doesn’t want to be pregnant for no other reason than she just doesn’t want to be pregnant. That is her personal right. Yes, she should have used a contraceptive. She should have used a stronger or more effective contraceptive. Regardless, it is her right to chose for herself.


    Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Sunday, November 2, 2008 | Reply

  5. Sometimes a fetus is compromised…with as many as 30 to 40 abnormalities. The parents are given the right to abort…it is the same action regardless of whether the fetus is normal or abnormal. It begs the question: Does the woman have the
    RIGHT to carry that child to term knowing it will never walk, never talk, grow bigger every year, never be able to eat normally…almost blind…privates all messed up…AND..when the parents die, whta becomes of this child born rather than aborted….no one…no one has the right to decide a woman’s choice but the woman herself. God is our Father and loves us and forgives us. Most people break every other commandment in the book and don’t even think twice about it…sanctimonious idiots !!

    Comment by Marilyn Oliver | Monday, November 3, 2008 | Reply

  6. p.s. Obama NEVER SAID any such thing as he is being quoted by some idiot here. This country is made up of hundreds of thousands of people of different religious beliefs….our President must govern all of them…our President must also consider all of them…Barack has said it would NOT be his choice, but he is not opposed to abortion if there is a question of the health of the mother, etc.

    Comment by Marilyn Oliver | Monday, November 3, 2008 | Reply

  7. Thanks for the feedback Marilyn Oliver,

    We all have our issues that we’re dealing with. I know I’ve had to deal with the majority of commandments at one time or another in my life. But now I’m supposed to be so righteous that I can dictate what other people should do because my shit no longer stinks! Please!!


    Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Monday, November 3, 2008 | Reply

  8. I’m pro-choice because I don’t think the government
    is capable of accurately deciding if a woman has given consent or of weighing in on her medical issues.


    The enslavement of black people was the foundation of America’s early prosperity.

    If true, the North should have been much poorer than the south. It was not. On the contrary, use of
    slavery anywhere has tended to prevent industrialization and the accumulation of technological capital.

    Hero of Alexandria invented the steam engine near the dawn of history, but it wasn’t until people eliminated slavery and forced cheap labor that the device was used to good economic effect.

    Slavery was an economic issue supported by widely accepted racial disparity and hatred.

    As for abortion and economics; Freakonomics made the “abortion cuts crime” argument until it was shown that a generation’s length after abortion was legalized, crime increased dramatically and it wasn’t till the massive increase in police forces that the crime rate went back down. Many people have said “if you ban abortion, YOU should take care of the children.” That sounds like an economic argument (i.e. we need abortion for economic reasons.)

    We don’t get to pick and choose what government programs we want to support.
    I don’t want my tax dollars going to find Camp Guantanamo. I don’t want my tax dollars paying for Dick Cheney’s next rectal exam.
    But it does. As an American citizen I don’t have the luxury to say what I will and won’t fund.

    I agree. And isn’t this a great argument for smaller government across the board? Because it would allow people to vote with their dollars. It’d be interesting if the army went back to being a group of militias.

    How many children have lost their lives thanks to American bombs? Where are the pro-lifers to detest this loss of life?

    I don’t think that the issue is that abortion is the unfortunate result of some other policy.
    Otherwise, this analogy might work. I don’t know of anyone who advocated deliberate, institutionalized
    murder of babies as part of any American war. If they did, I’m sure you’d see outrage about it from conservatives.

    You could also point to the number of people killed by surgery and claim that anyone who supports healthcare is
    a murderer. The argument would be about as fallacious. If a person believed that a new Iraqi leader would murder
    fewer civilians than Saddam did (and I don’t claim to know if this will happen or not) their course of action is
    logically sound. It might be wrong, but it is not hypocritical based on their beliefs.

    Also, if women have a morally unfettered choice whether or not to get an abortion, why don’t men have a morally
    unfettered choice whether or not to raise it. If the woman wanted to keep the baby and the man didn’t
    why should he be responsible for it? Because as it is, the courts place such a high level of importance on
    male support that even a DNA test disproving paternity isn’t enough to absolve someone of support payments. I don’t want things to go in this direction, but I think the ‘my body my choice’ leads to situations like this.

    It’s as if people think that loose women are running down to the local Abortions-R-Us franchise with a coupon that they cut out of the Sunday paper.

    I agree to an extent…. though I do note that Planned Parenthood condoms have a ridiculously high failure rate relative to all others according to Consumer Reports. Discussions of “the abortion industry” are not entirely fabricated wingnut propaganda.

    Comment by Ryan W. | Monday, August 10, 2009 | Reply

  9. Thanks for the feedback Ryan W.,

    The North benefited from slavery every bit as much as the south. The products that were produced through slavery benefited everyone who purchased them. Cheaply produced products leads to cheaper to export products.

    And people who argue that abortion should be banned should step forward to help when people who feel that abortion is their only option because of their financial situation. However, the idea that this equates to the same economic conditions that surrounded race based slavery is pretty far fetched. Although we can make economic relationships about abortion and a totally different set of economic arguments about slavery, it is a waste of time to try to equate the two.

    The comparison of American bombs killing children, smart bombs with pinpoint precision intentionally used in areas where there are children in and resulting in the loss of the lives of children and surgery intended to help lives and resulting in murder is not worth arguing. The analogy is idiotic as best. Obviously, if you can’t see the difference between the two then I really should not waste more time trying to discuss the ramifications of this issue with you.


    Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Tuesday, August 11, 2009 | Reply

  10. Ryan, it’s true that while the American South grew wealthy through the production of vast, cheap quantities of slave-produced cotton, the region’s economy was simultaneously held back from industrial development because of the profits to be had from focusing on agricultural products.

    As Brotherpeacemaker points out, however, the northern economy was intimately connected to the southern. Not only did northern consumers benefit from cheap products produced by slaves, but the entire northern economy was oriented around slavery.

    The North could not profitably grow cotton, so instead it specialized in financing, insuring, and supplying cotton production in the South, and in transporting and selling that cotton across the Atlantic world. These activities, for instance, are what first built New York City into a leading maritime and financial capital.

    The North also industrialized because of southern cotton. The North’s first industry, the one which made all the rest possible, was the cotton textile industry. This industry was only developed because of privileged access to vast quantities of cheap, slave-produced cotton and to the surplus capital accumulated by northern slave-traders and southern slave-owners.

    So far from retarding economic development, slavery actually made possible the economic development of the U.S. and set us on the path to becoming the leading economy in the world.

    As for the steam engine, it is what made possible the widespread development of cotton slave plantations in the south, since it was central to the cotton textile industry as it was pioneered in England.

    Comment by James | Tuesday, August 11, 2009 | Reply

  11. Ryan W.,

    While I really do appreciate your willingness to enter a dialogue, However, I have to admit that I really find it difficult to follow your arguments. Your comment comparing America’s penchant for bombing weaker adversaries despite the collateral death of any children in the vicinity to death from a surgery really shows your lack of substance to support your position.

    Your subsequent comment, the one I decided not to approve, was just as long and probably just as nonsensical and I just did not have the energy to read it. If you could, please revise and submit something a little more succinct. I really don’t want to waste a lot of time trying to counter an argument from someone who approaches issues from such an outlandish standpoint. Maybe your next comment would be more to the point. I certainly hope so.


    Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Tuesday, August 11, 2009 | Reply

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