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A Republican House Divided

As far back as I can remember I watched the Munsters with Fred Gwyne who played the friendly monster zombie Herman Munster.  Why would anyone be scared of Herman?  And I didn’t fully understand the relationship between Frankenstein and his monster.  I was always referring to the monster as Frankenstein.  It didn’t help that back in the sixties there was the cartoon of the little white boy named Buzz Conroy who flew around the planet on the back of his homemade super robot named Frankenstein, Jr.  It’s no wonder I believed, like many others, that the monster’s name was Frankenstein.

But back in the early seventies I saw the miniseries Frankenstein: The True Story that told Mary Shelley’s story much more detail as a psychological thriller.  Doctor Frankenstein was actually an apprentice for another doctor who was trying to uncover the secret of life, Doctor Henry Clerval.  But the experiment morphed with unexpected results when a reanimated human arm continued to move and gain strength despite the continued decomposition of flesh.  The Doctor Clerval discovered that he was actually on the verge of creating an unstoppable, uncontrollable, reanimated zombie.  But Doctor Clerval died before he could pull the plug on the experiment.  Doctor Frankenstein took it upon himself to see the experiment to its full conclusion.  He reanimated the entire human corpse of severed body parts.

Initially, the unnatural reanimated man was a wonderful accomplishment.  He was the epitome of European standards of beauty.  His demeanor was that of a young child.  But like the arm that the other doctor found, the reanimated man’s flesh continued to deteriorate.  People began to respond to the reanimated man with revulsion and hatred.  The more Doctor Frankenstein tried to control the interaction between the people and his creation the more the creation rebelled against the creator until, eventually, the two destroyed each other.

This is the scenario I see unfolding under rumors in the news that Governor Sarah Palin is rebelling against her handlers from the McCain for President campaign.  Ms. Palin went from being a virtual national politics nobody to becoming one of the brightest stars in the Republican Party sky almost instantaneously.  People heard her credentials about being the Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska for a couple of terms and then being the Governor of Alaska for all of twenty months before being selected as Mr. McCain’s vice presidential running mate and that was all they needed.  She was a right wing conservative ready to flaunt small town American values, whatever that means.

But the McCain Palin team recognized the fact that, other than great at giving scripted speeches, Ms. Palin really didn’t have that much experience with national issues.  She needed to be brought up to speed.  For the most part, Ms. Palin was kept away from the press until she could be educated on what needed to be learned.  Her first interviews were rather disappointing.  Ms. Palin needed more work and more time and the pressure was building to present a candidate who would be ready on day one.  Ms. Palin needed more interviews with Mr. McCain on deck to hold her hand.  Ms. Palin needed a more sophisticated wardrobe to improve her visual appeal factor.  And with nearly every political move the effort took on a keystone cops execution and affect.

It is not surprising that frustrations are building for everyone involved.  It is rumored that Ms. Palin and Mr. McCain differ in political strategy.  With less than two weeks to go before we vote for our next President, Ms. Palin wants to throw political courtesy out the window and attack Mr. Obama for his relationship with Bill Ayers and his relationship with the Reverend Jeremiah Wright.  Ms. Palin wants to tell the country that Mr. Obama is not a patriotic American and wants to do the country harm.  Ms. Palin wants to remind the nation that Mr. Obama doesn’t have executive experience that is so valuable.  It’s just a coincidence that Mr. McCain doesn’t have any executive experience either.

With the little time we have yet to see these politicians campaign Ms. Palin is pulling out the stops.  While everyone says that they are the one to unite the country, Ms. Palin is ready to drive a wedge the size of Alaska into the country that will pit her America against the other America.  Ms. Palin stands ready to burn bridges to everywhere in order to appeal to her Republican base.  Ms. Palin holds absolutely no reservations about drawing a line in the sand.  And when people have such a strong desire to live by a sword, they will more than likely die by a sword.  And it won’t Sarah Palin that suffers a retaliatory strike designed for mutually assured destruction of character.  Mr. McCain will suffer the wrath of retaliation.

The infighting in the McCain Palin effort for the presidency has spilled over any effort to keep matters contained.  The creators of the Palin political machine can no longer control their creation.  I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Ms. Palin refer to the McCain political brand as a washed up has been.  There is a new Republican force on the horizon.  In the words of Darth Vader just before he murdered his old mentor Obi Wan Kenobi, the student is now the master.

One of the things I most admired about the Republican Party was its ability to move as a single, forceful block of political power.  Once the decision was made, everyone towed the line.  When Ms. Palin was picked as Mr. McCain’s political running mate, whether people agreed or not, the face to the public was that it was the best decision a Republican has ever made in the history of the Republican Party.  When the Republican’s held their national convention in Minnesota, they were nothing but positive in their assessment of their political chances for the presidency.  Compare that to the cracks of the Democratic National Convention where delegate Anne Price Mills from Texas goes on camera tearfully rejecting Barack Obama because he wasn’t Hillary Clinton.  The fact that he was still the Democratic nominee was lost.  The Democrats still needed to pull together compared to the Republican’s political Kumbaya.

But now we are just a week or so away from the election and there appears to be some disarray.  Mr. McCain’s strategy for the presidency appears to be going as well as his last flight over Vietnam during the war.  The Republican heavy hitters are still playing the brave face, but it’s pretty obvious that there is some trouble.  There might be a political implosion unfolding before our eyes.  Only time will tell.  She might not be able to help Mr. McCain in his last gasp effort to become the next President.  She may not even want to continue to help him with what she thinks is his failed political strategy.  But I’m sure Ms. Palin thinks she can be the new face of Republican politics.

Friday, October 31, 2008 - Posted by | Democrats, John McCain, Life, Politics, Republicans, Sarah Palin, Thoughts


  1. I honestly think she’ll keep it together until after the election. Then she’ll probably spend the next 4 years badmouthing both McCain and Obama.

    The prospect of a Palin presidency is very scary indeed.

    Comment by Karmisha | Friday, October 31, 2008 | Reply

  2. What is so funny about her thoughts that she will be some new Miss Republican Party is that she isn’t even thinking about her future in Alaska.

    I doubt very seriously if she will even be able to keep her job up there in Alaska. After she gets slapped with some sort of new ethics violation not to mention the new probe into her billing the state for her kid’s travel expenses she will be ousted and looking for another sucker state to infiltrate.

    And the terrible thing about it is that the Republican party will see to it that she finds a senate seat or new governor seat in some state with stupid people run amok like Idaho.


    Comment by theblacksentinel | Friday, October 31, 2008 | Reply

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