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My God Comes With Kung-Fu Grip

“There are millions of people around this world praying to their god, whether it’s Hindu, Buddha, [or] Allah, that his opponent wins, for a variety of reasons.  And lord, I pray that you will guard your own reputation, because they’re going to think that their god is bigger than you, if that happens.” – Reverend Arnold Conrad

Another preacher wants to demonstrate spiritual science by reminding us and god that if god doesn’t move heaven and hell to make Senator John McCain win when it is obvious that the majority of voters have made it clear that they do not believe he is fit to be our President.  Even Mr. Conrad has to admit that it would take a miracle for Senator John McCain to win.  And if god wanted to prove to people that he wanted to be known as the Christian god, Mr. Conrad has put a challenge to make sure that the prayers of all the non-Christian believers, as well as the Christian believers who want Senator Barack Obama to win the White House, to go unanswered.

This is the same mentality that goes into football teams praying before the big game for a win.  But god isn’t going to use his limitless powers of the universe to make sure one team beats the other.  If somebody wants to win the football game they’d better make sure they put in the work to win.  God doesn’t play favorites like that.  The same holds true for the presidency.  If god cared to influence to influence things so directly what would be the point of spending millions of dollars to campaign and having millions of people go to the polls.  What would be the point if it’s all in god’s hands?

But the last thing god wants to do is get into the middle of our happenings.  God doesn’t give a flip if we’re stupid enough to vote a yahoo from Midland, Texas to be our President, a man that would run amok on the world stage with unilateral decisions on war, global economies, the environment, trade, diplomacy, and such, he sure wouldn’t get involved on such a man’s replacement.  If we don’t see that we should elect our representatives with more care to assure that the world’s needs are met then we shouldn’t expect god to come in and put us back on the right track.  Obviously, we collectively have more learning to do and will have to suffer through the consequences of not taking the lesson to heart.

People like Mr. Conrad give people the wrong impression about god.  If Supreme Being of the universe wanted to influence the election he wouldn’t just magically make it happen.  Like most, he would get his ballot, stand in line, and cast his vote just like everyone else.  The Supreme Being has supreme humility and wouldn’t be interested in proving his greatness to others.  If god was to manifest himself in front of people this very moment many would dismiss him as a vagabond unfit for our attention.

God isn’t interested in solving people’s problems.  God doesn’t need us to worship him.  God is god whether we know it or not.  The last thing he needs to do is to prove his power to us.  He doesn’t care if we think that the Hindu god is better or if the pagan god is better.  Who are us to think that we have the right to judge god?  The Supreme Being doesn’t need the approval of people who are so far from being able to vote intelligently for leadership that it isn’t even worth his effort.

Is your god is better than my god?  Who knows?  God!  Who cares?  Not god.  This isn’t a contest of who can manipulate the spiritual belief system the best to manifest tangible results.  This isn’t a contest between the Supreme Being and a golden calf.  Our presidential election is about as far removed from anything spiritual as praying to god to make things happen in our favor.  God doesn’t need to prove to anyone

Besides, if god really wanted to prove his power I seriously doubt such a manifestation would take form in an election rigging.  You don’t need god for that.  Instead of praying to god just put the election in the hands of voting machine manufacturer Diebold and make a huge payment.  You’ll have a much better chance at getting the results you wanted than depending on any god who works in mysterious ways.  And if god really wanted all of us to recognize him and pray to him for our salvation, all he has to do is send a meteor the size of Australia to collide with the Earth.

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