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Debate Aftermath

Unfortunately I couldn’t watch the debate live and had to settle for watching what happened on video clips on various television shows and over the internet.  I heard some of the accusations of limited or of a total lack of experience.  I heard the disdain competitors had for opponents.  I heard absolutely nothing but support for political affiliations.  I heard the total rejection of any facts, evidence, or manifestation of anything that would show the weakness of political hopefuls.  There was rhetoric.  There was bluster.  There was emotion.  And there was cute and meaningless mannerisms designed to do nothing but endear the speaker to the viewing audience.

I saw nothing unexpected.  I had expected the rhetoric in support of the Republican ticket to be thick of patriotic language without much patriotism.  It really is nothing that hasn’t been heard before.  I swear if I hear another argument about how much of a maverick Senator John McCain has been in his political career.  The man votes with President George W. Bush ninety percent of the time and supports what could be successfully argued as some of Mr. Bush’s most disastrous policies for this country and the Republican Party continues to successfully market this “me too” record as maverick.

I watched the woman behind the podium refer to Mr. McCain as an experienced military leader.  Private Gomer Pyle had military experience and often led Sergeant Vincent Carter to reason.  I saw the polar political opposite on the other side of the state respond that the presidency is more than military leadership.  The presidency requires an understanding of a variety of issues.  I watched the woman say that a governorship requires leadership of the National Guard during a time of war.

I saw the opponent respond by arguing that the Governor of Alaska never issued a single military order and simply holding the office does not give default military experience.  I heard the woman claim that being Governor of Alaska is demonstrating leadership in a microcosm of America.  But on the flipside, running a household in the Untied States is demonstrating leadership in a microcosm of America.  Charles Manson had leadership experience in a microcosm of America.  And when asked what experience the Governor of Alaska had that qualified her to be a heart beat away from the presidency the woman responded asking what experience did Senator Barack Obama have that qualified him to be President in truly typical unable to answer the question fashion.  All of this happened on the October 2nd edition of The View.

I don’t watch The View very often.  In fact, I don’t watch it at all.  But the news that Elisabeth Hasselbeck slammed the Democratic Party presidential hopeful piqued my curiosity, again.  I saw Ms. Hasselbeck tell Mr. McCain that he has her support no matter what.  She said this just before she asked him some question regarding his desire to overturn Roe versus Wade on the September 12th edition of the show.  If he has your support then what was the point of the question?  I saw Ms. Hasselbeck stand in front of the Republican National Convention and talk about how unprofessional Michelle Obama was as a guest on The View compared to Cindy McCain.  Ms. Obama had a list of topics that were not to be discussed while Ms. McCain was willing to talk about anything and everything.  The way Ms. Hasselbeck and so many other conservative political pundits are so willing to attack Ms. Obama as part of an obvious political agenda it really is no wonder Ms. Obama would give a list of subjects that should not be broached.

Ms. Hasselbeck asked why anyone would think that Mr. Obama could be President.  I thought it would have been appropriate if she would compare the question as to why Ms. Palin would be qualified to be Vice President with the question as to why Senator Joe Biden would be qualified to be Vice President.  After all, it is Mr. Biden who is campaigning for the same job that Ms. Palin is shooting for.  But instead we have to examine Mr. Obama’s experience that coincidentally has the same amount of executive experience as his opponent Mr. McCain.

To answer Ms. Hasselbeck’s question I think Mr. Obama is qualified because he can convey political principles with comprehensible messages that are direct answers to questions.  I think people can appreciate the fact that Mr. Obama can respond to questions in a debate in a professional and presidential manner without having to rely on an occasional wink of the eye to the camera or with folksy colloquialism that are more appropriate on Hee Haw, and even that show has been cancelled for decades.  I also think people appreciate the fact that Mr. Obama doesn’t use a national debate to give a shout out to some second grade class in some obscure little school back in his home state and promises the entire class extra credit and a gold star.  Maybe that was a demonstration of the techniques she would use to motivate the military during a time of war.

Why Ms. Hasselbeck so strongly supports Ms. Palin is beyond my comprehension, kind of like Ms. Palin’s explanations during her interviews with Katie Couric and Charles Gibson.  Maybe Hasselbeck sees a kindred soul.  Ms. Hasselbeck looks at Ms. Palin and sees a woman with a lot of potential who happens to be in a position of a great deal of influence but swimming upstream and struggling hard to explain her self and her positions.  But even Ms. Hasselbeck doesn’t close each debate she has on The View with a wink and a nod to the boys and girls of Who Gives a Shit elementary.  This is national politics and not a congeniality contest.

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  1. ‘Tis a sad day when Obama is superior to McCain because of his “manners.” Looks like Polite White Society has won. Because really, that’s what Obama is —

    Yes Massuh. Whatevah yall wants Massuh.

    — and if he says such things with an Ivy League air of refinement, well that is all the worse.

    It’s like a bad dream, and for some reason Godfrey Cambridge’s “Watermelon Man” springs to mind.

    Praising Obama as better? BPM, you sound like you’re on the “2% less evil” tip, and I wish that weren’t so, because the “2% less evil” tip is not a good one. Being only slightly better than McCain/Palin is the goal here, BPM. It’s been ordained since the 2006 elections that a Donkey would take the White House.

    And meanwhile everyone scrambles to find spots where Obama is 2% less evil than the GOP.

    98% evil vs 100% evil.

    I see it this way:

    Two men break into your house and quietly sneak to your room where you sleep. They stand quietly over your bed. They wait for you to wake. When you wake, they inform you: one of them will kill you by slicing your femoral artery and watching you bleed out. The other will stab you repeatedly until you bleed out. But they give you a choice, as to which one “wins” the chance to kill you.

    That’s Obama vs McCain.

    Comment by micah pyre | Saturday, October 4, 2008 | Reply

  2. Thanks for the feedback micah pyre,

    But to continue your analogy: A woman steps in between the two men and says that she promises to simply tie you to your bed close the door and let you die a slow painful death of thirst before starvation, boredom, madness, and fear can kill you because she’s going to change everything single-handedly. The whole system is flawed and no single person can save us from it. The only way it will change is if more of us can get involved in the process as community organizers. But right now, everyone is too busy trying to get theirs to take an interest in helping anyone else get theirs.


    Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Saturday, October 4, 2008 | Reply

  3. This lady is a joke. She lies more than Wimpy begging for a hamburger for which he will willingly pay you tomorrow for.

    I don’t know about everyone else but I don’t need some dumb soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis or hockey mom running any country I am living in. That is ludicrous! Aren’t we feeling the affects of Joe six pack right now? And didn’t we get enough of it?

    This lady is one old losers breath away from making decisions for us all. Next day we will have massive book burnings, a halt to logical education and rape victims paying courts to try their cases. If this doesn’t scare people it should.

    She may be a folksy little country critter but don’t let that fool ya’, she is also a shrewd and crude person looking for a power grab. We would do ourselves a favor and just make sure she NEVER gets into the White house.

    I am sure we would all like to vote for someone else. But at this time that would be political suicide. You see where the Nader vote got us. Until we can ensure that we have a multiple party system we are wasting our votes and our time trying to vote in the unelectable.


    Comment by theblacksentinel | Saturday, October 4, 2008 | Reply

  4. Thanks for the feedback theblacksentinel,

    A folksy little country critter! That sums her up alright! You’d think that she came from Jack Daniels, Tennessee with just about every other countrified Republican.


    Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Saturday, October 4, 2008 | Reply

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