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The White Man That Lost The Presidency

Now I figured it out!  Mr. McCain knows he’s on the line because he could go down in American history books as the white guy that lost the White House to America’s first black President! His name could actually become synonymous for the condition of a white man losing to a black man just like Benedict Arnold’s name became synonymous with being a traitor.  Imagine, “Dude, you just got McCained on that basketball court!“If I was John McCain the war hero, I’m pretty sure that would make my intestines clinch up  so tight that new and improved concentrated, industrial strength Metamucil wouldn’t clear up my bowels.


Sunday, September 28, 2008 - Posted by | African Americans, Barack Obama, Black Community, Democrats, John McCain, Life, Politics, Republicans, Thoughts

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  1. I love it BPM. I mean, I’m not supporting either of Obama or McCain (I’m supporting McKinney), so I don’t really want to see either one of them win, but your observation —

    “Dude, you just got McCained!”

    — well that’s a quotable phrase. It’s a double-pun, because across the big pond in Great Britain, they talk about “caning” something when they mean someone really put a beating on something. Apparently it comes from hitting someone with a cane, or something like that.

    Comment by micah pyre | Monday, September 29, 2008 | Reply

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