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Republican Party Priorities And Blacks

Republicans and Blacks

Whether it is warranted or not, the Republican Party is not the favorite of the black community even though a major portion of the black community is conservative and promote conservative values. For example, my partner and I are not married even though we are committed to each other, we have a child together, and we might have another some day. But we feel that registering our relationship with the state and having it sanctioned by government is not necessary. However, my mother feels that we should make our relationship legal in the eyes of god. I don’t know what god has to do with the state. God doesn’t have an office in the state capital. But the point is that my mom will allow her conservative values to dictate whether my woman and I are welcomed to spend the night in her house together as a loving couple.

Another good example of the conservatism of black people is a woman I know who voted for George Bush as the forty third President because he took a firm stand against abortions and he was a devoted Christian. During the year 2000 presidential campaign, Al Gore made the mistake of selecting Joe Lieberman as a running mate. Mr. Lieberman is Jewish and this woman felt that being Jewish was being anti Christian and that would make Al Gore the anti Christ. And all those poor babies that could have been saved if abortions were outlawed. And many of those poor babies would have to go through their childhood with inadequate healthcare and a mother or parents who tries to make do on a sub-living wage.

I know black people who want to shut down the borders to keep all the illegal Mexican immigrants out of the country and save jobs for the black community. Ask these people if they wanted to pick crops all day hunched over a field that stretches off into the distance and they’ll reply with a “Hell no! But it’s the principle!” I know many black people who are dead set against the idea of raising the minimum wage. There are black people who promote the idea of low capital gains taxes so they can save a few pennies while billionaires save millions. And the number of black people who wear their hypocrisy on their sleeves is ludicrously high as they claim to that they want to protect the sanctity of marriage from homosexuals that want to express their commitment to their partner with the state. And yet, these same protect the sanctity of marriage black people turnaround and cheat on their spouses at the first opportunity. Some seriously conservative values indeed.

These black people that I’m referring to are not members of the Thurston Howell III jet setting black conservatives. I’m talking about people who have gone through or who are going through or who are just a relatively minor crisis away from going through hard times. You would think that the party known for freeing the slaves and for having the type of conservative, family oriented values that many black people support would have an easier time getting more black people on board with the Republican program.

But just the opposite is true. While some black people enjoy their secondary status within the Republican Party and are oblivious to the disparity between the black community and the white community that conservative policies promote, they standout like raisins in the sun. Take a peek under the roof of the convention center when the Republican’s are assembling and you see an overwhelmingly white pool of people. The few black people that you do see under the roof are more likely to have a dominant mindset that enables them to distance themselves from the majority of the black community. Five will get you ten that black people within the Republican Party are more likely to have a white significant other than the black people outside the party.

Even with all the similarities in values between conservative blacks and the Republican Party one point that seems to be at odds between the two is the insistence by so many white conservatives that black people are of a secondary class status and are of little importance compared to white people. While many black people in the Republican Party can easily and automatically pooh-pooh away any criticism of the way the Republican presidential administration fails to respond to the needs of black people, most black people are not so willing to overlook the constant barrage of offenses the black community appears to be subjected to. Yes family values are important to black people. But for the vast majority of black people it is just as important that the black community has the same opportunities to provide for our family’s needs and prepare our families for the future. The black community can’t do that if we are constantly denied or relegated to opportunities that do little but sustain our perpetual less than status in the economic hierarchy.

The Democratic Party is by no means perfect in its support of the black community. But there is a popular perception that the Democrats are more willing to acknowledge the conditions of the black community and are more willing to do something to give the impression that they are more sensitive to the racial disparity being suffered. Republican Party supporters may say that they are doing their best to help alleviate the disparity between the black community and the white community. Truth be told anytime there is a Republican in the White House the black community seems to suffer a variety of economic setbacks and slippages. It could be just an unfortunate series of coincidences. However it appears to me that the Republican Party would rather defecate on the black community than do anything to help. That would be too much like a sense of social conscientiousness that would actually help black people and such a concept isn’t a natural part of Republican Party policies.

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  1. Great post,
    Your one of my favorite bloggers and I like this post. But, that picture is disturbing! I won’t be able to eat for the next twenty-four hours! Just messing with you, brotha.

    The hypocrisy within our community can be frustrating at times. I guess none of us should operate in absolutes. There are exceptions to every rule. Yet, if one knows they fall short of perfection, then why would you turn around and be judgmental? I understand that society needs laws, customs and culture. What I don’t understand is why our folk quote the bible as a means to pass judgment against people, when not too long ago it was used to say we were a curse and inhuman.

    Sometimes people have issues with homosexuality due to their own hang ups with sex or conflict within them about their sexual identity. Other people judge folk to cover their own asses. Whenever people take a stand against something, they may want to evaluate objectively why they feel that way. To make sure it’s about serving their cause and not projecting transference to the masses.

    Comment by truth | Saturday, August 30, 2008 | Reply

  2. Thanks for the feedback truth,

    Sorry about the imagery. But what better way to depict the Republican’s attitude towards black people.


    Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Saturday, August 30, 2008 | Reply

  3. Look, I’m sorry that I’ve offended so many people on here. Maybe the truth is that I didn’t realize how high tensions run. I say I don’t “see race” until somebody cries foul, because I honestly, really don’t. I don’t hold racism in my heart, and the only time the issue bothers me is when someone starts pointing fingers at me and saying that I’m “part of the problem.” Then I get ill, because I feel like I don’t deserve that… I haven’t done anything to anybody, and I don’t plan to. So after being called “a part of the problem” on here, I did get offended. And I am one to speak my mind… so I hope you will forgive me for that. I also don’t appreciate people (like your friend Shabazz) using insulting profanity… calling me a “cracker,” telling me to “burn in hell,” etc. That was very unnecessary, and it really didn’t help the situation.

    To “theblacksentinel,” whether you believe me or not, I did not mean “you people” in a racist way. I was talking about the people on this blog, and nothing more. The way I felt I was being attacked at all angles made me encompass all of you into one group…. the group of people on this blog.

    Like I initially said in my first comment, I didn’t see how these things could be offensive. If someone called me “clean and articulate,” I wouldn’t mind it. But I’m a girl… and to be clean and articulate could also mean that I’m “nice and prompt,” or “organized and exact.” Those would be nice attributes for me to hear, but I suppose if those were the ONLY ones somebody had to give me, it probably could be seen as empty and insincere. And after hearing what your opinions were about it, I can understand NOW how you’d take offense to that, but before I asked the question, I obviously did not. If everyone on this board mistook that question as me attacking anyone, or being racist, I’m very sorry for that.

    If it is so hard for you to get a good job, I am sorry for that, too. Where I live, it basically depends on whether you have an education or not. If you have an education (and a good attitude/work ethic, of course), you get a career, if you don’t have an education, you can only work for $10.00 an hour. It doesn’t matter if you’re black/white/or whatever. So maybe it’s different where you’re at. I don’t live in an all white community. I don’t hang around a bunch of racists. But also, since I am not a black man, maybe I would never be able to see what you experience, so I will never fully understand. But to be told that “I am part of the problem” isn’t fair. I can’t be held responsible for being a part of your problem, if I’m not the cause! I have my own problems, too. I don’t discriminate. I don’t oppress. I simply try to raise a family and I barely get by, too. How, then, am I a part of your problem? You can say I don’t know the struggles you go through, but you don’t know the struggles I go through, either. But I can’t say to you that you’re “a part of the problem” for me, because that’s not fair to you. So that’s another part of what got me so upset….

    As far as politics go, we’ll probably never be able to see eye to eye. But that’s what I came to your site for, because I am open to political debate (tis the season), and it wasn’t meant to be about all this. I did not come to attack anybody, and to “theblacksentinel,” if you’ll look back, I was quoted in a post, told that I was “a part of the problem,” I was called a “b*tch” and a “cracker” long before I got defensive.

    I found the 55% statistics on google, and I was not able to find them when searching for them again. I’m assuming they were incorrect, especially after being corrected by the DOJ website. And I believe my point about the statistics had to do with “brotherpeacemaker” bringing up the example of the disproportionate response by police to blacks compared to whites. By showing that crime statistics were disproportionate also, it might have showed it was more due to that then due to racism. But I haven’t fully read these studies, and I’m only trying to offer new ideas. I can see that my ideas are obviously not welcome! I am sorry for insulting anyone, it was not my purpose.

    As far as politics go, I really do dislike Obama, but not because he’s black. I’m afraid of his radical viewpoints, his all-too socialist stances, and his disregard for human life. I don’t believe he and I hold ANY of the same values. And I don’t believe he has enough experience. Ms. Palin doesn’t have that much experience either, I’ll admit, but she’s not the one running for president. She’s only augmenting Senator McCain. And I do agree with her brand of politics and her values… she had Alaska renovated, and cleaned it of corruption, and I admire that.

    Let me ask you, what kind of father tasers his son, even if he’s asked to? I believe many of you are probably parents, and I know that I am, and I could never and WOULD never taser my child. I’m certain in his police training he was taught that tasering sometimes can (in extreme cases) cause death! What kind of man does that? Besides that, did you ever think that maybe the guy was just a piece of crap? He threatened his ex-wife’s family. You don’t know the whole story there, and neither do I. But I grew up with an abusive father who threatened my family (he threatened the lives of my mother, myself, and my brother), and I know he always spun things for people on the outside looking in. They have no idea why my mom left, or got a restraining order against him, because he always made things look “sugar sweet” to everyone else. Even when he was threatening our lives. So I understand that part… and I don’t question why she wanted him fired, and most women in abusive situations probably wouldn’t, either. And anyway, drinking beer while driving down the road as a state trooper SHOULD get you fired, regardless of anything else!

    I just want to leave you all with a few thoughts before I go…. I understand that you are all obviously very, VERY on edge with the white community, and that is something I DID NOT UNDERSTAND when I came here. But with all due respect, could you at least try to understand what some white people feel? Some of us feel like we’ve never done anything to black people, and they all hate us anyway. Some of us harbor no hate towards black people. Some of us feel like we’re walking on eggshells for fear that somebody will accuse us of being racist. (And I think that calling someone a racist is almost as bad as being a racist, because it’s still name-calling, and it’s just as discriminatory.) There’s a black history month, a “black community,” an association for black people, but if there were ever anything like that for white people- if there were ever any mention of “white heritage,” etc., we’d be considered racists and horrible people. It’s like reverse racism… and you may not agree with that, but that’s how a lot of people feel. So on both sides, there are double standards, and I don’t feel like we’ll ever be able to reach common ground in this country until ALL of those double standards are gone. But it’s got to happen on both sides of the fence… or we’ll never get anywhere past the bickering (that we’ve just done on here.)

    So anyway…. hopefully this situation is diffused. I am sorry to have upset you all so much. Good luck and God Bless.

    Comment by Ura | Saturday, August 30, 2008 | Reply

  4. Ura,

    When it comes to the black community, Professor Eric Michael Dyson, the civil rights activist, once said that he was part of the problem. He was not always the activist for the black community. He had to change. And to be honest, I was part of the problem. There was a time you couldn’t pay me to live in the black community. There was a time that I thought that all black people had to do was lift themselves up by the boot strap. I had a relationship with a white woman and thought nothing about how it would look to my black brothers and sisters. It has taken a while. But after forty six years I finally understand what it means to be in love with the black community and I want to protect the black community and help restore the black community. Personally, I never did anything to the black community. I simply ignored the black community as it became weaker and weaker against the dominant community that constantly paints black people as every negative stereotype. And in the war between the weak and the strong, to ignore the struggle is to choose the side of the strong.

    When the Nazi Party in Germany was sending the German Jews to concentration camps, a lot of German people with no affiliation to the Nazi Party simply stood back and watched. They didn’t help their Jewish citizens. They didn’t lift a single finger to stop the Jewish holocaust. They actually became part of the problem. In the war between the weak and the strong, to ignore the struggle is to choose the side of the strong.

    Now that my eyes have been open I want to show others that it isn’t just a matter of black people lifting themselves up. When we see unsubstantiated national statistics about black people committing the vast majority of the crime and buy into them without even a cursory search for the truth, we become part of the problem that helps to perpetuate the myths and lies that support the association between black people and crime. Who wants to hire someone who has such a proclivity to commit crime? Where I live, in America, black people need more than an education, a good attitude, and a good work ethic. My job search is bound to be longer and more intense than your white or Asian counterparts because everybody is buying the stereotypes that say your kind commits crime and is therefore not welcomed here. Black professionals do the same job of their white counterparts and all we get for our work is words of praise like clean and articulate. When that’s all you can say about a professional then chances are you really don’t see them as a valued member of the team.

    As far as politics go, I know we will never see eye to eye. While you worry about stopping abortions because every life is precious to you, I worry about stopping the decline of the black community because those black people are precious to me. Personally, I do not like Barack Obama. Like most politicians, he is doing his best to keep his distance from the black community. A lot of people think that this is okay because he isn’t trying to become president of black America but the president of America. But nobody says jack when Mr. Obama goes before AIPAC and promises the Jewish community to stand behind Israel. Is he trying to become the president of Israel? Is he trying to become the president of Jewish America? No one would even dare make the suggestion.

    But Mr. Obama and the Democratic Party will at least institute policies for the country that would give the black community some protection from corporate America and the rich. While the Republican Party moves to protect unborn children, black children who are here and now have to deal with their family losing their homes to foreclosures, parents losing their jobs from so many corporations going overseas, oil men in the white house destabilizing the middle east and driving the cost of crude to the stratosphere, healthcare cost have gotten so expensive that health insurance is too expensive let alone medical care, and we are in the middle of two catastrophic wars that are depleting national resources. Republican’s tell people that socialism is bad and people buy this crap. We can have social programs like a national military, a police force, the fire department, public schools, and social security for our elderly and our disabled. But the idea of having universal healthcare where all citizens would be entitled to quality medical care? That’s too un-American. When it comes to social programs to assure our national health that concept is too radical. We like it better when people have to sell their homes and file bankruptcy to cover their medical bills.

    And the idea that Ms. Palin cleaned Alaska of corruption, especially after she tried to have her brother-in-law fired, is just ludicrous. She is a woman who is willing to use her office for personal gain. You might think that her brother-in-law was a state trooper who was drinking beer on the job and tasering his son everyday when he came home from the job with a blood alcohol content over the legal limit. But the man was investigated and there was nothing to substantiate the claims. And besides, the governor’s office is not judge, jury, and executioner, especially when the governor’s sister is at the heart of the issue. Whether or not the man tasered his son is not my business. He broke no law. People can volunteer to be tasered. Personally, I may not let my son play football. Should parents who let their children play football be fired? Again, it is not the governor’s job to police the troopers for tasering people who volunteer to be tasered.

    Finally, I know too well how well I fit in the white community. I am allowed only so far. Black people who care about the black community are not welcomed in the dominant community. Too many people want to hear black people say that poor black people are poor because they refuse to do what’s necessary to lift themselves up. But when a man goes to college and gets his degree and is still considered less than a white man with a record, how do you expect the black man to feel? I have never been arrested. I have a four year degree. I have twenty years of experience doing what I do. And yet, I know that any day I can walk into my work place, be fired, and will have to search high and low for another job. I will be rejected more times than I believe I should. Most people recommend having three months of cash on hand to find another job. I have to have an entire year. You might think I am being defensive. But you have no idea of what my world is like as a black man in America. If you want to discuss things as equals here you are more than welcome. But don’t come here to dictate. Just because you offer new ideas and new perspectives doesn’t mean that they are better or accurate. We know what we’re talking about. We are the ones going through it


    Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Saturday, August 30, 2008 | Reply

  5. Ura,

    It seems like you have gotten yourself stuck on one person’s comment. If you were really looking to have a discussion or learn anything you would have dismissed that name calling. I made a comment that was set in truth and truth alone and you haven’t even addressed my comment.
    I didn’t attack you, maybe with the truth. Yet, just like the rest you focused on the one negative comment when you had 3 others that were offering you a perspective that you should invite. If, you were try’n to learn a different viewpoint from those that go through it. Yet, like the rest, you feel like your viewpoint can offer us anything. Maybe, if you would take in what we’re saying first.. and not be so easily dissuaded from the conversation by 2 sentences of negativity. Sticks and stones, right.
    You talk about what white people feel and that we should think about how ya’ll feel… do ya’ll ever think about how we feel, first. We were/are the ones that are targeted.
    Another thing, if you knew your history you’d know that all of these stereotypes that people love to tout about blacks were founded in untruths to begin with… like the many brothers and sisters that were killed for “looking” at white women (I guess that was a crime back then) but because of these pseudo crimes ( and there were many of them, some made up on the spot) now we’re labeled as criminals. This is just one example. But, most would believe tha all those niggers that got hung deserved it regardless of the “law”.


    I don’t for the life of me understand all this support for Israel. Why do we give them so many billions of dollars a year and weapons. Why is it our responsibility to give to them?
    Now, we didn’t cause nor participate with in holocaust? Yet we didn participate in slavery and what is wrong with handing over a few billion a year to us?

    Comment by damien | Sunday, August 31, 2008 | Reply

  6. Thanks for the feedback damien,

    This relationship with Israel is something I have yet to figure out. We are constantly telling black people to go to hell but Israel gets protection even when they are the ones provoking shit in the Middle East. An Iranian leader is accused of wanting nuclear energy so they can develop a nuclear bomb for the sole purpose of taking Israel out so the United States has to provoke a war with Iran. The United States wouldn’t lift a finger to help its black citizens but we’ll take a chance on starting World War III for Israel. This is really gotten out of hand.


    Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Sunday, August 31, 2008 | Reply

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