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Attention Getting Behavior

Earth Marble

One of the funniest things I find is people’s insistence that the universe was literally made by god in six human days. One Christian visitor to my blog berated my ability to separate fact from fiction because I believe the evidence that shows that human activity has contributed greatly to the global warming phenomenon. I was ready for a serious and open debate on this subject until this visitor turned around and said that all the evidence that supports Darwin’s Theory that life on earth developed as an evolutionary process is fiction and that god created this world and everything on it in one hundred forty four hours or so as measured by the human clock. Essentially, many of us are arrogant enough to think that the Supreme Being is or Beings are bound by our rules and definitions.

In the belief system of Ifa people regularly want to apply similar limitations and restrictions based on standards of human behavior on spiritual entities that are not even remotely bound by our weaknesses or, conversely, limited by human strengths. These entities have an existence that we cannot even begin to imagine. It is truly a form of under appreciation to think that these spiritual entities will respond to us, positively or negatively, the way another person would respond whenever we have the ability to influence their behavior. Orisas are not our neighbors or our family members. They are not our servants waiting to respond to our beck and call or merchants waiting for us to make a deal for the price of an ebo. We have essentially zero influence on our ancestors and Orisas and Olodumare.

Regardless of what we have learned about being able to contact spiritual beings through prayer and meditation, regardless of how we have learned that these entities are just waiting around ready to respond to our prayers, our request for services are not going into Orisas’ or the Supreme Being’s inbox. On the other hand, when we fail to live up to what we believe to be the standards of good character none of these spiritual entities are waiting in the wings to pounce and punish us. Simple acts of human weakness aren’t even close to registering on the conscience of these spiritual entities. In the grand scheme of things we are just not that important.

So what would get the Supreme Being’s attention? To me, this is a scary thought for several reasons. First of all, I don’t think Olodumare, the Supreme Being, or Orisas would or could appreciate having their chains yanked by anybody on Earth. It is my understanding that these entities are spread across the cosmos applying their energies into the management of their natural manifestations on planets and other heavenly bodies in a number too large to be fully appreciated by human comprehension. Other planets, solar systems, galaxies, and even universes are being created, changed, and destroyed on a constant basis. They are busy. So why would I want to disturb them just so I can get what I want?

Okay, that’s not quite true. I’m constantly doing my best to bother Orisas. The personal connections and the personal familiarity I feel with these entities give me a little courage to grab a smidgen of their notice every now and then. But never would I think that I can manipulate these entities to have them do my personal bidding.  I had a running joke with Orunmila asking Baba for the next winning lottery numbers.  His used to reply with the question like, how would that help my spiritual development.  Now he just ignores me.

However, the Supreme Being is a totally different matter altogether. When the big “O” takes notice something significant is bound to happen. When I saw the spiritual reading for the year and I heard Orunmila say that Olodumare is taking notice of us and our situation, my sense of anxiety went up a notch. In my limited perspective, I was thinking something strange was going to happen in the environment. Global warming is on the horizon and I just know we will see weather patterns that would dwarf anything that has happened to date. Level nine tornadoes that last for days and class twelve hurricanes are just a matter of time. Somehow, deserts will start forming in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Glaciers will shrink while water levels rise. And everybody will have a burning bush in their backyard.

But what is most scary isn’t the fact that severe weather is coming. Whether or not we believe that this future bad weather is a product of human behavior is not an issue. We all know bad weather is coming. What is truly scary is how we continue to refuse to come together as a people to do whatever we can to minimize the pain of the changes that are coming on the horizon. Too many people have too much to lose from a financial perspective if we acknowledge problems. Too many people are too busy protecting their personal interest at the expense of everyone else’s welfare that we can’t get anything done. Too many people have the attitude, what’s in it for me?

It is my theory that our inability to take the welfare of everyone in our global community to heart will be our undoing. Many of us talk a good game about caring for our fellowman and having integrity. But it is my experience that nobody tells the truth until it is irrefutable. Nobody comes clean unless they are compelled by proof so concrete it convinces the masses to the point where denial is not an option. So many of us are convinced that we are being clever and street smart and savvy and whatever when we deny others in need. However, we are also being narcissistic and greedy and self centered and self serving. People think we have the right to push other species to the brink of extinction because we need to expand our concrete jungles and four thousand square foot homes.

We have become so selfish that it actually makes more sense for us to sit back and watch people die rather than spend the money to help someone with a life threatening condition or illness. We don’t even have the good sense to protect our fragile environment that sustains and protects us from ourselves because that would give our financial competitors an economic advantage.  Not enough of us care about the fact that we live in a world where we tell people who are unable to fend for themselves to pick themselves up by their bootstrap while we continue to give millionaires and billionaires who sing and dance for our entertainment even more money. It’s gotten to a point that our economically political, industrially oriented, profit at the expense of everything else, dominating culture has taken over and refuses to let go.

Nature abhors an imbalance. And in the spiritual tradition of Ifa, the Orisas and Olodumare are nothing if not the epitome of nature’s conscience. The imbalance I refer to is not the imbalance of our natural surroundings or the atmosphere doing its best to respond to the affects we have had on our environment. I am not talking about the imbalance of pollution of this physical realm. I refer to the imbalance of people’s hearts and our inability to collectively care about the least of us. We have always been led to believe that humanity was supposed to be better than this. In the true manifestation of human nature, at least in this respect, we have failed miserably. And when a creation is a failure it usually gets the attention of the creator. It just might be time to go back to the drawing board and start over or at least make some significant adjustments.

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