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The Retardation Of S. C. Amos

“My dad was making pretty good money so my parents hired a black woman to be my nanny and for general housekeeping work. Whatever shadowy echoes of slavery or race distinction there might have been in this situation were lost on me at the time. Those kinds of complexities have no place in the life of a child. I knew simply that it when I was hurt, she was the one I could count on to be there. If I was sick, she was the one that held my hand during the frightening fevers of childhood disease. A child instinctively seeks the reassurance of knowing that someone cares about him and will be there when needed. For me, that person was Auntie Mae.” S. C. Amos

“Well, it sounds like you got it all figured out. Darn it. They’re going to be so disappointed when I tell them down at the weekly national top-secret Keep the Negro Down meeting. Yes, it’s true, only black people have ever endured hardship, deprivation, or discrimination. Any time Whitey ever experiences that is as an oversight. That whole World War II thing alone where 50 to 60 million Whitey’s were killed, 38 million of them noncombatant civilians, sure had us all red-faced. Huge mistake. The fact that that is three times the total number of black people who were slaves in fact entire 250 year stretch in America was such a screwup we’re still trying to sort it out.

I tell you, I simply MUST find my Whitey’s union card. Ever since I had my health insurance canceled because of too ill health and can’t get hired anywhere because I’m too old, they keep not letting me into the secret Whitey Money Store. Even though three of my diseases automatically qualify for disability (according to Social Security rules), I haven’t been able to secure any benefits for more than four years in spite of hiring a lawyer. I don’t know who keeps not getting the memo that I’m a white guy and therefore automatically get all the good stuff, but I’m sure tired of them screwing up.

And dammit, how did that stupid affirmative action thing ever happen? Someone must’ve been asleep at the switch. We’re all supposed to be unified in keeping blacks down. Since we so carefully control everything and can create sophisticated custom-made diseases like AIDS just to kill black people, and being so omnipotent and omniscient that we can exactly suppress just the blacks in every possible corner of the earth where they raise their nappy little heads, I just can’t account for how black people ever got freed in the first place. Lincoln must’ve been hung over that morning, that’s all I can think of.

Well, I better send out a memo to all the black millionaires and black college professors and black business owners and black movie stars that all us Whitey’s are going to stop pulling the strings behind the scenes, letting them THINK they earned their own successes. You’ve got everything all figured out, so we might as well stop pretending that they’re all anything but Uncle Tom’s. Either that or we must’ve sent a few Whitey checks to the wrong addresses.

Here’s a last thought to leave you with. Some day, God knows how many years from now, you’ll be lying there on your deathbed looking back at your wasted life, and you’ll either realize that you were always your own worst enemy, or that Whitey really had you licked before you were even born. Either way, your life will have meant nothing. I just regret that I won’t be there to see the look on your face. But I know it’ll be there.” S. C. Amos

You go to weekly Keep the Negro Down meetings? That’s funny. You must be one of the incompetent ones without any real influence to keep black people subjugated that they keep on the fringes. Most of the meetings are held on a daily basis throughout corporate America. I guess they felt that they couldn’t trust you with all that time you spent in the black community and your beloved Aunt Mae. I guess this means you just have to try harder.

As far as black people being the only ones to endure hardship, deprivation, or discrimination I have no idea where you got such an assumption from. I think you may have got that information from your weekly propaganda meetings because no one here ever made such a dumb statement. However we do know that the hardship, deprivation, and discrimination that black people have endured has been enhanced, augmented, and amplified by white people, such as yourself, who are so insecure that they have to judge their self worth by how much better they have it over other people.

I am happy to inform your ignorance that World War II is over. Nobody is trying to subjugate the poor Jewish community these days. In fact, the Jewish homeland is doing its best to subjugate the Palestinian community. But nevertheless, it is a good analogy to demonstrate the differences between white people being subjugated and how other people respond and the way black people are subjugated and other people respond. In World War II, white people were able to gain the sympathy of the white world to end their subjugation by other white people. And when the subjugation was over, white people put together plans of reconstruction and finance to help destroyed predominantly white communities rebuild.  One of the most notable was the European Recovery Program better known as the Marshall Plan.

Compare that to the way the subjugation of the black community was ended. A civil rights law was past. Where are the reconstruction plans for the black communities? Whenever anyone even hints at some kind of recompense for the black community people roll their eyes and talk about how black people want a handout. Nobody’s hand is further extended than the white community’s super sized, baseball glove shaped, all encompassing mitt. White people don’t consider helping other white people a handout. A black person getting help is considered affirmative action and that’s too unfair to white people. Very good analogy.

Believe it or not, black people died in World War II as well. White people like you don’t even consider what happened to the black community that was in Germany before operation save white people. White people don’t consider what happened to black people in the areas that the Axis powers invaded. Black people died in the fight to liberate white people from other white people. But listen to you tell the story in typical white person fashion and the only people who mattered in World War II is white people. Very good analogy for more white discrimination.

In typical white fashion people point to the relatively few black millionaires who play sports for white billionaires or the handful of black actors and actresses who develop movies for white billionaires as proof that nobody is keep black people down. However, going back to your World War II analogy, nobody points to the handful of Jews that Oskar Shindler kept alive as proof that no Jews died. The very argument that relatively few black individuals do well proves that black people are not being subjugated is some of the finest evidence of white people’s disdain for the black community. World War II is over. The subjugation of the black community continues to this day.

If you need help finding your whitey union card let me help you. Try looking in the mirror. The whitey express membership is bound to get you into many, many places and it is impossible for you to leave home without it.

As far as my deathbed goes, if death can get me away from people like you it cannot come fast enough. When people die they enjoy a moment of clarity that puts their entire life into perspective. The very idea that you believe your hate is enough to transcend such a moment speaks of the racist hate you have in your heart. Your nappy headed Auntie Mae that you loved so dearly and all of your black playmates would be so proud of the racist you’ve become. And you will be mistaken, for the look on my face at the moment of my death will be one of joy. I will be free of this hell called life with all of its materialism, lack of compassion, and racist like you.

Without the least provocation you resort to racial slurs and name calling in typical white supremacist fashion. Maybe that is all you understand. If that’s the case, let me put things to you in your own base language.

You are a broke ass, retard! You’re too dumb to have a job yet you’ve hired a lawyer! You are a liar trolling the net looking to spread some myth about how you grew up with black people! I know for a fact that no black person would ever consider playing with your stupid ass. If you had an Aunt Mae she would’ve done the world a huge favor if she would have put her calloused hands around your neck and choke the life out your wet-chicken smelling, don’t know a thing about deodorant, meat sack you’d call a carcass.

Your eyes bulging out their sockets and your tongue hanging limp out of your mouth is the look I like to imagine as the end of your life. I bet when your beloved Aunt Mae died she looked back on her wasted life and wished she had buried you alive in a pine box inside of an ant mound, face down so you can see your descent into the deepest part of hell. I hope you believe in a hell after death, because there’s a nappy headed demon with a pitch fork just waiting for your lice ridden, mange covered, hair on the back as thick as a grizzly bear’s, dumb ass.

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