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Reckless Foot Soldiers

Brother Peacemaker,

Point well taken. I have to agree that a black man in the white house is not the answer to all of our concerns. i feel the same about mayors and members of congress. but we’re not talking about the abstract here. we have a real live example that presents you with a choice – perhaps not the one that is ideal but i dont recall ever going to the voting booth and voting for an ideal candidate.

It really doesn’t matter that halperin is a white man. He adeptly describes the political system in this country — like it or not that is the reality. If we are going to change things, you have to DEAL with that reality or at a minimum have a strategy to change that reality. Whites, Jews and now hispanics have figured out how to work this ugly system to benefit themselves. We used to know how to do this when we had folks who were leaders and our people knew what sacrifice and organizational discipline meant…(can you imagine a year long bus boycott now?).

The reason you need to read [Mark]Halperin is that if you care to shape/change the presidential politics, you need to learn how to beat the system currently in operation. Its easy to talk about it and criticize it — there’s a lot to criticize.

But I dont really hear you saying much about changing things. I hear more of the complaint about the system and the current actors on stage. Yep. I’m with you. So what are you doing to change the game? I hear your passion but i dont hear your plan. Lets talk action. Im a foot soldier.philly

Really? Is that all it takes is a plan? You mean like the type of plan for action that Reverend Wright was doing for the black community? Are you referring to the type of action that isn’t an abstract of how change can affect the black community but an actual demonstration of action in progress? Are you talking about the type of organization that Reverend Wright actually performed when he took over Trinity United Church of Christ, a church that had less than one hundred active members back in March of 1972 and turned it around to become the largest black church in the United Church of Christ denomination? I’m sure you would like to see the type of leadership in the black community that Reverend Wright demonstrated for over thirty six years as the pastor of his church.

We have a real life example of a black man demonstrating strong, positive leadership in the black community for decades and instead of the black community learning from his example, instead of giving him the accolades for a job very well done, we allow him to be dismissed as a caricature of a bygone era of institutionalized racism and prejudices. A lot of people say they want to hear a plan before they can take the betterment of the black community seriously. But until that plan manifest itself people are content to follow the lead of the dominant community. Why would we abandon the black man who has demonstrated a love for the black community, a plan of action for the black community, a strategy to uplift the black community, for a man who has demonstrated a need to keep the black community distant while he embraces the white community and talks of change?

Reverend Wright does not speak of abstract concepts of change. His record is concrete and proven and speaks for itself. What is abstract is a man who promotes feel good concepts such as the audacity of hope that have little substance. And yet, which one gets the majority of the black community’s support?

You don’t hear me changing things? That may be true. It is easy to dismiss the exchange of ideas and communications on the internet as little more than a computer screen separate from the real world. The computer screen is nothing that compares to reading the real world black and white pages in books from people like Mark Halperin. It is easy to dismiss this as nothing more than hot air. But on the other hand, I happen to feel that books about strategies for winning the presidency are full of abstract concepts that have little to do with the black community. I don’t see Mark Halperin changing things for the black community. I don’t see Barack Obama changing anything for the black community other than a historic occasion of a black man becoming President.

The accountability issues will remain the same. But when people try to hold Mr. Obama accountable for his various slights of the black community, too many people are quick to downplay them with a wink and a not and an acknowledgment that Mr. Obama is too busy looking at the bigger picture to consider his relationship with the black community. Mr. Obama must appeal to white people’s consciousness in order to win the big prize. It is all a matter of political necessity. It will change once he’s in office.

But politics never change. Once a politician works to win an office, a politician must then work to keep an office. The very strategies used to win a public office will the very strategies to keep a public office. And if a politician runs for office with a strategy that keeps black people on the down low, a politician will keep his office with a strategy that keeps black people on the down low. To risk changing anything will anger the generically dominant culture and the anger will manifest in a shift of power in other political offices in the Senate and the House of Representatives.

The idea that things will change once a politician wins a political office is a convenient hypothesis of pure fantasy. It has no foundation in the real world, especially with respect to the black community. If black people want real change, it would be prudent to give our support to people who have demonstrated a commitment to real change for black people. To expect the man that dodges black affiliations on a regular basis, a man that has a history of ignoring issues crucial to the black community to suddenly change his ways is reckless. A foot soldier looking for a plan should recognize a bad plan when he or she sees one.

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  1. Brotherpeacmaker

    The philly foot soldier and I are very happy today. Obamma!!
    Obamma is now next to Martin Luther King in the eyes of African Americans. He is an example of the Dream of MLK. Wow
    It is a historic and happy day. I saw thousands of people Black and White in a stadium praying that a Black man would be their leader. Every time a White person pulls a lever and votes to have a Black man or woman lead them this is a change. This is not an Ideal change but it is momement in the right direction. You seem to compare racial progress against ideal racial progress.

    Where in the world is racial progress better than America? Please point to some real places so that we can have a blueprint of what true racial progress is. Who is the closest to your vision of racial progress pleas name some people. Those people and nations outside of your Ideal must sit on a hirarchy. Their must be a sliding scale not all or nothing. You must be kidding when you say Obamma will do nothing. Obamma is better than Clinton and I suppose you feel that he will do more for the Black community than Jon Mcain.

    I wish you would talk per portionally and not in the impossible world of all or nothing. I agree with the foot soldier. Rev Write has benifited from Obammas presidency. Many White people love his message and will buy his books. The Trinity church will benifit from the publicity. White people have preached at that church. We are progressing in religious circles.

    I know of other great Black preachers who don’t get alot of attention. Every day black pastors are increacing in White places and Churches. Martin Luther King has set the exapmle. There is a movement of Black pastors from Nigeria who are pastors in Europe. The largest church in Russia has a Black pastor from Nigeria. He leads a penticostal denomination which is in Ukraine, Russia, Bellarus, Moldova and Lativia with over 100 churches. A few of them have Nigerian pastors. In other places in Europe Nigerian and African pastors lead white congregations. This is one exapmle of Interracial power. Black leaders do not hurt Black people as much as a White leader would in their place. That is how I feel about Obamma. It is better to have Black then Brown, then Jewish rather than White. Progress can come in gradiations. When the Mexicans immigrate they are causing a dimishment of White people and White racism.

    “Hallaluia come on get happy get ready for the Judgment day” Racist fear intergration, interracial marriage,transracial adoption families, and Immigration. Racist like the KKK really fear a Black president so we should celebrate. Brown is making progress in this White mans world. Brown will inherit the world. It aint perfect but come on It has got to be progress.

    Comment by freewillgiver | Wednesday, June 4, 2008 | Reply

  2. Thanks for the feedback freewillgiver,

    I am happy for you and of course Mr. Obama. The occasion is momentous. However, it remains to be seen if this will truly be a happy occasion for the black community. I don’t think Doctor King’s dream was to have a black man in the presidency. I think Doctor King’s dream was true equality for the black community with the white community where it would not have mattered if the president was black or white or red or yellow. There is a very distinct difference between the two goals.

    Having a black Supreme Court justice is a generic concept that appeals to many in the black community. However, the black Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is a nightmare for the black community. He has adopted a truly conservative model of the dominant mindset’s approach toward issues to the black community. Mr. Thomas promotes ideas puts the rights of the people secondary to the rights of government and corporate entities. Mr. Thomas dismisses issues of racial discrimination and promotes concepts that race has no merit in social considerations. However, after years, centuries even, of racial preferences being given exclusively to the white community, the racial imbalance cannot be corrected without some form of consideration to historic racial exclusions.

    Will Barack Obama be fair and equitable to the black community? Maybe. But if his past behavior is any evidence the black community has no reason to celebrate his ascendency. Lately, he does not entertain the idea of an appearance at events that are close to the black community. However, he has no distaste for events that are close to the racially generic dominant community that is predominantly white.

    You asked where in the world is racial progress better than America? I’ve only experienced a handfull of other countries first hand. I’ve been to England, Canada, Mexico, and Trinidad. All have their own issues with regards to race. But let’s say for the sake of your argument that the racial issues of every country on the planet are worse than the issues here in America. Is it your presumption that the black community here in America should quit complaining and enjoy our subjugation because black people elsewhere are more subjugated.

    The argument that people elsewhere suffer more is an argument that has no merit. Quit complaining because somebody has it worse than you. If this is an acceptable argument then the converse is just as acceptable. Complain because somebody has it better than you. However, we are not talking about people in the land far away but the people right here in America. Why should the black community continue to tolerate subjugation and racial disparity in this country?

    If we truly follow Doctor King’s example we will follow his realization that racial integration is not in itself the solution. As Doctor King said himself he feared that we are integrating into a burning building. To most people, racial integration is superficial where all you have to do is count the number of black people in the vacinity and you can call yourself integrated if you have one. But true integration comes when a black presidential candidate is free to be just as close to the black community as he is to the white one. That’s the day I will celebrate.


    Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Wednesday, June 4, 2008 | Reply

  3. The freewillgiver is interracialpower. The above post is mine

    Comment by interracialpower | Wednesday, June 4, 2008 | Reply

  4. Regardless of who you are, thanks for the feedback!


    Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Wednesday, June 4, 2008 | Reply

  5. Thankyou for your communication I feel great Black pride discussing things with you. You make me think about the hard stuff left to be accomplished. I want to help my Black brothers more after reading your post. Now for our differences because I am in full celebration mode.

    MLK would surely celebrate Obamma. His family I bet are extatic like most Black people. Malcom X family members are probably very happy now. A real black nightmare was segregation. Things are not perfect but we no loger live with segregation. I do not argue that White opression is gone or that we should be happy cus our work against White privledge is over. We are still opressed but the fight is going in our direction. You did compliment Obamma so you somwhat agree with me. I don’t claim one solution however I claim progress but their are many roads to that progress.

    Some of the roads involve intergration like MLK and some involve focusing on Black people exscluding Whites and other minorities like Malcom X. I think that it is usually good to vote by color. I try to vote for as few whites as possible. I will vote for a Brown Asian or hispanic over a White and a Jew over a normal White. I don’t beleve in an end to complaining about racism but I do believe in celebrating small steps. They encurage the change that will come. Do you Believe that we will win? Do you believe we are going backwads? Most Blacks feel happy today in America over Obamma because the recognize positive change when they see it.

    Are most Black people ignorant when they celebrate Obamma? Where is your gradiations of friends and Enemys? Please state some kind from best to worst. The KKK is our enemy. Natzis are our enemy. The Clintons are not better than the Obammas. White race based politics and White racism is in decline. They are loosing power. I judge this by what most racist fear immigration and intergration. The white KKK racist even fear Clarence Thomas and Black Conservitive Christians.

    Most Black pastors have always had plenty of conserviatism so conservatism cannot be on par with racism. Martin luther King and Malcom X preached much moral conservatism. No sex outside of marriage is found in Islam and Chrisianity. Moral laxness must be one of our enemies as Black people. Surley out of wedlock pregnacy and drug abuse is worse than interracial marriage or Black conservatives. Black conservativews are a normal function of Black Christianity. Black Christians are persicuted in Muslim contries but Muslims are free in this contry and have it better than almost any contry in the world. Where is radical Islam in your grades of evils against Black people? Black conservatives are not the enemy of Black people. Where is your per portionality. Please present spacifics in your gradinig of evils facing Black people. A- kkk, B genocide in Africa, C abortion of our children,D Drug abuse and Out of wedlock births,X Republicans, Y Democrats Z lack of affirmiative Action ect. With gradiations we can look to fix problems in their order of signifigance.

    Conservitives like Clarence Thomas are against Abortion and the genocide in Darfore while most Black liberals love abortion. Abortion decreaces our numbers. We could have had at least two blac states with majority Black populations and governed by Black folks. If you agree with me that less white people is better then you cannot say that Black conservatives are our worst nightmare. White Racist love abortions by Black people and Blow up abortion clinics in White neighborhoods. Black conservatives support interracial marriage and adoptions which are a nightmare to racist. I support Affirmitive action and Reparations so I am not compleetly conservative. I believe that almost every brother counts in the fight to defeat white racism.

    The only Africans who are counter productive are violent muderous genocidal criminals, Governments like Sudan, and drug dealers and infidels who do not take care of their own families when they can and those who actually hurt the Black community. Are they not the worst sellouts the black people who violently hurt other Black people. Is not being true enough to the game is some sort of violent action against African people. Black conservatives ar also celebrating Obamma and Oprah even though they are Liberal Democrats. Black people are on the same side exept those who actively kill and crimminally destroy other Blacks. White suprimast our worst enemies are worried and hiding in their compounds or planning for hard times. That is reason to celebrate. Are the KKK and the Neo Natzis wrong in their fear of Obamma?

    Progress against White racism is cause to celebrate for Both the Conservative and Libral. It is impending doom to groups like the KKK.

    Comment by interracialpower | Wednesday, June 4, 2008 | Reply

  6. interracialpower,

    In all honesty there are more brown people than any of us give credit for. It is true that in America there are more brown people are born everyday. No one in the black community is truly black. And no one in the white community is truly white. Most black people are brown in skin color. Our ancestors integrated a long time ago with respects to offspring. So what makes you think the children of black people who are already the product of integration will have it any easier? Because a black person, who is already a brown person, will copulate and have children with a white person, who isn’t really a white person, the product of their union will be this new form of integration that will be more powerful than the old product of integration, simply because of superior numbers.

    I can understand and appreciate your enthusiasm. However, Doctor King wasn’t about superficial examples of black people in positions of authority. For example, the black man who subjects black people to the crack of the whip on behalf of a white plantation owner is no one black people can take pride in. The black man who works to keep himself away from the black community is not to be celebrated. You may think that someone like Clarence Thomas is a friend of the black community. He may be against abortion but he is also a supporter of police brutality. Mr. Thomas may be against the genocide in Darfur but fully supports the state sponsored homicide here in America.

    No one said conservatives are the enemy of the black community. Some of my black (you might consider them brown) family members are some of the most conservative people you could hope for. However, social conservatives, as well as social liberals, who blame the black community for the problems of the black community and absolve government and corporate American of any contribution to these social problems are the product of a white dominant mindset that refuses to acknowledge the real problems of the black community. A woman’s right to choose for herself whether or not she wants to be a mother is not keeping black people from getting jobs or an education. Genocide in Darfur is not responsible for police shooting unarmed black people in a hail of bullets in America. There is a distinct different here that I truly wished you could understand.

    If it was just a problem of a lack of morals then how come the same issues do not affect the white community that appears to have similar morals? How come white on white crime, which is even higher than black on black crime, does not affect the white community’s ability to obtain jobs, education, housing, legal representation, medical care, and etcetera? Do white people have births out of wedlock? Do white people suffer with drugs? How many white people have been afflicted with addiction to meth compared to the black community? Do white people kill each other? White people who commit crimes receive compassion. Black (or brown) people who commit crimes are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Right after Katrina there were two pictures of two couples wading through water with bags. One picture had a white couple and the other picture had a black couple. The caption under the white couple said they were procuring food. The caption under the black couple said they were looting. Do you not see the distinction?

    Doctor King’s family is not representative of Doctor King’s values. The King Foundation now manages multi-million dollar projects and business relationships for their own exploitation. The King Foundation sells rights to Doctor King’s speeches for thousands of dollars and make speeches and appearances for tens of thousands of dollars. These are the same speeches that Doctor King would recite for free. The King Foundation is working to build the ninety million dollar King Memorial in Washington, DC. They celebrate the man and yet disregard everything Doctor King stood for. These people are millionaires while Doctor King died with five thousand dollars in his bank account. You may value their opinion. However, I believe they are lost and are in need of serious guidance like many black people who no longer know the real issues that face the black community.


    Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Wednesday, June 4, 2008 | Reply

  7. Brother Peacemaker,

    Your first two paragraphs said it all. That very issue has been on my mind.

    I have longed admired Jeremiah Wright. He is a true community leader. I will come back and flesh this out further.

    Also, Wright has exposed a lot that has remained below the surface in American society, something that has been obvious in our day-to-day operations, interactions, institutions and very social order however it has been exposed.

    I constantly hear white people in the media and white people in general discussing values. However I noticed that they equate values with whiteness. Anything black lacks values and by extension, blacks lack values. This is such a long kept and perpetuated ideology. This is truly ignorant and the cultural and racial ignorance is so glaring and raw, it’s frightening.

    Whites are forcing Obama to pretty much adapt what they see as values. He will have to do this to win the majority of white voters and he will do it. In doing this, he will have to continue to reject anything remotely black.

    I am happy about Obama. I am a supporter and have been one for quite some time. However I am not cheering too loud or jumping too high.

    1. He is still a nominee.
    2. He has given credence on countless occasions to the very doctrine of white supremacy and even deluded reality. This issue, I cannot over look.

    Interracial power,

    I appreciate your naiveté.

    Dr. King had more than a dream and I find it insulting that people keep talking about a speech he made in August of 1963 rather than focusing on what he had fought for his entire life. What about his life especially after 1964-65? This country has collective amnesia and is in love with nostalgia. They left that out purposely.

    Here is a quote for you:

    “The majority of Negro political leaders do not ascend to prominence on the shoulders of mass support. Although genuinely popular leaders are now emerging, most are still selected by white leadership, elevated to position, supplied with resources and inevitably subjected to white control. The mass of Negroes nurtures a healthy suspicion toward this manufactured leader, who spends little time in persuading them that he embodies personal integrity, commitment and ability and offers few programs and less service. Tragically, he is in too many respects not a fighter for a new life but a figurehead of the old one. Hence, very few Negro political leaders are impressive or illustrious to their constituents. They enjoy only limited loyalty and qualified support.

    This relationship in turn hampers the Negro leader in bargaining with genuine strength and independent firmness with white party leaders. The whites are all too well aware of his impotence and his remoteness from his constituents, and they deal with him as a powerless subordinate. He is accorded a measure of dignity and personal respect but not political power.”

    Martin Luther king said that. Now think of that in terms of Barack.

    While I support him, I do not support him blindly. The events in the last three months have really proven that to me.

    The revolution will not be televised.

    Comment by RhondaCoca | Wednesday, June 4, 2008 | Reply

  8. Thanks for the feedback RhondaCoca,

    And while I usually respond with a word of thanks, I really mean a deep and serious thank you! Those words were truly timely. People have truly forgotten what Doctor King stood for and the black community has allowed one of our greatest icons to be minimized as little more than an instrument of peace at any and all costs. Doctor King was so much more. I am disgusted with his family and I am disgusted with our schools and I am disgusted with so many interpretations of who this man was. Thank you so much for shedding another light on this issue.


    Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Wednesday, June 4, 2008 | Reply

  9. Peacemaker

    I love you you are so correct about alot of stuff. I am glad that you consider White people mixed and you seem to agree that abortion hurts us. Those comments show insight. I am getting some clarity of your thought. I too believe that this society has much harsher standards for Black folks. Black people must prove themselves innocent at all times. Black people must all have an alabi in advance even law abiding African Americans. Guilty untill proven innocent. I smile on my licence plate to avoid trouble with the cops. It has been effective for me. I want the officers to consider me a safe person. I know the rule a black man must always have an alibi.

    Your examples brought some points home. I acknoledge that one reason for White priviledge is that they start out life ahead. As soon as they take thier white mothers breast to their mouth they have won the lottery of the world. It will take a long time to erase that head start that White folks have. Even a white stripper can get more money on average than an African American. Whiteness pays. White babies get adopted and folks pay a 10s of thousands of dollars. Black babies need the federal goverment to offer 10s of thousands thousands of dollars in adoption assisance. Still black children languish in child care. The system is harsh. White dominance is terrible. If you cant beat them somtimes as an individual it is benificial to join them. That is always a part of intergration. The quesion is how can we make it work for us like it did for the Jewish people?

    The White system will not give power away for nothing. We have got to be wise as serpents and gentle as doves. Somtimes not so gentle. I have learned some things today. However I do not consider anything genocide here in America. Genocide is an overstatment ecept for abortion. Compared to the average person in the World African Americans are still at the top of the stack. We cannot have expanding life expectancies and be victims of gennocide at the same time. Genocides are what are happening in other contries. One cannot call America genocidal to African Americans if it is also a mecca to Africans on earth and has the richest societies Africans on earth. Grossly unfair yes. Genicidal only in the case of abortions.

    In closing Thankyou again, You mince no words, there are no sacred cows. You really dissed the King family. Can you name a list of famous African Americans who have it right according to to the brotherpeacemaker?

    Comment by freewillgiver | Wednesday, June 4, 2008 | Reply

  10. Thanks for the feedback freewillgiver,

    The genocide in America is very real. It is just happening a lot more slowly. I sincerely hope you found the conversation enlightening. That’s the whole point of blogging.


    Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Wednesday, June 4, 2008 | Reply

  11. I think it’s worth stepping back for a moment and realizing how far we, as a culture have come in 40 (or 50) years. No, we’re not perfect. Yes, we have a long way to go, not just in treatment of blacks and other people of color, but women, and other disadvantaged groups.

    I thought this country wasn’t ready to seriously consider either a female or a black candidate for president. Some people in this country aren’t ready for that, but more of us are than I’d expected, and that gives me hope.

    Fifty-three years ago, Rosa Parks was asked to give up a bus seat; now Obama’s got a real chance at a much more prominent seat. Obama may not be what everyone needs, but it’s a long way from a bus seat. I hope he does a good job for the black community.

    “I think Doctor King’s dream was true equality for the black community with the white community where it would not have mattered if the president was black or white or red or yellow.” Or female. I may be white, but I have a dream too. 🙂

    The current evolutionary theory is that we all started black, and the people who got closest to the arctic circle lost melanin to allow more UV in during the shorter days in fall, winter, and spring, thus preventing rickets. The only peoples of northern latitudes who didn’t evolve this way were those who got their vitamin D via fish oil (e.g. Inuit). If you go back far enough, none of us are white.

    Comment by Deirdre Saoirse Moen | Thursday, June 5, 2008 | Reply

  12. Thanks for the feedback Deirdre Saoirse Moen,

    I have to admit that I did not think this country was ready for a black president or a female president or a black female president. However, the Democratic nomination process has indeed shed light on issues of race and gender in this country. History was made when the remaining two candidates were a black man and a white woman and not another white man. History was going to be made if either candidate won the nomination.

    No one hopes that Mr. Obama proves to be a staunch supporter of the black community more than I. Mo one hopes more than I that Mr. Obama becomes the president that all of America can take pride in. However, it should be noted that he does not have to be president to be an advocate for the black community. Historically, the biggest advocates for the black community have not come from the world of politics.

    Historically speaking politicians cater to their largest constituency because it is the easiest way to win public office. Constituents like guns? I like guns too! Constituents want to outlaw abortion? I want to outlaw abortions too! And the vast constituency of America does not think that issues of race are a problem that warrants the attention of the president. A presidential candidate would do well to adopt the philosophy of the majority.

    If Mr. Obama tries to go into the white house and does anything to improve conditions in the black community the backlash of anger to his political party will be resounding. Mr. Obama will be depicted as giving black people a handout and special treatment. The fact that companies like Blackwater and Halliburton have been getting special treatment and handouts for the past seven years will be lost on a lot of people.

    My hope is that the black community organizes itself enough so that we are not so easily ignored. It is not enough just to hope that Mr. Obama will do well by the black community especially when he has demonstrated such ease at pushing some of his closest black constituents to the side.


    Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Thursday, June 5, 2008 | Reply

  13. Wright knows the true Barack as my friend, Leila who attended TUCC for 12 years does. She says that he is no longer as progressive as he once was. She is proud of him but at times, she cannot recognize him. When Wright attended the National Press Club, he confronted this Barack. However everyone got mad. Obama’s supporters called him a “crab in a barrel”. I had to confront a woman on a radio station out here in NY who had the AUDACITY to call Wright a house Negro who was put on a field Negro? People followed her lead. I had to call in. I got through. I told them that Obama is the “house Negro” because he is running for president of the house. Wright is not tied to anything, the white establishment does not control him and he is not afraid to say what would lose him favor-that makes him a field Negro. Did people not hear what Wright had to say? Did people not hear his speech? I believe that many blacks did not actually hear the speech but the snippets from the Q&A that have been selected by the media to show. If someone does not use Youtube then they would not know. If someone were not home during 9am when he spoke then they would not know. They simply bought the white mainstream media’s narrative. If they did hear the speech and are responding in this fashion then it proves why blacks have been subjugated for 400 years.

    This is what I call the white supremacist factor.

    They were able to hide their hands and give blacks a scapegoat-Wright.

    There attack is able to take place easily without little to no resistance.

    I cannot tell you the amount of blacks and the amount of so-called progressive blogs that are claiming that if Obama loses, they are going to go “postal” on Wright.

    Yea, attack one of your own rather than the establishment that keeps you in this position.

    Its the way that the dominant group distracts us. It works everytime.

    Comment by RhondaCoca | Thursday, June 5, 2008 | Reply

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