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The Russian Example

Twilight Russia

Russia is going through some significant changes lately. After eight years of being Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has finally giving up the title. But that’s all he’s giving up. Mr. Putin plans to install himself as Prime Minister of the country. As Prime Minister, Mr. Putin will retain considerable power of Russia’s affairs indefinitely. And Russia has revived its power considerably. There is some fear that the office of the President will be a symbolic figurehead. But when this plan is implemented, it is feared by the administrators of this government that Mr. Putin will become the first czar of Russia in decades.

Over the years, since the presidency of Michael Gorbachev, Russia has dwindled in relevance on the world’s stage. The new, kinder, gentler, government referred to as perestroika pretty much gave up as a counter to the American threat. Mr. Gorbachev threw in the towel on an economy based on communism and embraced capitalism with little success. Old hats in the Russian government tried to stage a coup to take back the government. Boris Yeltsin emerged as a contender in the fight to restore order. And low and behold Mr. Yeltsin emerged as Russia’s new President. But widespread food shortages, inflation, and corruption stymied changes. Yeltsin guided Russia into chaos and despair. And when Mr. Putin succeeded him Russia was in a mess.

But the twenty first century has been kind to Russia. Vast reserves of oil and other natural resources allowed the country to climb out of its economic doldrums. A hundred dollar a barrel oil prices has given the country a serious financial infusion. Mr. Putin cracked down on the freedoms that came with Mr. Gorbachev’s perestroika and reinstituted some old fashioned KGB style communistic policies. Got a problem with a government? You are more than welcome to voice your displeasure. Just don’t be too surprised when a problem comes up with your business license.

One of the things Mr. Putin discovered is that the chummy relationship that previous leaders of the Kremlin recently shared with the United States was detrimental to Russia’s standing in the world. The Cold War was the peak of Russia’s influence in the world. When people were afraid that the superpowers would go toe to toe in some nuclear missile equipped throw down the entire globe respected and feared Russia’s power. But then the late twentieth century came and the country become a mere shadow of its former self. The Soviet Union no longer existed and patriotic pride was on the down low. Mr. Putin restored Russia’s pride.

The people who govern the country of Russia discovered that no one will listen to you if you play nice and try to understand your adversary you run the risk of being taken for granted, manipulated, and largely ignored. Now that Russia is reasserting itself on the world stage people are taking notice and are growing concerned about what is happening to the rights of the Russian people. These are the same people who ignored the plight of the Russian people when inflation was ravaging the country and store shelves were empty of groceries and people were starving. People say they care about the Russian people, but no actions speak a lot louder than words. Now that a sense of pride is returning to the Russian people, other people want to sound alarms about the possibility of a resurgent Russia reentering the world’s stage.

The black community could learn a lesson from Russia’s example. As long as the black community remains confused and weak it will never gain the attention of people who claim that we have all the equality we need to lift ourselves by our bootstrap. In fact, a lot of people in key positions inside and outside of government say we can eliminate racism by quit looking at racism as a crime. Affirmative action is the new evil of discrimination and reverse discrimination is the new civil rights movement. Black people don’t have the education of our white counterparts and black people don’t have the ability to obtain jobs like our white counterparts. And as long as we play nice the dominant community has no incentive to help the black community with anything but sticking to the status quo and staying in its oppressive state.

If the black community was able to reaffirm pride in itself and reestablished its unity and truly act as a community we would have the ear of the dominant culture that generally ignores us and leaves us nothing but economic crumbs and stereotypical caricatures as role models for our black children. Our schools are crumbling. Our neighborhoods are more likely to be subjected to gentrification and blight. And our future as a respected component in the fabric of American society looks dim. The dominant community will do nothing for the black community out of the goodness of their collective heart. They won’t even have the decency to give us a bootstrap for us to pick ourselves up with. We could learn a lot from Russia’s example. We must learn to work together to reestablish ourselves as a force to be dealt with as an equal.

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  1. We need a new afrocentric cultural revolution. Stay tuned.

    Comment by asabagna | Thursday, April 17, 2008 | Reply

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