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Rumor has it that a rather large percentage of supposedly Democratic Party voters will be so turned off if their favorite Democratic candidate doesn’t make it to the general presidential election that they would be willing to vote for the Republican nominee. There is the Hillary Clinton supporter who says that he or she wouldn’t vote for Barack Obama if he wins. There is the Barack Obama supporter who promises not to vote for Hillary Clinton if she wins. Some of these people swear that they will jump parties and vote for John McCain. This so called news is truly difficult to swallow.

John McCain has made several promises as to what he would do if he wins the presidency. He promises to continue the war in Iraq until the United States is assured victory. If it takes a hundred years John McCain is willing to commit the country to every last one of them. It doesn’t matter to Mr. McCain that the war is costing the people of the United States ten billion dollars and upwards of sixty five American soldiers’ lives on a monthly basis. Do the math. It doesn’t matter that this war could cost something like fifteen trillion dollars and another hundred thousand lives at the current rate of attrition. One day Mr. McCain will say that conditions in Iraq are going well enough to keep the soldiers there. The next day Mr. McCain will say conditions in Iraq have degenerated and are too grim to pull the soldiers out. Either way the soldiers will have to stay.

Mr. McCain confessed some time ago that he doesn’t know much about the economy. And the economy of the United States is issue number one not for just the American public but for people around the globe. Mr. McCain’s response to the current economic doldrums is that the government should do nothing. In fact, Mr. McCain would like to deregulate the investment banking business even further. Large banks can’t respond fast enough when there are rules for their operation. Throw the rules out and these institutions will be conscientious enough to operate like responsible business who would never take advantage of the public. The nation’s experience with Michael Milken and the junk bonds scandal or Charles Keating and the savings and loans crisis were just flukes. Come to think of it, John McCain was one of the politicians implicated as part of the Keating Five accused of corruption when the Federal Home Loan Bank Board investigated Mr. Keating and his failed Lincoln Savings and Loan Association.

Mr. McCain will push to continue the tax cuts that benefit the wealthy. He promises to continue many of the policies of President George Bush. Mr. McCain gives credence to suspicions that he would continue Mr. Bush’s third term as President driving the United States even further into the debacle that is costing so many people their homes, their savings, their peace of mind, their health, their future, and the future of their children.

Mr. Obama and Ms. Clinton are publicly promising to do almost the exact opposite on so many different levels. Both of these Democratic hopefuls have plans to implement some kind of universal healthcare coverage. Although their proposals are rather tepid and keep the insurance company’s incentive to deny treatment when profits are missing their targets, it is a small step in the right direction. Both Ms. Clinton and Mr. Obama want to pull the troops out of the Iraq war. Both want to put a stop to the nonsense that is draining the national treasury, killing thousands of Americans, killing hundred of thousands of Iraqis and other nationals, and has done nothing to improve and much to erode America’s security.

But rumor has it that many members of the Democratic Party would rather have four more years of a Republican led executive branch rather than suffer the indignity of having their preferred candidate not make it to the general election. The airwaves have played a number of sound bites of people saying things like they just can’t see a woman being a President or something like they’re not racist but there’s something about that Obama fellow that isn’t honest. Whatever the reason, the suggestion that somebody of a Democratic persuasion would find John McCain a more favorable candidate than either Ms. Clinton or Mr. Obama truly blows my mind. There is no excuse for a person giving up on their values simply because a woman or a black man is the best hopeful for an end to the small minded conservative policies that grip our country.

It is a given that people run the gamut and you can find someone, anyone, to support even the most asinine concepts, but the theory is that these fringe elements that exist outside the scope of rational thought should be relatively small. The idea that there will be a mass exodus of the Democratic faithful and independents to the fold of the Republicans is nothing that sounds credible. The nightly network news is reporting that something in the neighborhood of twenty percent of Democratic supporters plan to go to Mr. McCain if their candidate does not win the primary. But that number does not sound real considering the real trouble this country is in after two terms of Bush junior. Either the American public is truly more racist or more misogynistic to exercise common sense or the manipulators of public thought are trying to condition us to accept the idea that so many Democratic voters were so upset by the primary results that they actually helped John McCain slipped in for what is in all practical purposes a third Bush term.

Regardless of who eventually wins the Democratic primary either candidate represents a significant improvement over Mr. McCain. With Mr. Bush’s approval ratings tanking as low as the American dollar anybody who gets his endorsement can’t be good for the public’s welfare. If anyone remembers the last two general elections for the presidency funny things happen when votes get counted. The principles of fuzzy math and string theory combined can’t explain away how the results from exit polling failed to make the accurate prediction of who won the election. They never failed before. But suddenly these processes are unreliable at forecasting the winner of elections when Bush junior is a candidate.

If John McCain wasn’t old enough to make Ronald Regan look like the political equivalent of Doogie Howser his ascension to the presidency might be somewhat more believable. If Mr. McCain was up on his game and didn’t stammer through speeches saying Iran is training al Queda insurgents in Iraq it would be more believable. If Mr. McCain didn’t go on record saying that he didn’t care what the American people thought about the war it was his job to do what he felt what was best for the public’s interest, his ascension would be understandable. If Mr. McCain distanced himself from the lunacy that currently inhabits the White House, his being elected would be plausible. But no such conditions exist. We are being duped into thinking that through a series of unfortunate incidents John McCain will become the chosen candidate of the people. And nothing will be further from the truth.

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  1. […] Biodun Iginla put an intriguing blog post on Further From the Truth […]

    Pingback by Further From the Truth | Hillary Clinton Chronicles | Wednesday, April 2, 2008 | Reply

  2. this country will deserve whatever it gets if they vote in McCain.
    I’m not one for the whole 2 party system but McCain is not good… I don’t know if I’d vote for Hillary just because of the shifeness (I kinda made up that word, but I think you know what I mean). I guess we have to be smart about the situation. I’d rather vote for Hillary than have McCain in there.

    Check out my profile, BP.


    Comment by Damien | Wednesday, April 2, 2008 | Reply

  3. I’m in a tough spot with this, as I can’t see myself voting for Hillary. Particularly since there’s a high probability that voting for her will have me, and many people I know, living on the streets:

    I think it’s the phenomenon of self-preservation. Sometimes we will do the damnest things just to keep ourselves employed and with a roof over our family’s head.

    Comment by 27thfloor | Sunday, April 6, 2008 | Reply

  4. But why do black people have to do the damnedest things for our preservation while others are free to be who they are?


    Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Sunday, April 6, 2008 | Reply

  5. HUH? I said they do it so they can keep themselves employed with a roof over their family’s head. I’m not sure how doing what you have to do to survive means your not being who you are?

    Comment by 27thfloor | Monday, April 7, 2008 | Reply

  6. My bad! By “we” I thought you meant the black community. Therefore, I read that the black community must do what it must to survive. Before I reinterpret I guess I should ask who “we” are, who “they” are and what “it” is.


    Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Monday, April 7, 2008 | Reply

  7. I’m watching Pennsylvania results on CNN, and they just said that of white men in exit polls, 53% voted for Clinton, 46% Obama. White women voted overwhelmingly for Clinton, which I consider unsurprising.

    Comment by Deirdre Saoirse Moen | Tuesday, April 22, 2008 | Reply

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