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In Defense of Cindy McCain

Helga von Sprechensiedeutsch

“Just a little comment on your slight against the McCains. How do you know their ancestors weren’t discriminated against in America? Do you know their ancestry? If the McCains are of Irish descent then they have a long history of discrimination in this country. Ever heard of ‘No Irish need apply’? Italians, Slavs, and East European Jews also faced virulent prejudice and discrimination. So stop thinking that Blacks have a monoply on victimhood in America or anywhere else. And if you think America is such a bad place to live for Blacks why don’t you leave? That’s a serious question, not a rhetorical one. And I’m Black, btw.” – Seane-Anne

It has finally happened! On the eleven month anniversary of me starting this blog, just one month short of my blog’s one year anniversary, a visitor to my blog suggested that I leave the country. Why? Because I wrote a stupid comment about Cindy McCain after she pounced on Michelle Obama for saying that she is proud to be an American for the first time in her adult life. Ms. McCain stood in front of a crowd of white Republicans and said something like, I don’t know about you but I’ve always been proud to be an American. Ms. McCain took a cheap shot and I took a cheap shot at Ms. McCain. And like the proverbial shit that rolls downhill, my visitor took a swipe at me.

I knew it was just a matter of time before some less than clever visitor would make the suggestion that I should leave the country if I find the behavior here so reprehensible. I have to admit that I did try to leave. But immigration is an expensive and time consuming process these days. I actually went to Toronto, Canada and talked to a few immigration lawyers about making the transition. It was my understanding that Canada was in need of information technology professionals and so I went there looking for a company to sponsor my application. Nobody wanted to hire me unless I had a visa. But I couldn’t get a visa until I found someone to work for. Canadian law had a provision that I could get my visa within days if I could find a job. I couldn’t find work mopping floors at a Tim Horton’s, Canada’s version of Wendy’s, or doing anything else without the equivalent of a Canadian social security number. I think it’s called a social insurance number. After four months and a steadily dwindling bank account I had to throw in the towel and come back to the United States. This was back in late 2005 through 2006.

I would be more than happy to leave the country. I think America is a country full of people who think nothing of telling black people that racism is dead and the perpetual state of black subjugation is nothing more than the result of black stereotypes. We look the other way when black children are murdered by boot camp guards and young black adults are thrown in jail for having sex. But let a black man kill a dog and people line up volunteering to pull the switch for the electric chair.

But like I said, legal immigration can be an expensive and time consuming process. And with a family to support the expenses grow exponentially. However I do hold on to hope that it will become doable. If this visitor, and other people who feel the same way, want to make a donation to the Brotherpeacemaker Immigration Transition Expense for Maximum Exodus fund. I like to call it BITE-ME for short. I will be more than happy to accept the help.

There was a time when I may have been shocked or even hurt to hear another black person make the suggestion for me to leave. But if my first eleven months have taught me anything is that there are black people who are more than happy to champion the supposed conservative, family oriented values wrapped around a focus on trickle down economics where tax breaks to the wealthy total four point three trillion dollars and average out to close to two hundred eighty thousand dollars for each of the fifteen million millionaires in the highest tax bracket. Consequently, the value this group of conservatives places on helping the fifteen million poor children with a three hundred million dollar aid package averages about to twenty dollars a child. Family values are important to this group as long as they apply to rich families. Poor people need to just suck it up.

Ms. McCain probably doesn’t deserve to be compared to the fictional Eva Von Aryan. My visitor is correct about the fact that I don’t know about Ms. McCain’s past. But Ms. McCain opened this can of worms up with her assertion that Ms. Obama should be proud to be an American regardless of her history. America’s treatment of black people has been, is, and from the looks of things, will always be, generally inauspicious and usually dysfunctional. America’s history is full of instances that black people would find woeful, uncomfortable, and downright upsetting if they just took a look. It isn’t difficult to understand why a black person would have reason not to be proud of America.

But Ms. McCain is proud of America and is proud of America’s history. The woman has no clue as to why black people wouldn’t be proud to be an American. Such a lack of compassion for black people shows her contempt for the black community. Ms. McCain wants to stand in front of her conservative, family values, predominantly white audience and ridicule this black woman for her soulful confession. I know people are trying to score political points. But Ms. McCain was callous and indifferent. Her attitude, combined with the blond hair slicked back into a tight bun in the back of her head, walking around with all the leather, and with the cold blue eyes, makes her the epitome of a Helga von Sprechensiedeutsch caricature. My comment may have been offensive to some. I’m sure it was offensive to the McCains. But I, along with many others for sure, find Ms. McCain and her kind offensive as well.

Why the black Ms. Seane-Anne is offended enough to tell me to leave America is truly troubling for me. I’m willing to bet she’d never make the suggestion that Cindy McCain should leave the country if she didn’t like Ms. Obama’s comment.  Ms. Seane-Anne is totally one sided.  But it is not unexpected at all. I would’ve bet that it would be a white person that would make the suggestion that I leave America.  But the odds were good it would have been a black person who wishes to protect the status quo. I honestly wish all black people would open their conscience and ask themselves why they choose to become so offended when black people talk about white people who talk about black people. John McCain promises to do his best to stop abortions and such. And I’m sure that when poor black children are born, as our President Mr. McCain will make sure each of these children will receive their twenty dollars.

I guess Ms. Seane Anne is planning to become one of those fifteen million millionaires. She’s another one of those black people who thinks the American dream applies to the black community. A relative few blacks will make it. But the odds are long against her. It really doesn’t matter. Ms. Seane Anne has made the choice to expend her energy defending the McCains like a good little black conservative.  Too bad she doesn’t make the choice to do anything to defend the black community.

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  1. i’d been struggling to put how i feel about Mrs. McCain’s comments into words, but you said it exactly, Brother.

    The thing about White privilege, its core, is the inability to comprehend anything beyond itself. It cannot, will not, fathom the idea that Black people experience a different “america”. Its dreams and standards do not apply to anyone outside of its tight sphere but they don’t get that. They don’t want to acknowledge that because that’d mean that they’d also have to acknowledge that their lives were made with the blood, tears, destruction, murder, sweat, terror and spiritual, emotional and physical suffering of others.

    Privilege means not being accountable for those horrors and bipping along like every thing’s okay. Privilege means the blame can be placed on the victims of it.

    Thing is, they will be held accountable whether they acknowledge these things or not.

    Comment by c | Tuesday, February 26, 2008 | Reply

  2. Sorry. i just wanted to add that the person who made the comment about you leaving america demonstrates that privileged mindset. Calling Mrs. McCain out on her ignorant remarks, pointing out her privilege, gets you an invitation to leave. Why? Because you upset its oblivion, showed it to itself, and it can’t deal, won’t acknowledge.

    That’s how People of Color get othered in this country. Since america is so “free”, why is honesty received with such anger?

    Comment by c | Tuesday, February 26, 2008 | Reply

  3. Very well put my man.americans arent ready for truth, if they ever face it they, will have too make reperations to those they screwed over.not gonna happen,they think slavery was the best thing that ever happened to us,we should be very proud for building this nation for them,slavery wasnt so bad.i get dirty looks at events with the national anthem.I dont stand with my hand om my heart,pledging to a country that enslaved other people,i have real family values,i refuse.

    Comment by DJ 33. 1/3 | Tuesday, February 26, 2008 | Reply

  4. Thanks for the feedback c and DJ 33, 1/3! I wish more people had real family values and opened their eyes. We are so free to hate people who refuse to submit to the system.


    Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Wednesday, February 27, 2008 | Reply

  5. Defend the black community, are you kidding!?! This young black person is just another white mindset individual looking to be that one black person who claws the backs of every other black person trying to make her way to the top. Yet unfortunately for her she will never get to the top. So she will have clawed her brothers and sisters for nothing more than the petty throw backs from white America.

    Also, she is so gung ho to protect the McCain’s, but what have they done to protect her and others like her? Absolutely NOTHING. They would consider her failure just another example of how blacks bring these woes on themselves.

    She should open her eyes that are obviously blinded by the white.


    Comment by theblacksentinel | Wednesday, February 27, 2008 | Reply

  6. Thank You Brother Peacemaker,you stated it well. I was angered with Ms.McCain’s arrogance and ignorance. Everyone said it very well.

    Comment by RhondaCoca | Friday, February 29, 2008 | Reply

  7. It is horrible how people think that just because she went to Princeton and lives an affluent adult life, she should be grateful. They way alone they state it is as if it were given to her and that she didnt have to work hard to earn it. The fury over the whole thing is offensive on so many levels.

    Have you guys also heard about how they are taking apart her college thesis?

    Comment by RhondaCoca | Friday, February 29, 2008 | Reply

  8. Dear Sir,

    You should know that yes, I am white. No, I am not a millionaire. I am not employed. Yes, I worked hard and went to school and got good grades. No one afforded me a grant, a scholarship or a govt. loan. My parents worked hard. My dad and grandfather fought in WWI and WWII, respectively. My family has been discriminated in the past and is currently being discriminated by black America although we’ve done absolutely nothing to you or anyone else. We do not exploit people, we are trying to make it like anyone else. It is apparent through your website that you have great didain for white America. That is too easy. You should not pick a group to hate…what discrimination. If there is a specific individual or individuals who has harmed you then make a case that is worthy. Dont hate me because I am white. You assume way to much about me because of the color of my skin. Look to the Lord to heal your pain. In Him, you become new, your past is forgotten. That is where true prosperity, hope, peace and an eternal future is found. God’s Greatest Blessings upon you…no matter where you have come from, let us go to the same place. Kelly

    Comment by Kelly Louk | Thursday, April 3, 2008 | Reply

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