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The People Should Elect The President

HAL 9000s

The whole rigmarole associated with the election of a person to run this country is a system custom made to be infiltrated with corruption manipulation. The first primary election is held in a state with more grain silos than people and with a population that’s more than ninety five percent white. The ideal that Iowa is indicative of America is about as sound as the idea that Des Moines is indicative of the values of New York City. Even people who are deaf and blind would never get the two confused. But the emphasis put on the Iowa primary elections means that Des Moines has more influence on what happens in New York and the rest of the country than what most of the population realizes.

When the people in Iowa go to their polls and make their selection they will undoubtedly have a huge hand in who the next President of the United States will be. Let Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Mitt “The Pits” Romney, or John McCain have a dismal showing in the state and no one could seriously blame them for a want to abandon the race. Through a fluke of political science a candidate that enjoys national support but little Iowan appeal could actually be cut from the race. How does that sound?

And while the Republican process is a straight up count of electoral votes that translates to a distribution of delegates the Democrat’s process with its combination of mathematical algorithms and back door deal making could justify the computing power of a HAL 9000. Most people stay away out of indifference to an overly complicated system that few fully understand.

Even if our favorite candidates make it through the first hurdle of Iowa there are so many other hurdles to jump over. Super Tuesday is supposed to be the day when most states have their primaries and do their own contribution to the election process. The candidates have to crisscross the country to make sure they appeal to the egos of the people in one state without offending the people in the other state. January will have the candidate trying to pickup votes in a state that wants to protect its agricultural industry. But then in February the candidates will be trying to pickup votes in a state that wants to protect its borders. The two may be a little incongruous.

People insist that they want change in our political processes. But we continue to elect a President using this tired methodology rooted in obscurity, absurdity, and nothing that reflects the will of the people. But it is tradition. It is a tradition that was started by white male property owners and was never designed to encompass the entire population. It is far past time for it to be dumped.

If the President is supposed to be elected by the people then all the people should be holding their primaries, secondaries, general elections, and everything else on the same day. The country shouldn’t be allowing a single segment of the population to have such a strong influence on everything that happens thereafter.

And the totally deranged process of giving all the delegates for a state to the candidate that gets the most votes is retarded. If a candidate got only fifty five percent of the vote they should not be getting one percent of the delegates. It is unfair. It allows our voting system to be hijacked by people who do not represent the will of the people. This system allows a candidate who wins the popular vote to lose the election. And no where else in our system of government do we follow such a convoluted and contrived process to elect a government official. This system is unfair. And if the past two presidential elections are any indication it is corrupt. And seeing how we will probably face another situation where the election of the President will hinge on the outcome of a single state with irregularities in the voting process, I’m guessing Kansas this year, we shouldn’t be waiting much longer to make the changes necessary to put the election of the President into the will of the people for the first time in American history.

With the current system it’s no wonder that for the past seven years we’ve had a President that couldn’t give any less of a rat’s ass about what the American people thinks of him. The people didn’t elect him. The President would sing a different tune if the people did elect him.

Friday, January 4, 2008 - Posted by | Justice, Life

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