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Don’t Mormons Vote For Mormons?

Mitt Romney and Mormons

The question posed to a lot of black people these days is, are you going to vote for Barack Obama? It is a fair bet that many black people will have some form of allegiance to the black community by voting for the black candidate regardless if he is truly the best candidate. The fact that Mr. Obama is black is all the proof many black people need to know without a doubt that he is the candidate for them. We want to support a candidate that is part of our clan. So it really is a no brainer that many black people will vote for him.

This isn’t to say that all black people will. Although many black people are willing to give him the benefit of doubt, others are more discerning and want to apply more meticulous measurements to assure that the black candidate is the best one for the black community. After all, somebody like Clarence Thomas is obviously black, but this black tom is like black community kryptonite. No matter the issue if Mr. Thomas is involved, the black community is going to lose. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. So in order to avoid a similar situation of supporting the black candidate only to have the black candidate do his best to undermine black people and support the status quo, some people will actually make sure that the policies of the candidate are good for the black community.

And then again some black people wouldn’t vote for the black candidate no matter what. Any affiliation with other blacks is just too much a burden for their senses to bear. So unfortunately, many black people will avoid looking like they support anybody black in order to demonstrate their devotion to the status quo.

The bottom line is that black people run the gamut of political affiliation. But the question posed to many black people is, are you going to vote for Barack Obama? Of course there are a lot of people expecting and promoting black people to vote for the black candidate because he is black. Some people hear these for black community unity and are instantly appalled. Black people voting for black people simply because they are black demonstrate black people’s racist nature. The claim is made that these same black people would loose their mind if they heard white people say something like white people should support members of the white community. The barrel of the propaganda machine that is pointed at the black community is kicking into high gear.

Obviously many people don’t recognize the dominance of the white culture here in America. For centuries the American people had no choice but to vote white in the race for President. Nobody had to say vote white because it was going to happen no matter what. So after centuries of white people voting white, now that there is a black candidate, people want to point to the segment of the black community that strongly supports other black people as something unfair, sinister, and/or underhanded. Why would black people do such a thing and exhibit such unified behavior?

But like other people with other community affiliations black people cover a broad spectrum of behavior from support to disdain. So why do some people with a white mindset focus only on the black people with such strong black affiliations? Would it be safe to assume that there are white people who would vote for a white candidate if there was only one in a sea of non white candidates? There are political races at the state and local level where the final two candidates is a white guy and the black guy and the racial tones of the race will become very sharp and glaring. A white political candidate for United States Senate will see a minority worker from his opponent’s camp, get on stage, and tell everyone to say hello to macaca. But so many people believe that only black people are quick to play the race card.

The black community is no different than any other community of people who finds themselves in the minority. There are people who support the black community just like there are people who would who are most likely to turn their back. The same is true for people of any other racial affiliation, gender affiliations, ethnic affiliation, spiritual affiliation, geographical affiliation, sports team affiliations, or whatever segment you may have.

There are black people who are totally unsophisticated in their support of black politicians. But then again there are white people who are totally unsophisticated in their support of people from the white community. There have been calls for white people to protect their white privilege. There have been calls for white people to have more babies to keep their superior numbers over any other race of people. Let’s not forget that white people are totally in to supporting other white people that will help keep the traditional family values. Traditional family values, another euphemism for the status quo.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008 - Posted by | African Americans, Barack Obama, Black Community, Life, Racism, The Race Card, Thoughts, White Privilege

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  1. Exactly! People want to run around acting as if it is a crime for blacks to say that they support the black candidate. That somehow it makes them racists to support him. Yet, does it make whites racists to support the white candidate, any one of them?

    How many people are running down mormons to ask if they support Romney. In fact how many people are running down Italians to see if they support Giuliani. Or how about all the racists and Ron Paul.

    There are so many double standards for blacks that it is becoming hard to keep up with them all.


    Comment by theblacksentinel | Wednesday, January 2, 2008 | Reply

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