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Willow Smith’s Role Model Is Paris Hilton

Will and Willow Smith

Willow Smith is seven and her father, Will Smith, is already trying to put a curse on her. In a recent interview Will Smith said his daughter wants to be the new Paris Hilton. There is a word for this and I believe it is “Damn!” If I had a daughter I would rather she be compared to Wilma Flintstone instead of the billionaire heiress of the Hilton empire. Both are caricatures of humanity. Wilma Flintstone may be a cartoon character. But compared to Paris Hilton she has all the integrity in the world.

Paris Hilton is the epitome of narcissism. With all the zeroes in her undeserved bank account I doubt very seriously if she’d spend a dime on helping others in need. Her anti social behavior led to one of the briefest stints in jail because she had a mysterious illness that prevented her from serving her full sentence behind bars. The mysterious illness turned out to be claustrophobia. There are women who are pregnant in prison and are practically dropping their babies on their cell floor who don’t get that kind of compassion from our blind justice system. And this is the person Will Smith encourages his daughter to emulate.

Despite his performance on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air I actually liked Will Smith. He’s done a few good movies. I enjoyed Independence Day in spite of all the flaws. Men In Black was tight despite the fact that Mr. Smith’s character Agent J acted more like Tommy Smothers against Tommy Lee Jones’ character Agent K. Enemy of the State was cool but for some reason I’ve never been able to catch the first ten minutes of the show.

After Mr. Smith turned down the part of Neo in the original Matrix in order to reprise Robert Conrad’s character James West in the Wild, Wild, West I pretty much suspected that Mr. Smith has gone off the deep end. A black man is a civil war hero in nineteenth century America and becomes a top marshal of the United States. Yeah! Right! This adaptation of the old television show appealed to Will Smith’s ego more than the experimental Matrix.

Since then Mr. Smith and I went our separate ways. I did see I, Robot on a cable channel. But I thought the movie was dumb. His character, Del Spooner, hates robots because a robot saved his life. Every time he thinks about the day the robot saved his life tears well up in his eyes. Double dumb. Mr. Smith and I have too many irreconcilable differences for us to come to terms. It’s better if we just stayed going on our separate paths.

Willow Smith is a beautiful little seven year old African American girl. Instead of her parents doing their best to develop a strong sense of African Americanism the girl is being guided in the likes of a white billionaire snob of a woman. It’s pretty obvious that a strong affiliation with the black community is the last thing on the mind of the Smiths. Said Mr. Smith of his son, “Jaden is Johnny Depp. He just wants to do good work. He loves acting, he just wants to make good movies.”

Now I don’t have a problem with Johnny Depp. Mr. Depp has done a number of good movies himself and appears to be a much better role model for children than the woeful Ms. Hilton. But again, this role model has nothing to do with being black or helping a nine year old develop his appreciation for and affiliation with the black community. Mr. Depp may be a good example for children to follow. But I do believe it is important that black people do their best to develop their black children’s identify with a priority on black role models. The disassociation from the black community by the Smith family is well underway.

I’m pretty sure that plenty of people will see the need for parents to choose the role models for their children carefully. Good role models can be invaluable in helping children develop a sense of self as well as a sense of community. But, personally, I think parents who allow their children to develop acting careers at such early ages are playing with fire. But their child’s future is their prerogative and not mine.

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  1. I agree that Paris Hilton is the LAST person on earth I would want my daughter looking to as a role model or anything else for that matter. I feel that Johnny Depp is a good ACTOR yet he has nothing in his life in regards to socially helping anyone but himself that would make me allow my child to look to him for anything but acting tips.

    The Smith’s have no intention of allowing their children to see the full brunt of being black in America. Since it is plain and obvious that they themselves don’t involve themselves in being black in America. When they can afford to buy themselves and children out of the truth of being black. They are obviously raising racially ambiguous children and showing them the same through their actions.

    I am extremely disappointed as this is just another couple that black children will need to bypass when looking for role models as well. I know I sound truly opinionated about them yet I feel that it is damn time for blacks to start embracing our community, heritage and history. It is pathetic to say the least when blacks who have the power to make differences decides to join the status quo instead of bucking it. Yet what do you expect, people get afraid of losing the lap of luxury that comes with the white mindset embrace.

    Thanks for letting me rant about this great post. Keep em’ coming.

    Comment by theblacksentinel | Friday, December 21, 2007 | Reply

    • ur being so racist. Why is it any of your business of what they do about their children. I truly hate people like you. Your putting your nose where it does not belong. No one cares! I know for a fact that the Smith family doesnt care what you say or what you think about them and what they do. You cant do anything about their children and im sure you havent even talked to their children.

      Comment by Michelle Bryant | Tuesday, October 26, 2010 | Reply

      • Thanks for the feedback Michelle Bryant,

        But what business is it of yours what I write about? I truly hate people like you, the hypocrite who’ll write that what I write about is none of my business, as if what I write is your business. You’re telling me I’m putting my nose where it doesn’t belong, all the while you’re putting your nose where it doesn’t belong. And no one cares what I write about? Obviously you do. But you’re probably too unintelligent to see that. True, the Smith family doesn’t care what I write or say, but you do. The Smith family couldn’t care any less about what anybody in the black community writes. And for your information, I talked to the Smith children just last week. So you need to just shut the hell up and go away!


        Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Tuesday, October 26, 2010

    • Ah some good points raised here. I am a white person and I don’t see anything you said as racist. You are making a good point about Paris Hilton being a great rolemodel. She is everything but and I am sure she would agree. I love Denzel Washington and Jada Pinket Smith but I won’t be choosing them as rolemodels for my children either. I will choose white rolemodels because my children can identify with them better. I am not racist. I love all however, people need to wake up – we need to choose who is most appropriate and relevant when choosing rolemodels for our children. In an ideal world we can be as equal as we choose but we don’t live in a perfect world – do we? So lets use our freedom of speech to educate ourselves with more articles like this. Well done brotherpeacemaker. And I am sure someone as wonderful as Will Smith will just see your article as another opinion.

      Comment by Sozzy | Tuesday, December 14, 2010 | Reply

      • “I will choose white rolemodels because my children can identify with them better” Are the exact words you said. What’s the difference whether a person is black or white? Nothing except the color of their skin. Role models should be chosen by the way they act, and treat others, and DEFINITELY NOTT by the color of their skin. Just remember, it’s the inside that counts, not the outside. God made everyone equal, so I find that choosing a role model by the color of their skin is not the right choice. I just wanted to point this out. Anyways, God bless!

        Comment by Jewels | Thursday, January 6, 2011

    • I totally agree… Paris Hilton is nasty … Willow smith grew up with class not to be trash… I know here father will kill her if she ever sniffed coke.. Or step foot in prison… I would of said Raven Simone She just brought her own mansion getting paid since she was a little girl… Will think a little bit wiser b4 u make a comment like that!!!!! That’s ur daughter …. My work here is done…smoochez

      Comment by DreenY | Thursday, February 24, 2011 | Reply

  2. Thats really sad…

    Comment by Eb | Monday, December 24, 2007 | Reply

  3. I’m Black and I strongly DISAGREE. I don’t think I have to live, sleep, eat and breath being Black. I’m Black, so what??!!!!!….I have BOTH Black and White role-models….and my friends are also Black and White. Also, what’s the “truth of being Black’?….Is it that racism exists…..sure it does…but spending your whole life dwelling on the fact that a few people are dumb….is NO way to spend a life. Bravo to the Smiths for raising children to see people….rather than colour….although I agree that Paris Hilton as a role model is INSANE!!

    Comment by SK | Monday, June 9, 2008 | Reply

    • You, my friend are AWESOME!!! (and me…a white girl!) 🙂
      I couldn’t agree more!

      Comment by Andrea | Saturday, December 12, 2009 | Reply

    • You go girl, tell them what you believe in!! (: God bless ya sweetie

      Comment by Jewels | Thursday, January 6, 2011 | Reply

  4. Thanks for the feedback SK,

    Obviously we have a difference of opinion. As far as I’m concern, you are more than welcome to raise your children as you see fit. My blog is no more than an expression of my opinion. If you want your children to look up to the biggest racist, card carrying Nazi bigots, confederate flag wearing, white people are the only thing that matters person on the planet that’s your prerogative. You want your little girl to look up to Paris Hilton and your son to worship Pat Buchanan then more power to you.

    However, my black children will learn to appreciate their blackness with role models who can identify with being black and being in the black community. Good luck raising your children to be part of the racially generic but predominantly white community that hardly ever passes on the chance to remind black people where they stand in American society.


    Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Monday, June 9, 2008 | Reply

    • brother peacemaker…..
      it’s black people like you who keep trying to pull us back……

      Comment by Gibson Holmes | Sunday, February 6, 2011 | Reply

      • Thanks for the feedback Gibson Holmes,

        I chose to take you words as a big compliment! I like to think that I am trying to do my part to hold the black community back from ruin. Unfortunately, a lot of people have this mindset that nothing’s wrong and it is okay for a ten year old girl of rather unremarkable talent to be promoted as a young up and coming hip hop artist before she can even learn her multiplication tables. Unfortunately, people like me have to deal with people like you who are doing their best to put their foot down on the accelerator as the black community heads over a cliff. See you in hell…


        Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Sunday, February 6, 2011

  5. I believe that racism begins as soon as any race begins to differentiate themselves from another so much so they discourage one race having role models belonging to another. We are all humans and children should be taught to look at other humans as people, not as someone different to them. This is not letting go of one’s heritage, this is embracing human life. If a white person said they didn’t want their children to have black role models it would be seen as racist so it should be seen as the same if someone says it the other way round. I wouldn’t like Paris Hilton as my child’s role model because of her behaviour but Willow my just have seen her glamorous exterior-isn’t that what all little girls do? They want to be a princess and we don’t discourage that despite it being a dream built on the wrong values-it’s part of GROWING. I’m white and have many black role models and I sincerely hope we’re not taking racism the other way now by trying to separate the races.

    Comment by Natalie | Thursday, April 23, 2009 | Reply

    • Thanks for the feedback Natalie,

      But you need to look up the difference between racism and prejudice. Prejudice is when one has a preference for one over the other. Racism is prejudice taken to the next level. Racism is when prejudice is used to promote one race over another. Generally speaking black people have never been in a position to deny white people the employment opportunities, educational opportunities, and their basic humanity the way white people have historically denied black people. Black people are racist against white people? I seriously doubt it.

      Now, despite a lot of people’s opinion that black people and white people are no different, facts are things are seriously different. Personally, I believe that black people need to reinforce black community by supporting people in the black community. But of course, you’re too much of a humanitarian to see that the black community comes up short by every social measure when compared to the white community.

      Racism comes only when one group separates itself. Racism never comes from another group imposing its sense of superiority and privilege over another. The enslavement of another race could never be the result of racism. One race assuring its superiority of another race by denying people opportunities wouldn’t be racism. As a black man with few black role models and many, many white role models to shape my idea of myself and of my community, I believe black people working on the black issues would result in a much stronger black community. If you think that’s somehow results in separation then you really do have a narrow perception of community.


      Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Thursday, April 23, 2009 | Reply

  6. Natalie,

    It isn’t necessarily the fact that Paris Hilton is white. It may be more to do with her behavior and actions. I doubt very seriously if you or any other white person would have a problem with your child using Tiger Woods as a role model.

    But the minute your or some other white persons son came home yelling that say OJ Simpson or Michael Vick was their new role model, you flip your lid.

    And how many white parents get all bent out of shape when their kids are idolizing the next top rap artist? Probably every last one of them. No one wants their child emulating the actions of self centered, neurotic, asinine individuals who could care less about people like your or my children.

    Maybe instead of trying to immediately be the “voice of racial reason”, you might instead try relating to the post. Try placing you and your family in the scenario and seeing how well that would go over for you.


    Comment by theblacksentinel | Thursday, April 23, 2009 | Reply

  7. Thanks to both of you for taking the time to reply. I understand the need to embrace your historical roots, but by dismissing a role model because they don’t belong to your race is, in my opinion, going a step too far. I’m only 19 so don’t expect to be a parent for a considerable amount of time. However, I wouldn’t care if my child chose a black person to be their role model (what they were famous for would be another issue-I understand that Paris Hilton is far from morally perfect but you did emphasise her being unsuitable due to her race in your post). I myself look to people of all different races for my inspiration. As I wouldn’t relate to those in the white community who used black people as slaves I don’t think that black people need to tell their children to have black role models to ensure they can relate to their ancestors. Times have moved on and although you should embrace your culture, understand where you come from and sympathise with the black people who fought for your freedom I think to truly embrace everyone being equal we have to accept that our children can see past the colour of a persons skin and want to model that person based on their achievements and personality.

    Comment by Natalie | Monday, May 11, 2009 | Reply

    • Natalie,

      But I don’t believe you’re referring to any post I’ve written. I never wrote anything about dismissing anyone because of their race. I do believe you’re reading things that have never been written. In fact, did you see my reference to Wilma Flintstone? I don’t believe she’s black. And if you read any of my other articles you would see that one of my all time role models is Captain Picard played by Patrick Stewart, hardly an African American. So whatever conclusions you’ve developed that I’m promoting a black people should only have black role models concept are deeply mistaken. You are the one emphasizing race. You should try to follow your own advice.

      Nevertheless, I know nothing of your race or of who you are. However, I would say that you are part of the dominant community that is racially generic but predominantly controlled by white people and heavily represented by more than a healthy sample of white people. Therefore, there would be a natural tendency for you to feel comfortable with whatever positive role models your future child may pick. The racially generic dominant community has very little connection to the black community. In fact, many people think that its a compliment to walk up to a black person and say something like I don’t even notice your blackness. If you don’t see a black man, what do you see?

      If you had a son and all his role models were women, you would have a concern. If you had a daughter and all her role models were men, I think you would have a concern as well. As a black person, to have a child who would pick nothing but white people as role models would be concern. Especially white women inheriting billions who have as much connection to the black community as a Klingon having a connection with a community of tribbles. Children should have role models that they identify with and want to be like. Black children who identify with people who could not care less about other people, especially black people, are a poor choice for a role models.


      Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Monday, May 11, 2009 | Reply

  8. ”the likes of a white billionaire snob of a woman”

    ”It’s pretty obvious that a strong affiliation with the black community is the last thing on the mind of the Smiths”

    Both comments referring to race. If you were only referring to her behaviour why did you have to mention her being ‘white’? You also mentioned the black community being the last thing on their minds as Jaden is Johnny Depp.

    I see this as a case of society moving on rather than anything. I’m a white person living in England and distinguishing between races can become almost like distinguishing between nationalities-I have American role models,. English role models amongst role models from other cultures. I see the same problem in the English preoccupation with the class system. As a child raised on state benefits I barely fit into the working class. This wouldn’t stop me from trying to raise my ”class”’or have role models from other classes. I can still understand where I came from but being able to interact with other classes is something my class has worked towards for centuries. The same as women fought for equal rights and blacks fought for equal rights. For us to embrace our ancestors work now we need te see beyond these pigeon holes people try to put society into. I’ve received an offer from Cambridge university recently and some criticise my acceptance of it due to them favouring exclusively the upper classes in the past. I don’t see it like that, I see it that people have worked for everyone to be equal and I will embrace the new society that allows me to benefit from all their work.

    Comment by Natalie | Monday, May 11, 2009 | Reply

    • Natalie,

      But you pick only the things you wanted to see.

      “If I had a daughter I would rather she be compared to Wilma Flintstone instead of the billionaire heiress of the Hilton empire.”

      “Now I don’t have a problem with Johnny Depp. Mr. Depp has done a number of good movies himself and appears to be a much better role model for children than the woeful Ms. Hilton..”

      Both of these comments refer to people who are not African American. And as African Americans what is wrong with having an affinity for the black community? As an African American, it is pretty obvious that this society looks down upon black people who have a strong affiliation with the black community.

      I would never pretend I know anything of the class struggles in England. But I do know for a fact that I wouldn’t compare it to the racial struggle in America. The two don’t equate and I’m not about to even try to explain to you why. The fact that you chose to equate the two to each other pretty much demonstrates how useless it is for you to understand the difference.

      People from the dominant community like to talk about bridging differences. But as long as on a per capita basis African Americans have only ten percent the wealth of white people, as long as African Americans make only seventy percent of the income of white Americans doing the same job with the same experience, as long as we continue to live in an environment that defends a system where black people continue to suffer twice the unemployment rates as the white community, I really don’t think we should be looking down the road. When people like Devah Pager discover that when it comes to employment opportunities a white man with a criminal record and no degree has a slight advantage over a black man with a degree and no criminal record, it is pretty obvious that the problems the black community face are here today.

      It’s not about class. If it was just class distribution then these percentages would be pretty much equal across racial lines. It is about an obvious discrimination against people of color. A lower class person can get an education and improve themselves, change their class and everything would be okay. Most black people don’t have the luxury of improving themselves to the point that everyone forgets the fact that they are black.

      And while you enjoy opportunities to go to Cambridge University from people working to end the discrimination against your class, here in America any attempt to reverse discrimination that has damaged the black community considerably is attacked with claims of reverse discrimination against white people who never engaged in discrimination.

      The way I see it, you’ve got it made to the point where you can look down the road and see better days. The black community here in America continues to struggle. And we need every role model of ourselves that we can identify with. The fact that well to do blacks would rather associate with other people in their class instead of other black people who need them is just more evidence of how far we need to go.


      Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Monday, May 11, 2009 | Reply

  9. It is similar because they are both things those in the past have struggled to overturn. if we are now at the point where people have equal opportunities regardless of their race we should look at each other as humans and not distinguish whether someone we are looking at belong to the same race. The quotes I pick out can not be reversed, your argument appeared to be based on her and her family needing to embrace the black community and bring up their children that way. Saying that Johnny Depp or Wilma Flintstone would be a better role model does not take away the fact that you would prefer her to have strong black role models. As far as I can tell distinguishing between humans based on their race or class opportunities is wrong and can only lead to harmnful prejudice, whether you class this as racism or not.

    I also looked at your post on interracial marriage and you mentioned it weakening the black community when it occured and black people started turning their backs to their origins (ie calling themselves brown etc). If I was to say ”don’t marry a black person it will weaken our culture or race” this would be classed as racist.

    Comment by Natalie | Monday, May 11, 2009 | Reply

    • Natalie,

      I did not try to reverse anything I said. What I did say is that you focused solely on parts of an article in an attempt to prove your point that I am emphasizing race and I simply disagree with you. Calling a white snobby billionaire a white snobby billionaire is not emphasizing race. I’m sorry but you cannot point to that statement as proof of an emphasis on race. Saying that black people do not have a strong affiliation to the black community is no more proof of an emphasis on race than your statement saying “I understand the need to embrace your historical roots”. So explain, how can black people embrace their historical roots without an affiliation with the black community? It can only be done superficially without any true awareness of what is happening in the black community. If I said white people and black people shouldn’t marry than that is wrong. But since I never said that I don’t know where it applies in this conversation. Open your mind and read the articles again. I seriously doubt if you know what you’re talking about.

      In typical dominant community fashion you try to apply your experience to the experience of the black community. You have managed to better yourself so that you can get out of your predicament. But according to the previously mentioned study by Devah Pager, the black man who works hard to improve himself comes second to a white man who makes no effort to improve himself. And yet, you say these two situations are similar. You may try to label me as being racist. I disagree. I think people who say black people have no business trying to have a strong black community because it is racist are naive and have no idea what true racism really is.


      Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Monday, May 11, 2009 | Reply

  10. Natalie,

    When did we get to the point where people have equal opportunities regardless of their race? That is where you are making your stupid mistakes. The last time I checked people are STILL denied jobs, housing, health care and fair representation under the law to this day.

    Also, I read the same post about interracial marriage. And it said that black people CAN be married to other races and remain strong within the black community. You obviously read what you wanted into the post.

    You made a statement about the post which mentioned blacks calling themselves brown etc. What is the problem with the statement? When do you hear white people NOT refer to themselves as white? NEVER.

    And why? Because there is NO stigmatism with calling ones self white. When black is being associated with so many negatives from the dominant community it becomes increasingly prevalent that blacks refrain from referring to themselves as such.

    You are obviously over your head here and need to stop. You don’t have a grasp on the issues at hand and are grasping at straws. Stupid straws at that. And white people day in and day out are calling for the strengthening of the white race. Is it racist, it is their opinion.

    I think that you need to stop trying to compare the white and black experience as it is NOT equal. So give me a break.

    Comment by theblacksentinel | Monday, May 11, 2009 | Reply

  11. Well obviously we are products of different cultures. In Britain, as far as I have experienced, we do not prejudice based on race and have perfectly equal opportunities in education, work and other public services.

    You seem to be reading things into my arguments too, so I will stop, but I would appreciate it if you didn’t say I’m unaware of the issues I’m trying to argue about and making stupid mistakes. That’s downright offensive and incorrect, I know what I’m talking about and find it insanely difficult to understand where you get youe arguments from and why you seem to change them everytime you bring them up.

    There is no issue of what people call the colour of their skin, I always used to refer to black people as ”coloured” or ”brown” simply because that’s what I saw them as when I was younger, if someone had stepped in and said that’s wrong that’s when I would have wondered why these distinctions were being made. When children colour in they colour the skin of white people as peach or pink and black people are usually brown. Maybe the kids have the right idea, they don’t see it as a big issue. I applaud those children who can look to anyone as their role model.

    Comment by leala4628 | Monday, May 11, 2009 | Reply

    • Natalie,

      I will make a deal with you. You stick to topics important to people in Britain and I will stick to topics important to people here in the black community of America. Like I said before, I wouldn’t be so arrogant to think that I know all the nuances of all the difficulties of what happens in the United Kingdom. The idea of someone in the UK lecturing me on the nuances of the black community here is truly laughable. Especially someone as young as nineteen who think America’s racism built on a foundation of institutionalized slavery and racial hatred and intolerance is easily corrected by ignoring what is happening now and looking to the future.

      What have I read into your arguments? Only what you have said. If you find me offensive, all I can really say is that the feeling is mutual. You accuse me of changing my arguments every time I reply. Well, what can I expect from someone who is intent on believing in the fiction of racial equality as well as the fiction that I have said that black and white people should not mix. I would call that evidence of a delusional mind.


      Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Monday, May 11, 2009 | Reply

    • I agree with Blacksentinel , this Natalie girl has no idea what black people face in America! She is basing everything off her her experiences and fail to realize that racim and injustice is still prevalent in America and worldwide as well. As a jamaican born coming to Americal i have faced raciem and prejudice.. Jamaica is now a mix island and we have Asians , Indians and few whites living there and we believe in mix marriges. Our motto is “oUT OF MANY” honestly Jamaicans don’t discriminate against whites in Jamaica. But i can say the same in America, that blacks are more accepting of whites oppose to whites accepting blacks. I honesly believe that some white families whom have young children would not what then associating with some people from the black communites…ie rappers – If their child came home saying the really want to be a rapper, they would be very upset and try to discourage their child becuase , once they here rap , they automatically think its a negative association.. Natalie i have relatives whom live in England and yes things are a bit different there so u really cannot walk in black peoples shoes or relate to what the blacksentinel is trying to convey. I understand that you don’t see one’s skin color but in America the white community sees it. For example if a black qualifies person trys to apply for a job and the minute one sees the resume with a name that sounds too black , that application is tossed to the side. So blacks today are still facing raciem in may ways , you may be in denial because you’re white and i doubt you face what we face. I also have white friends , asians , and black friends , but the fact remain is that we are equal yes in teh eyes of GOD , but society doesn’t see it that way.. ,look at HOLLYWOOD it is WHITE, look at the roles blacks use to play in movies .. ie , maids , robbers, and so many roles that are not credited , not to mention the roles aren’t serious..

      In reference to your comment about years ago whites would see one as pink , peach etc… i have never heard that , it was always the saying ” White people ” , “BLACK people” granted blacks comes in different shades , but yet we are always always considered BLACK people!
      I also think Will Smith should be ashamed that his daughtewr thinks of Paris Hilton as a ROLE MODEL! There is soo many other people whether they are black or white that his child could relate , look up to or want to be. Paris Hilton is not one of them.. She has no moral values, she was brought up into fame. Willow needs to now her roots , work hard , give back to society as she gets old and be a positive individual… And yes , Black people should be in touch with their communities bc whites are in touch with theres…It is obvious that Willow does not realate to ROSA PARKS , but yet she idolizing PARIS HILTON who does not see blacks at all! Ask Paris who’s her role model and hear what she says..

      Comment by ss | Saturday, December 12, 2009 | Reply

  12. About the historical roots, I embrace my roots as a human. The advances any human has made in the past are my historical roots. Yes, as a woman I might look to the suffragete movement or the Brontes in literature just as you will look to the advances black people have made more than others. However, when you start to say they should embrace the black community in the present and indentify more with them than whites it is ignoring the advances we have made. Of course everyone faces prejudice in a certain way in all walks of life, as women are on lower wages and have less job opportunities than men. However, that wouldn’t stop me having a male role model or aspiring to be in a position of importance job wise. Yes race is like this example and class as they are all divisions in society.

    Comment by leala4628 | Monday, May 11, 2009 | Reply

    • Natalie,

      When someone says black people should have a stronger affinity with the black community, it is a serious stretch of rational logic to interpret that statement as black people should ignore the advances of the white community. Not only are you picking and choosing what parts of my writings that can be taken out of context to prove your point, you then take the parts you pick and draw conclusions that are straight out of left field and have nothing to do with the discussion at hand. Thanks for your comments. But further discussions with you are pointless. You are not even listening. Chances are pretty good you’ll twist that statement around and convince yourself that what I said is that all white people are pointless and black people are the only ones who make points. Good luck in school.


      Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Monday, May 11, 2009 | Reply

  13. I personally think you are being extremely rude, especially as you seem to be picking and choosing your own statements carefully to suit what you are saying. Your original post made a criticism of the Smith family, saying they have a lack of ”affiliation with the black community”. This is the point I have tried to address yet you keep coming back at me saying you meant something else and criticising the points I am making and talking down to me.

    Comment by leala4628 | Monday, May 11, 2009 | Reply

    • Natalie,

      I apologize if you find me rude. I must admit that I find it difficult to suffer fools, especially ones that do not even remotely try to listen on subjects they have absolutely no clue about. If your initial point was that I said Will Smith’s family lacks an affiliation with the black community, then yes I agree with you and we can end this pointless exchange. However, that was not your original statement and every statement you made since then simply reinforces the impression that you have no clue, or any desire to obtain one, about race relations. Just look at some of the statements that you have made.

      “I believe that racism begins as soon as any race begins to differentiate themselves from another so much so they discourage one race having role models belonging to another.”
      You totally ignore the fact that racism already exists and has existed for centuries. Racism does not begin when a people who have been conditioned to see themselves as second class make attempts to rebuild their self esteem and self worth. To equate people looking for role models that they can identify with to the institutionalized racism that is endemic to a society with a history of abusing black people is absurd and demonstrates your rather limited comprehension. Racism begins when significant differences in measurable social conditions prove consistently that black people do not have access to the same opportunities as white people.

      “We are all humans and children should be taught to look at other humans as people, not as someone different to them.”
      When children are valued equally we can afford the luxury of looking at each other as people and humans and not as humans of a differing racial groups. But as long as we can measure significant differences in our communities along racial lines, the dream that children will be judged by character instead of skin color is one that is not going to happen any time soon. Especially when people with rather limited concepts of racism can equate the need for black role models to racial discrimination.

      “If a white person said they didn’t want their children to have black role models it would be seen as racist so it should be seen as the same if someone says it the other way round.”
      But what about the fact that the racially generic dominant community that predominantly consist of white people continues to subject black people to second class status and our black role models reinforce that characterization by encouraging their children to act like snobby white billionaires. Is this not racist?

      “I wouldn’t like Paris Hilton as my child’s role model because of her behaviour but Willow my just have seen her glamorous exterior-isn’t that what all little girls do?”
      So what you’re saying is that it is okay to have role models that are glamorous even though they lack character.

      “I applaud those children who can look to anyone as their role model.”
      The previous two statements from you are rather inconsistent and contradict each other. As a black man, I have no problem saying that my child should have a strong relationship with the black community. As a white person, you don’t have to hope for such a connection because it will be automatic, for you are a member of the racially generic majority that favors white privilege. Because the black community does not have many opportunity for role models that we are more likely to identify with, we should take special care in the role models we do choose.

      “I understand the need to embrace your historical roots, but by dismissing a role model because they don’t belong to your race is, in my opinion, going a step too far.”
      My you are a dense one! If you can point to a statement where I said that white people should not be role models for black people then I will be more than happy to apologize and retract that statement. However, if you are inferring this simply because I said black people should have more black role models, then I will stand by my previous characterization of you as rather blinded by an agenda that keeps you from seeing the point I was trying to make in the article.

      “I understand that Paris Hilton is far from morally perfect but you did emphasise her being unsuitable due to her race in your post.”
      Again you accuse me of rejecting Ms. Hilton because she is white. You insist that I am emphasizing that she is unsuitable because of her race. When I try to break this down for you to understand, you continue to cling to your fictitious assumptions. Show me where I said white people are unsuitable for black people as role models and I will retract the statement. But you can’t. However, it won’t stop you from seeing what you want to see. That is not a sign of intelligent thought.

      “Times have moved on and although you should embrace your culture, understand where you come from and sympathise with the black people who fought for your freedom I think to truly embrace everyone being equal we have to accept that our children can see past the colour of a persons skin and want to model that person based on their achievements and personality.”
      You are supposed to be a college student. You are supposed to be headed to Cambridge University. So explain, how can black people embrace culture and understand where they come from without having a connection to other black people? That’s like learning math without going to any math class. If a black person is looking to Paris Hilton for their role model, how is this embracing black culture and all the other pretty things associated with the black community that you’ve written? People who embrace Ms. Hilton do not embrace black culture. Plane and simple.

      “If you were only referring to her behaviour why did you have to mention her being ‘white’?”
      Because she is white. It’s not something that I made up. The action of endorsing a white Ms. Hilton who could not care less about the black community is the exact opposite of embracing the black community. Black people who admire people with the compassion of a bottle of Draino are not good for the black community that is in need of all the compassion it can get right now because of its history of neglect. It would help immensely if you would quit trying not to see.

      “I’m a white person living in England and distinguishing between races can become almost like distinguishing between nationalities…It is similar because they are both things those in the past have struggled to overturn.”
      This is nothing but irrational nonsense. People struggle to lose weight and overturn weight gain. It in no way is comparable to the struggle for racial equality.

      “if we are now at the point where people have equal opportunities regardless of their race we should look at each other as humans and not distinguish whether someone we are looking at belong to the same race.”
      More nonsense. Even though black people struggle with twice the unemployment of white people, even though on a per capita basis black people control only ten percent the wealth of white people, even though each and every social comparison between blacks and whites show disparity along racial lines that have black people coming up short, you are going to claim that we have equal opportunities regardless of race. And then you come here trying to say that I am somehow discriminating against Paris Hilton because she is white. Poor Ms. Hilton. I never gave her a chance.

      Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Monday, May 11, 2009 | Reply

  14. I was not saying you were ignoring the advances, just if we have indeed made advances it should be uneccessary to associate yourself with one particular racial community in modern day society.

    Comment by leala4628 | Monday, May 11, 2009 | Reply

  15. Natalie,

    Believe it or not I was trying to be polite. But you really are a dense one. Nothing I say can break you of your thought patterns. It’s pretty amazing you’re able to learn anything at all.

    Now, I have already said and demonstrated that I have white roll models. If you bothered to read you would see a number of articles in this blog about people I admire and some of my role models, examples of behavior like Captain Jean-Luc Picard or Maximus from Gladiator played by Russel Crowe. I have white role models so it would not, does not, make sense for me to say black people should not have white roll models. Your rather dumb accusations do not apply and just about anybody with a modicum of intelligence will see this. But you’re much too narrow minded to make the realization that the conclusions you have made are false. You are really stuck in a stupor.

    You have no idea what it means to be black and insist black people can adequately learn their black history without a connection to the black community. You have no idea when it is time to quite. So let me help you. I have allowed you to subject us to your rants long enough. You are a truly weak link. Good-bye.


    Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Tuesday, May 12, 2009 | Reply

  16. brother peacemaker u r way off the mark , u r crazy and im pro black

    Comment by Ms k | Thursday, December 10, 2009 | Reply

  17. Thanks for the feedback Ms K,

    You’re pro black? Maybe a pro black sellout.


    Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Thursday, December 10, 2009 | Reply

  18. BrotherP,

    You must be crazy and way off the mark if you can’t see just how great a role model Paris Hilton is for young black girls. I mean she just oozes with all the good things young black girls should be learning. I mean think about it, Willow will be getting lessons like, sleeping with every man in sight. Making a sex tape and helping to get it “stolen” and released in order to further your sorry ass nonexistent career.

    How to get caught with drugs in your bag while being filmed as a police officer looks and sees the proof but laughs it off so you don’t “really” get caught or how to get out of jail free by crying that your claustrophobic and of course the all too important how to speed your new 2 or 3 hundred thousand dollar car around Hollywood after a night of drunken debauchery and have a wreck and flee the scene.

    How can YOU NOT see the great things that she offers the up and coming young black girls of tomorrow like Willow. If we are lucky Ms K’s daughter or herself can be as big a hoochie as Paris. The only problem is that when Willow does all those fun potentially illegal things, she won’t get a slap on the wrist or a new television show. She will feel the shudder of the cold steel bars shutting after they throw her sorry little butt in the cell. And nothing daddy can do will stop it.

    In fact with her being Will Smiths daughter they will throw the book at her in order to make it even more of a media frenzy. And he will look stupider than Tiger Woods does right now. But, let’s not worry about the consequences of this choice in role models until at least her second stay in rehab. Or her 3rd DUI and/or accident.


    Comment by theblacksentinel | Thursday, December 10, 2009 | Reply

    • I agree with you , she is not a role model bottom line. OI read all the coments between you and Natalie , you really did prove your point., She of course was blind and did not see or understand your point. It shows that she was indeed very stupid. You really proved your point! You know the HBISTORY, and in the UK , she cannot relate at all. I’m Thinking she probably looks up to PARIIS HILTON! SHe made mention of ” Willow was probably looking up to Paris bc she looks likes a prinicess.” come on this is what we need to avoid ,these black children looking up to all these whites celebs abd wanting to have blond hair, blue eyes, skinny bodyy and being rich., They really need to learn to be comfortable with themsleves and love thyself.. Relating to a white celeb or whoever for those reasons are rediculous.. bottom line!!!!!!!!

      Comment by ss | Saturday, December 12, 2009 | Reply

  19. Interesting conversation. Well, I am a 22 African American female, I read the comments and the post….I must say I am kind of disappointed in the shots at each other’s character. Everyone can have an opinion; Nobody should be deemed as stupid or ignorant or whatever, an open mind should be present whenever debating an issue. I think that Natalie was saying that perhaps you were overshooting in your analysis of the Smith family. And yet I understand why you were so perturbed by Willow’s aspiration. But really, she is simply seven, little girls are attracted to glamour, to princesses, and Hilton is a real live princess. All the criticisms of Hilton are true, but um lol I think she’s just thinking like a child, and she’ll find another role model.
    Now if her father is buying her blonde barbie dolls and all of her role models were Caucasian, or if there was more substantial evidence that the Smith family were truly disassociating themselves from the Black community I could agree with you wholeheartedly. But like I said maybe you know more about their family lifestyle, otherwise it seems like a few statements in a magazine were overgeneralized. Enjoyed the post, intrigued by the discussion, later

    Comment by Painelady | Monday, June 14, 2010 | Reply

    • Thanks for the feedback Painelady,

      I cannot tell you how much many of the people who come to my blog disappoint me. It’s as if people think I’m trying to do nothing than start arguments. Truth is, there are ignorant and close minded people all over the place. You think Natalie was merely saying that I was overshooting in my analysis? So when she said that I was being racist against white people that was just her way of saying that I’m overshooting? When I tried to engage Natalie in a conversation, when I tried to explain, she made the choice not to listen. She made a choice not to listen and to remain steadfast to her belief that I was being racist against white people. But you want to describe her willful ignorance as her saying that I had overshot my analysis. That is very disappointing.

      This post was written two years ago. Willow Smith is now nine and she appears to be following a somewhat predictable path towards materialism, hollow fame, and self indulgence. It is very common for little girls to be attracted to glamour and fashion. But as parents and other adults in our children’s lives, we are supposed to be able to guide our children and keep their single focus for glamour in check and teach our children that things need to be done in moderation and in balance. Just because girls like glamour doesn’t mean they should have their every whim indulged. Letting children express themselves without the understanding that there are boundaries can lead to brat like behavior that would eventually result in a lack of good character similar to the type of character displayed by Willow’s alleged role model Paris Hilton.

      Whether or not I am correct in my analysis of what is happening with the development of Willow Smith’s character is moot. Time will reveal all, provided we have the courage to actually see what exactly is happening and call it for what it truly is.


      Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Tuesday, June 15, 2010 | Reply

  20. I’m Black British and I study Communication Studies at University. I have to say Race is a big issue in England Most Black people live in London. This means when you leave London you stand out and you experience and different level of comfort than you are use to! Scotland, Ireland and Whales are not very black friendly. Also I find that white people don’t like to talk about race and get very uncomfortable when it is talked about. The right wing government blame everything on immigrants and all crime on black men. Black people find it hard to find an identity it is much easier to go with a white partner for a hassle free life than struggle with a black partner. Also it is harder for UK black men to find employment in management positions. Most Black UK identity comes from the USA and Black American Television. Sorry Natalie but you don’t have a clue.

    Comment by redgoldenchild | Wednesday, September 29, 2010 | Reply

  21. I plan to raise my children to ignore color lines and develop opinions on their own. Culture is important, but the color of your skin is not. It is who you are as an individual that makes you what you are. Teaching them to hate anyone is still teaching a child to hate.

    Comment by Jay | Wednesday, October 20, 2010 | Reply

    • Thanks for the feedback Jay,

      But color is important. Without it, we wouldn’t have much diversity. What is important is that we don’t hold the color of people’s skin against them. Color isn’t supposed to be a an advantage or a penalty. I don’t plan to raise my children to ignore people’s skin color. That’s the kind of thinking that actually leads to just more discrimination. The Supreme Court’s decision to ignore racism is not a solution when racism is such a factor in people of color’s lives. To ignore what’s going on is to become a collaborator to racism’s continuance.


      Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Wednesday, October 20, 2010 | Reply

  22. trop belle tu est belle:)<)

    Comment by christina | Wednesday, November 3, 2010 | Reply

    • Merci pour les commentaires christina,

      Son temps de quelqu’un sur remarqué!


      Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Wednesday, November 3, 2010 | Reply

  23. You have decided that the Smith’s have distanced themselves from blacks because of one aspect of their lives, their children’s role models. If you gave more depth your story would not get so many critics and non-believers lol. I am an African living in Africa black to the core and there’s racism here too believe it or not, give us more example, if you can’t please accept that your analysis is shallow and based on your ill feelings towards Mr. Will Smith.

    Comment by madona | Saturday, November 27, 2010 | Reply

    • Thanks for the feedback madona,

      But in your comment, you said that there’s racism in Africa as well without giving any details. Maybe you failed to give details about what’s happening because you’re so shallow and are expressing everything from your own selfish opinion. If you can’t, that’s fine. We’ll just measure you by your own overly simplistic yardstick and add hypocrite to your character description as well.


      Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Saturday, November 27, 2010 | Reply

  24. I have read the comments and have come to the same conclusion. People are just plain stupid…Common sense is and will always be a rare commodity. I have four daugters and watching them grow over the last 10 years, I have found (and been told) that they see me (mommy) as their role model. I am far, far, far from Paris Hilton’s status, but I do hold my own…I believe that children look for a variety of things from a so-called role model. I strive to stay current & hip, keep my fashion up, hair layed, keep them engaged in uplifting and intelligent conversations or today’s topics, whether it’s awful news on tv, or a story out of a magazine, so my daughters look up to me. That’s the way it should be, F*** having them look up to Hollywood’s bimbo’s(I am not calling names, but the list is hella long). All children should have an attainable role model, someone they can talk to get advice on all aspects of there life and influence them positively. When they ask me who my role model/who i look up too, I tell them my mom and name some of our black heroines…this is how you infect their minds with the curiousity to dig deeper and find out more about their people…Bottom line it starts with the parents…I see why you made the statements about the Smith family and the ‘lack’ of community/heritage development/involvement on their part…they are obviously not instilling the things that we want all of our black youths to learn regarding their heritage, but when a nanny raises your children – what can you say? Will should have never co-signed that Paris Hilton role-model stuff from the beginning, but we all have our flaws and parenting is a 24/7 on the job training…he may wake up one day(at least for his daughter’s sake).You never know, Willow and Jaden may be the ones to school their parents on what should have been told to them or instilled in them when they were younger once they are grown.

    Comment by Mz.Peachez | Thursday, December 2, 2010 | Reply

  25. While I agree with you about the role models being inappropriate, I wonder if it would be more appropriate to focus the blame on societal inequalities. Keep in mind that we are still living in a society in which major roles are still mostly played by white people, and actors of color are often stuck in playing particular roles. A small boy may look up to an actor because he plays a swashbuckling pirate, or etc … while a little girl will have it ingrained into her mind that she should look up to a Barbie-esque type. Can you imagine a 7 year old girl understanding why it is that she shouldn’t look up to Paris Hilton because of everything that is wrong with that? And even if she did, what’s to stop her from still subconsciously ingraining society’s messages (through media, etc …) ?

    I think the real problem is that there is still underrepresentation in the industry. If I had children interested in pursuing mainstream music or acting careers, who could I steer them in the direction of? Yes, theoretically all children should have role models whom they can relate to. However, in reality, as a Taiwanese-Chinese Jew, who out there could be my child’s role model in the music/acting industry? I think that having kids of color idolize white celebrities points to the fact that kids of color still do not have the same variety of celebrities of ethnic minority as white celebrities, to look up to. And when I say underrepresentation, I do not mean that there are not enough people of color who want to be in the industry, but rather that the industry lets few people of color in, and often locks them into minor roles, or roles of the certain types. What results is that the few actors of color who are let in become tokenized by the industry to represent a community and a pretense of a “solution”.

    Comment by Shlieka | Sunday, December 5, 2010 | Reply

  26. Sou brasileiro e ontem, 6/12/2010 eu assisti a estreia do novo clip de willow smith na mtv BRASIL, whip my hair. Apaixonei-me pela garota, ela canta muito, dança muito, é d uma atitude imensa! Sou fã incondicional dela. @mais10israeis

    Comment by israel | Wednesday, December 8, 2010 | Reply

  27. U just a hater, u ain’t said a sentence dat is not criticizing will. Its his life, his daughter wat the hell u care wat he does wit them.

    Comment by neisha | Thursday, December 16, 2010 | Reply

    • Thanks for the feedback neisha,

      It’s interesting that you criticize me about being a hater, all the while you’re showing nothing but hate. You haven’t written a single sentence that is not criticizing (or the result of a spell checker). And lastly, what the hell do you care about what I do with them? You are the epitome of hypocrisy. There is no doubt that you fanaticism, and hate, does the Smiths proud.


      Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Thursday, December 16, 2010 | Reply

  28. I was born in Africa, grew up in England, traveled to Germany, and now work in the US. I’ll tell you the truth, I’m a bitter black man. Like BPM, I have many different role models of many different nationalities and creeds (I grew up watching Star Trek and Picard is/was a god amongst men) but I still see the hate/bigotry everywhere. I see it walking down the street; the people who slightly alter course to get further away. I saw it in Germany; dirty looks were not uncommon there. I saw it in England; the ridiculous taunting and name calling in a predominantly white school. @Natalie: don’t tell me it’s not in England, take of your rose colored glasses. And after graduating as an Engineer with an almost perfect GPA, I see it when I apply for work as well as at my current job.
    Oh and there is definitely racism in Africa (amongst Africans too). In fact, many Africans HELPED with the Slave Trade. Lighter skin is considered more beautiful. Go to India and you’ll find skin lightening creams and products advertised on TV.

    The fact that you white people (and I’m talking to YOU) have not gone through any of this and you don’t have the means/knowledge to render judgment. You are IGNORANT when it comes to this issue and the ignorance stems, not from lack of intelligence, but from a failure to understand the plight of modern day black people. Not your fault, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. If you want to help race relations, try to UNDERSTAND.

    In my opinion, BPM is right in his assessment of the Smiths. There is nothing wrong with embracing other cultures but when Willow said expressed her admiration for Ms. Hilton, he should have corrected her and pointed out other black, white, Spanish, Asian people who are suitable as role models for kids.
    Instead, he announces it to the world like it’s great news. Seriously, Paris Hilton a princess? Lol hot as she is, that is one disgusting woman and I mean blaaaaah. And it’s not only little girls that look up to her. She isn’t a (jobless) starlet for no reason. How many women don’t want to be Paris, or Kim, or Terra (whatever her name is)? The number of intelligent, tolerable women is rapidly diminishing because of pop culture’s hype up of sluts like Ms. Hilton, but I digress.
    Well, more power to them. Will has done well for himself (I actually met him and he’s pretty nice in person) and is actually a good role model for ALL kids. But look at Snipes, Woods, Lebron, etc. I pray that the Smiths never slip (we need the few black role models we have cough Tiger cough) if you do you will be reminded of you Blackness quick.
    The Smiths are probably trying to shield their kids from something of the experiences they’ve been through (arn’t the Obamas doing the same) but they will still be blalck and as long as we continue to live in this world where a negative connotation can be applied to a person’s skin color, sex, etc, racism will always exist.

    I’ve resigned myself to the opinion that human’s are incapable of seeing beyond petty issues like the color of a man’s skin or a person’s sex. I, gay friends aside, still have issues with the issue of homosexuality (raised Christian) so I’m as much of the problem as anyone else is XD.

    Comment by loki | Thursday, December 23, 2010 | Reply

  29. Hey. I’m chinese. Yeah I just wanna say:
    Yeah thats it. Thanks. 🙂

    Comment by Tia | Sunday, January 2, 2011 | Reply

  30. dear brotherpeacemaker,
    Yes, you do have some solid points in your story. I find that Paris Hilton is not the ideal role model for kids, and I’m glad you understand that. But I find that talking so badly about the Smith family is not the right thing to do. Yes, you may disagree with some of their choices, and that is perfectly fine. I completely respect that. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But if you do not have anything nice to say, please say nothing at all. How does talking bad about all of the movies Will Smith has been in going to affect people for the better? How is talking trash about Paris Hilton going to affect anything?
    I respect you for having an opinion and believing hard in it, but last I checked, writing dirty things about others is not the best, or nicest thing to do.
    “But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back. Then your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High, because he is kind to the ungrateful and wicked.” Luke 6:35!
    I hope this help(:
    God bless

    Comment by Jewels | Thursday, January 6, 2011 | Reply

    • Thanks for the feedback Jewels,

      “…if you do not have anything nice to say, please say nothing at all…”

      How can one counter such naive concepts about the world we live in? I guess you’re the type of person who would see a murderer and would think it’s better not to say anything if you couldn’t say anything positive. You see, most people with a well-rounded sense of community and social responsibility would understand that we don’t always have to sit back and watch people do the things they do without offering an honest opinion of what’s going down without the requirement of having to say something nice. And it should be noted that it’s rather hypocritical of you to say that what I write should not be written because I don’t wrap what I say in sugar and spice. There are way too many people, such as you, ready to come out of the woodwork to inflate Mr. Smith’s, and his daughter’s, ego with nothing but blind praise and nice things to say without the need to say anything negative. Some people know better and we don’t always have to look for the positive in order to say that they see that something wrong is going on. It’s called being a responsible adult. I hope this helps you grow up a little.


      Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Friday, January 7, 2011 | Reply

      • Dear brotherpeacemaker
        If you think I’m the type of person who would see a murderer and not think it is a bad thing, than you have no clue what I am like.
        I am simply saying that throughout your life, you are going to see and meet a lot of people who are not of good quality, or do not please you. Go ahead, tell them all you want that you don’t approve of their actions or behavior, infact I encourage that. People need to know what they are doing wrong. I am saying that going on the Internet and posting mean things, or talking about that person is something that should be avoided. It’s a something called gossiping, or talking behind others back. Last I checked, that’s not a good thing to do.
        Do you really think that saying mean things about Will Smith on the internet is going to change his ways? No.. all it does is causes people to hate. And everyone knows that more hate in this world is definently NOT needed.
        Keep your opinions to yourself next time, or perhaps think before you speak (in this case.. it would be think before you type)
        Instead of stirring up more hatred in this world, stir up love, and peace… after all your name is brotherpeacemaker right?
        Alrighty, I’m done for now… I hope this helps.
        God bless(:

        Comment by Jewels | Saturday, January 8, 2011

      • Jewels,

        The statement about the murderer was simply an analogy to make you realize how naive your statement about not saying anything bad about a person truly sounds. Of course you would not look for the positive in a murderer. That was my entire point. If you think I was trying to say something else then you are the one here who really does not have a clue of what is being said.

        It is very true that throughout our lives, everyone is going to see and meet a lot of people in our community and in our personal circles who, based on our personal opinion, may or may not be good role models for us or anyone else. When the situation warrants, and is appropriate, we have the social responsibility to say how we feel about these people. The choice of medium to make such a statement is moot. Whether you do it through word of mouth on the street, through a letter to a newspaper, through a blog, or through a television broadcast isn’t important. A statement is made and has the ability to be heard. That is a good thing.

        Now, you feel strong enough to post an opinion on my blog about my opinion. Imagine how you would feel if somebody came along and said that it was their opinion that you were wrong and shouldn’t be saying something like that on my blog. It’s their opinion that you’re talking gossip and shouldn’t be participating in such talk. You’d probably turn to them and say something philosophically astute like, this is different. But in all honesty, it’s very much the same. You are being a bit hypocritical with your criticism of other people’s criticism.

        Have I really damaged or maligned Mr. Smith and his family? Did he not proudly say that his daughter wanted to be the next Paris Hilton, a person of questionable character and morals? If you were truly concerned about the potential for gossip, why are you so selective with your defense? Should you not be defending Ms. Hilton’s character as well? Obviously, this oversight looks like more hypocrisy on your part.

        You’ve asked me if my criticism is going to change Mr. Smith’s ways. People could ask you a very similar question. Do you think your criticism of me is going to make me change my ways? With all the flaws and holes in your thinking, it’s safe to say that would be a resounding “No”. All you are doing is promoting yourself as somebody with high minded principles who wants people to be nicer to the Smiths for whatever reason. It is your opinion that all I have done is said nothing but mean things about the Smith. You have lost true perspective of the point of the article and have minimized me as little more than a gossiper. Gossip is defined as idle talk about others. But, the point of the article is not the Smiths. They are just an example of the condition that I was trying to speak of. You would have understood that if you weren’t so focused on hating anybody who has the audacity to criticize the Smiths.

        The point of the article is to remind people that we have the responsibility to be the greatest advocates for our children and be more aware of, and take a more active role, in the selection of their role models. It is my opinion that a responsible parent wouldn’t proudly promote the fact that their daughter wants to be the next Ms. Hilton. A responsible parent would do what they can to nip that shit in the bud as quickly as possible. Further, it is my opinion that as role models, parents need to be careful of what role models they chose as parents. Obviously, I believe that the Smiths are poor role models for their children and are doing their children a disservice. If you think that I am only promoting hate, you truly have no clue what I am like.

        To further drive the point of your hypocrisy home, you write that I should keep my opinion to myself next time. If that ain’t the pot calling the kettle black I don’t know what is. You make the suggestion that I should think before I speak or type. More philosophically golden words could not have come from a kettle as black as you. Maybe next time, you will do a little thinking before making such thoughtless statements while at the same time proving your words totally meaningless.

        Lastly, my name is brotherpeacemaker and I do my best to live up to it. However, I am the first to admit that I make mistakes. I am only human after all. But just because my name has the word “peacemaker” in it doesn’t mean that I don’t have a responsibility to speak of problems in our community. Your name is Jewels. That implies something of value. But your words appear to be somewhat worthless.

        Instead of looking at things from your narrow perspective, try looking at the bigger picture next time. You might be surprised at what you might learn. I hope this helps.


        Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Sunday, January 9, 2011

  31. “I did see I, Robot on a cable channel. But I thought the movie was dumb.”
    “Every time he thinks about the day the robot saved his life tears well up in his eyes. Double dumb.”
    hmm… I’m thinking the comments like these should be left out, I mean, what’s the point of writing them? All it is is mean inconsiderate things that would be better off left in your head.
    Yes, I LOVE the moral of this article.. choose the right role models for your children, that’s awesome and I appreciate that you wrote this as the moral. Thank you. But all the stuff you added inbetween about how you hate his movies, how you hate paris hilton, how you think he is a bad father, ect. That is not needed. It doesn’t emulate the moral.
    And no, I’m not a particularly a fan of Paris or the Smiths, I am just pointing out that what you are saying about them is true, but inconsiderate and would better off be left off of the article.
    I am simply coming from a biblical point of view.. “what would Jesus do?” I know for one, Jesus wouldn’t talk mean things about Paris, and the Smiths. The bible says to LOVE your enemies.. it doesn’t matter what religion you are, these words are VITAl to living a prosperous life.
    And incase your wondering, I am not critizising or judging you, I am simply pointing out that what you are talking about in this ariticle isn’t needed… sorry if I came across as a critiziser… i didn’t mean to come across as that.. infact I think you are GREAT writer, and you word out your sentences so neatly, it really pulls it together and adds a professional touch.. I’m merely giving a suggestion. Perhaps I got a bit farther than that, but please know that I am NOT a critiziser, or a judger, and I apoligize sincerely if I seemed like one.
    Lastly, everyone makes mistakes, it’s a part of our human nature. And yes, you should speak up about problems in the community, but not in a mean, rude manner. You could have worded your article in a better way to bring up the moral, yet not diss others. I think it would have made it more splendourous.
    Just like Obama, I don’t agree with his ways, and the way he rules this Country, but I don’t go off telling everyone how bad and brainless he is. No, I respect him as a president, and I pray for him, asking God to give him strengh to rule this Country in the best and most prosperous way that pleases God.
    Yes my name is Jewels (well, more like my nickname) I just use that name because I don’t want to use my real one on the internet. Jewels does imply value and worth, and I’m sorry if my words seem blan and worthless to you, I am just trying to suggest tips for the next time you write an article and ways you can improve. I must admit I got a bit deeper and farther than a “suggestion” and I apoligize for that (after all, we all make mistakes)
    Yes, perhaps I have a narrow perspective, and I don’t know much because i am only 14, but one thing I KNOW for sure is that life is to short to be hating on others, live life to its fullest.
    Mmk, I’m done for now I hope this helps
    P.S. I really admire and respect you for your opinions on life just to let you know, and I hope I don’t appear to you as a hater.

    Comment by Jewels | Sunday, January 9, 2011 | Reply

    • Jewels,

      You are the gift that keeps on giving today! So, we’re supposed to believe that a couple of comments about a movie can be construed as a personal attack against Will Smith? You truly are rather narrowly focused. But seeing how you’re coming from a such biblical perspective, it really should come as no surprise. You ask what would Jesus do? Maybe he’d tell you that if you’re without sin be free to cast that first stone. Obviously, like many high minded Christians who believe they are above reproach, you feel entitled to criticize people who criticize. You actually feel that you’re entitled to criticize my post which criticizes a movie. You are truly incorrigible! Is it possible that your criticism of my article isn’t needed? And then you’ve made some insinuations that I said I hated Paris Hilton and hated Will Smith. Where exactly did you read that? But of course, you’re not criticizing or judging me. You’re just pointing out the flaws in my article. The bibile says love your enemies after all. But where exactly did I say that Ms. Hilton or Mr. Smith were my enemies? You truly are a wonder.

      I don’t think Jesus would condone your hypocrisy. I think Jesus would tell you to shut up because you don’t have any principle to stand on. If you wouldn’t say jack about Mr. Obama, why do you feel entitled to come here and say smack? If you were the high minded Christian you think you are, wouldn’t you have given me the same consideration? If you pray for Mr. Obama in silence, wouldn’t you do the same for others? Or are you now showing your penchant for favoritism and discrimination. You wouldn’t say anything about Mr. Obama, but you’ll come here and make “suggestions” that only sound like criticism.

      But you are only fourteen. Judging from your rather innocent and childlike comments, I should have suspected as much. I apologize for being a little harsh. But you truly do have a rather unsophisticated view on criticism. Just because you don’t call it criticism doesn’t mean that it isn’t criticism. Learn to look at the bigger picture. Think about what you’re saying before you say it. You say you don’t criticize and simply pray for people like Mr. Obama, but your actions speak a lot louder than your words and you really do sound like a hypocrite. Unfortunately, you actually believe that you’re somehow different than the very things that you are criticizing. You asked what would Jesus do. I think Jesus would keep his mouth shut and learn until he had enough experience to know what he was talking about and knew how to learn from others who might be able to teach him a thing or two. Of all people, Jesus knew when to shut up, even when it would cost him his life.


      Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Sunday, January 9, 2011 | Reply

      • Ha(: Well I do believe that I will end this now because obviously none of us are getting anywhere bickering with one another. We are both head strong and opinionated(which is a good thing)Both of us have different views and opinions on life, and arguing with one another isn’t going to change any of that.Although I must say, I actually quite enjoyed having this heated debate with you… I’m not sure if you enjoyed it, but I actually looked foward to recieving an email saing “brotherpeacemaker has replied to your comment” It was enjoyable to see you responses.
        God Bless(:

        Comment by jewels | Saturday, January 15, 2011

      • jewels,

        Thank you! It is obvious we’re not getting anywhere. While you might believe we are cut from the same cloth, nothing could be farther from the truth. You believe that you are so pious and without fault and want to pretend that all you want to do is praise god and spread love. You want to pretend that you want to be so biblical. But you are nothing of the sort. For example, many comments ago you had the nerve to admonish me asking if my words of criticism changed anything. Has your words changed anything here? Obviously not. Again, more of you saying one thing and doing quite the opposite.

        Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye. – Matthew 7:5


        Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Saturday, January 15, 2011

  32. Man, I couldn’t even bare to read any of these post!

    I say, in my opinion, that most of you guys and gals or dumb down!

    Damn, what does it take to realize that at the end of the day color doesn’t matter, how much sex you get doesn’t matter, how much materialistic items and lil’ gadgets that you have lying around won’t matter…

    When ther a WAR out here to FIGHT people! And that for all of us human beings on this Planet Earth!

    I bet if I ask you all what is your purpose on this Earth; to do the knowledge to ONE’s OWN Culture or to Gain Money?

    I bet most of you would say to Gain Money!

    I hope all you who choose that path; rightfully burn in Hell; and let me put in that Hell is a creation all in One’s mind not a physical Location!

    Oh yeah, you knew that already!

    I just can’t stand anymore of this savageness, and dumb down America-Nazi mentality and 21st Western ways of thinking!

    I’m staying towards the East!

    Peace to the Babies,
    Itanimul Lee Muhammad!

    Comment by Itanimul Lee Muhammad | Tuesday, January 11, 2011 | Reply

    • Yess, some comments on here are quite racist and rude, and it makes me cringe just to see how much people are changing, and what this world is turning into.
      And no, the point in this world is to glorify God, not to make money…
      God bless

      Comment by jewels | Friday, January 14, 2011 | Reply

      • Jewels,

        Again with the criticism after you’ve been criticized for criticizing people for being critical. Instead of being able to find a quiet place in yourself where you can learn something other than your religious ideology that makes you so righteous, you resist and remain headstrong. Do you pray over the fact that you cause other people to cringe? Do you pray over the fact that people think that a fourteen year old that doesn’t know how to shut up when talking to/with adults is rude? You’re too busy glorifying god to see the error in your ways, but can always take to the time to point out the errors in other people’s ways.

        I actually thought what was written before sunk into your conscience and you actually learned something. I thought you may have realized how empty it was for you to say how you wouldn’t say anything about the President and would simply pray for him and say that it was rather hypocritical that you felt obliged to put your criticism here. But I see that you were just too busy and would continue with your criticism at first opportunity. Unfortunately, it is a sad part of the human condition that some of us will never undo the programming that makes us act and say things without thinking.

        And I’m sorry, despite what you might think, our purpose here is not to praise god or money. Our purpose is to learn the lessons so we can prepare ourselves for the next level of existence. God will be god whether he gets praised or not. We are simply not that important in the grand scheme of things. You would realize this for yourself if you would just think about it. God’s all powerful but he needs us to glorify him. Give me a break. God’s character is not so lame that he needs to be praised. He can do well enough all on his own.


        Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Friday, January 14, 2011

  33. Umm.. no! God is jealous for our love.. he want’s us to glorify him.
    So your saying our purpose in this world is to just roam around, be humans, live, die. the end. No, there is something more to life than that.

    Comment by jewels | Saturday, January 15, 2011 | Reply

    • “our life is a gift from God, what we do with our life is our gift to God”

      Comment by jewels | Saturday, January 15, 2011 | Reply

      • The greatest man in history, named Jesus, had no servants, yet they called him Master. Had no degree, yet they called him Teacher. Had no medicines, yet they called him Healer. He had no army, yet kings feared Him. He won no military battles, yet he conquered the world. He committed no crime, yet they crucified Him. He was… buried in a tomb, yet He lives today

        Comment by jewels | Saturday, January 15, 2011

      • jewels,

        I know many people will disagree with you on this. If Jesus was so great, why was he abandoned by those who called him master? If he was such a great teacher, why do so many people (such as yourself) study what he has to say but refuse to follow his teachings? And he conquered the world? You really think this is the world Jesus wanted and rules to this day? You are really stuck in your religious propaganda. No disrespect to the man. I believe Jesus was an ancestor who lived a simple life and yet tried to change the world. The church feared what he said because his teachings went against everything they did, very similar to how his preachings goes against everything you do. Just because many of us want to believe that he was some mystic able to defy the laws of life and death doesn’t make it so.

        Now, your last few comments really have no value to the conversation and are nothing more than attempts by you to proselytize. If you want to spread the word of god and yet do the opposite, proving Jesus’ word really means nothing to you, you can invest in your own blog and lob empty praises to god and Jesus until the rapture comes home.

        But your preachings and praising are no longer welcome here. And unlike you, I plan to keep my word so listen carefully, you are welcome to return and read what is being said and cringe about people’s rudeness all you like. But unless you have something of real value to add to the conservation, your comments will no longer be welcome and posted without restraint. You being here and being heard was a gift from me. And right now I don’t think you’re worth hearing anymore. Jesus might be here today, but you’re history. You give credence to the philosophy that children should be seen and not heard.


        Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Saturday, January 15, 2011

      • jewels,

        More evidence of your character. You say one thing and do quite the opposite. You said that you would end this in your last comment. Yet you continue. Is your word worth anything?

        And you cringe at the rudeness of my blog and criticize for the appearance of hate. But then you say you enjoy the experience and look forward to seeing another response from me. This is either more of your two sided nature or evidence that despite your pleas for civility you really are a glutton for being offended or some combination of both.


        Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Saturday, January 15, 2011

    • jewels,

      Your simplistic opinion of god makes me cringe. The Supreme Being of the universe is so needy that he’s jealous for love. So you saying that god is roaming around just so he can hear hollow (as in empty and worthless) praise from humans that doesn’t amount to much of anything is pretty ridiculous. There’s more to life than to believe in such religious hype.


      Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Saturday, January 15, 2011 | Reply

  34. Willow smith is cute I think she should make more albums her song wip my hair back and forth I love that song she should make a album

    Comment by abrianna | Friday, February 4, 2011 | Reply

  35. I saw the show Ellen and a propaganda misson on Her TV show. Is She hate a children. I think that show is everiting but show it is propaganda of young flash and blood. Ellen I dont what I can say to You to be correct. Shame Yourself.

    Comment by Aca Znalac | Sunday, March 20, 2011 | Reply

  36. It’s a shame that we still find people talking about blacks in america… We are humans and that is more than enough. Stop hating and start acting like you are part of the HUMAN RACE. Black, White, Asian, Hispanic: All are born on planet earth.

    Comment by Dan Young | Wednesday, March 30, 2011 | Reply

    • Thanks for the feedback Dan Young,

      I could not disagree with you more. We are humans. That should be enough. But it is far from being sufficient. There is disparity. A lot of that disparity happens along racial lines. When we start treating all people like they are part of the human race then we can sit on our laurels and say that we are all part of the human race. Until then, simple feel good rhetoric is just thoughtless fodder to help us ignore the real issues that we face.


      Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Wednesday, March 30, 2011 | Reply

  37. I was looking up Willow Smith, saw this article and became interested, and even more interested when I read the comments people had made.

    I agree that Paris Hilton is not exactly the best model for anyone, but I do believe that when Will said the “next Paris Hilton,” he was probably referring to the idea of the rich socialite and all bad qualities aside, Paris knows how to rack in the dollars (perfumes, songs, CDs, club appearances, cameos… Anything she does has money behind it). Willow, however, will be famous for the Pinkett/Smith blood that runs through her veins, the clout of her family, and her own personal musical fame.

    On the other hand, since it seems the topic has become more about race than anything, I’ll add my million dollars to it.

    Here are my thoughts:

    It is funny that this topic has caused so much heat. It is also clear that too many people are one-sided and single-minded. People need to learn to look at things from all dimensions before making angry remarks. I don’t understand why everyone has gotten so worked up. It is imperative that we learn to respect each others’ opinions and relay our own without being told who we are (racist, prejudice, uncle Tom) for thinking that way. Just as there are white people who are still racist, there are black people who are just as bad… Or maybe even worse. I agree that we need to uplift the black community; however, the problems that black people– The black community– has are infinitesimal. I believe black people as a whole and the American (and world) population as a whole need to reform their ways of thinking and acting.

    On the subject of the role model: what we need to do is start being the role models. My little cousins and the younger kids I know from my neighborhood don’t look up to celebrities only, they look up to their parents, who work hard every day to make their lives better, and to those of us who went off to school and are getting master’s and doctorate degrees, making waves and doing all that is possible to make our big dreams reality.

    I look up to my FAMILY because they all came from nothing and became something and someone. As examples I have:

    two police officers NYPD, both women
    two CNAs
    two MAs

    two Entrepreneurs: one is almost at Millionaire status… Started out hauling neighborhood trash and wastes, got a small van without the seats and started looking for people who needed people to remove their bigger items when they moved (old furniture, broken things, etc.), and then made a name for himself. Now he runs his own business, has not a truck but his own tractor trailers and gets contracted by companies to remove wastes at new building and demolition sites.

    a future RN
    a Licensed Hairdresser, about to open her own shop
    former educators

    an illiterate, yes I said illiterate, self-made carpenter/contractor who learned by experience of trade

    an auto shop assistant: turned auto mechanic for Honda, turned owner of his own body shop and boss of the people in the position he was in to begin with…

    And a grandmother… Who never let her cheating, abusive alcoholic husband’s wayward ways, abuse, extramarital relations and children turn her heart cold; who never let her family and his family’s scorn of her make her turn her back on happiness; who never let the fact that her neighbors knew her plight and didn’t even lift a helping hand or offer food when she was hungry, or help with the many children she was always left at home with create anger and jealousy of other people’s station in life; who never let my mother and aunts feel lesser, even though they had next to nothing; who toiled day and night to put her children through school… And who is now sitting on that same plot of land she raised her family on, in a house that’s bigger than all the other houses of those same neighbors who turned their backs on her, that’s the biggest house for miles; who has more money than any of the people who had it back when, and who greets with a smile the same people who scorned her…. NOW THOSE ARE ROLE MODELS!

    My ancestors were slaves in the cane fields, just like African Americans were in the cotton fields, my grandparents were slightly better off, but still poor (so much so that my mother remembers days when they only had two pairs of underwear to use) and my family has worked hard and instilled those ideals in us, so that by the end of my generation or the next, someone is going to have it all. Because nothing is handed to us as blacks we may have to fight harder (and whether people want to accept it or not, Caribbean immigrants have to work even harder), but it makes it so much more serious when we get big. It’s all in what WE, not these celebrities teach our youth. And if we teach them right, THEY (NOT US) will choose role models, not based on color or the stereotypical things they see on TV or out in the streets, but on things like character, integrity, work ethic, and charity.

    My famous role models are Oprah, Andre Talley of Vogue Magazine and Anna Wintour, a high school dropout who worked hard and became editor of Vogue (a white woman) because I aspire to work for a magazine and someday own my own Magazine and publishing company. I idolize people like Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook and Bill Gates (a Jewish guy and a white man– they aren’t my color, race, ethnicity, sex… Nothing) because they defied the odds and broke the conventional thinking that you need to attend college and/or finish to be successful. Plus, my dreams are so big and I have been working so hard towards them that, hell, I idolize my damn self!

    Take a look:
    Kanye West, rich, successful, but and asshole….role model? Yeah, my son just bitch slapped his teacher and told her that Ms. Davies’ test was easier than hers so she didn’t deserve the teacher of the year award…. Don’t worry, my little Kanye’s bad character and anger problems is going to make him famous someday, you know….

    Lil Wayne, rich, Educated… Surprisingly, great rapper, but druggie and jailbird…. Role model? I guess our kids should all go by illegal drugs and get high and do whatever they love to do, like shoot up a house, even though they have a college degree or…. No wait, they’re going to be famous rappers, ’cause Lil’ Wayne’s a weed head too! Hilarious!

    Morgan Freeman, great actor, but left his wife for her granddaughter, role model? My daddy just divorced my stepmom and is suddenly sleeping with and about to marry my stepsister’s young daughter… Who cares? Morgan Freeman is a G… My daddy can do it too!

    Trina, good rapper, rich, so many black men want a piece of her, but she was a stripper, trick daddy’s whore and is known for her dirty mouth and bad, outrageous sexuality (the same for Little Kim and so many other female rappers, and Ms. superhead)…. Role models? I guess I should start poppin’ my cooch over somebody’s d*** from now, so that one day a couple of years from now, I can start living like I won the lotto and everybody can talk about me too?

    So many of our black actors, ball players, rappers, singers, producers, entrepreneurs- all good at what they do, highly rich and successful, make a point out of dating non-black or light-skinned women or men…. Role models? Would you want your children feeling so inadequate that they would feel the need to shun their own race and contribute to it’s destruction by diluting the blood and thus, diluting the color down until black no longer exists?

    How many black celebrities, etc. Can we really find who would be good enough for our children to follow? I think we all know that the number of those who ARE NOT good enough is insurmountable. We can’t depend on the famous to be our kids’ idols, not in this day and age at least. And as you may have observed, there is always going to be something wrong in the best person… Maybe those who we think we can trust as role models are simply hiding their bad qualities, are messed up in some inert way or simply have not been found out yet.

    P.S. A little bit of a history lesson for the less educated, less cultured people who fail to see things from all around; let’s complete the diameter.

    Sheikh Anta Diop, an African, French-educated scientist, developed the process for finding pigmentation in the skin of mummies (the process still used today by forensics to find out the race of a decaying corpse) which proved that mummies, and thus, Egyptians, were black. We WERE rich, successful, powerful… LONG BEFORE ANY WHITE PEOPLE CAME OUT OF THEIR CAVES IN EUROPE! Lust for power, greed, smugness, jealousy, and carelessness brought doom to our people, as these things all continue on today.

    And if you’re the Biblical, religious type, just think: the Bible talks about KARMA, or having all things you do to people come back on your head seven fold… Egyptians enslaved others, and brutally for that matter, African tribes were enslaving each other and selling their neighboring tribes to whites, they scorned people who were not like them and treated them as subhumans….So I guess the cotton fields, the cane fields, segregation, Jim Crow, Apartheid… We probably had it coming right? What they say? Payback’s a bitch… All we can and need to do now is worry about OURSELVES and our own families, not the next black person or white people, because the BLACK FAMILY is the foundation. If we can’t keep our own damn houses together, our neighborhoods, etc… How can we come together as cities, states, nations, one black world? Let your brain chew on that?


    Comment by D.Colly | Saturday, April 2, 2011 | Reply

    • Thanks for the feedback D.Colly,

      It’s always good to hear from someone who has put some thought into his or her response. Too often people who respond to this article are speaking without giving the slightest thought to their position. Your opinion is welcome.

      Like you, I believe that Will Smith’s comment about his daughter’s ambition to be the next Paris Hilton was a reference to the idea of Willow becoming a rich socialite in the same vein. But unfortunately, there is a lot of baggage that comes with such an association. Like many of the comments here, it is thoughtless to think that Mr. Smith is only making reference to the “good” qualities of Ms. Hilton and is disregarding the irresponsible behavior of this person. No one but a sociopath would want their son or daughter to admire Adolph Hitler. You can’t say that it is only the good qualities that make Mr. Hitler admirable. You can’t say that you were referring to his oratory speaking skills or how he masterfully commands an army to threaten the peace of the world.

      And it is true that anything Ms. Hilton does is associated with material wealth. She is very materialistic and very narcissistic. She is out of balance and hell bent on a path of personal destruction. Yes Mr. Hilton might be famous, but her behavior also makes her very infamous.

      As far as the racial perspective goes, I find it rather distressing that so many people, black and white alike, think it is some form of racism to say that black children and impressionable young adults should have black role models. I believe that black people with black role models are more likely to have a strong affiliation with the black community. Black people who are encouraged to mimic the behavior of bitchy princess billionaires who are the epitome of materialism are far less likely to have even a remote interest in black people or the black community. Does somebody like Paris Hilton even know that black people exist? Why would someone black proudly advertise his/her daughter’s infatuation of such a person unless they themselves have such a disassociation with, or disregard for, black people?

      This is the type of role model that Mr. Smith, and I am assuming his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith, are serving for their children. Their careless reinforcement of their daughter’s poor choice for a role model is an indication of what type of role model they are serving for their children with respect to the black community. Ms. Hilton will thoughtlessly support the white community. It is automatic. Ms. Hilton could not live her life of ultimate luxury without supporting the high dollar institutions that are a reflection of the type of wealth that is inherently part and parcel of the white community. That is where she comes from.

      Mr. Smith comes from the black community. But from most perspectives, his support or affiliation with the black community was cast aside a long time ago. That’s not the type of behavior that people in the black community should be working to emulate. It is quite unfortunate that so many people read this article and are ready to defend Mr. Smith and his family as a knee jerk reflex. Support Mr. Smith and his daughter if you wish, but at least put some thought into why you would chose to defend such a person or such behavior.

      Like many people, my role models run the gamut. I find role models through life experiences and through fiction and literature. And my role model isn’t always an elder or an ancestor who blazed a path before me. My role models aren’t limited to people of a certain occupation or social status. Some of my best role models are children.

      Just the other day I had to pick my son up from preschool a bit earlier than he usually gets picked up. It was just before afternoon recess and when I walked into the room, his class was standing in line getting ready to go outside and play. When my son saw me he was disappointed that he wasn’t going to get a chance to play with his friends. Suddenly, one of the other kids jumped out of line, went to my son and gave him a big hug to cheer him up. And right after that, another kid came and hugged my son. And then another. All the kids came up to him and hugged his troubles away. And right then and there, my son’s classroom of four and five year olds became my role models. They reminded me that we shouldn’t hesitate to give each other a hug every now and then. And they also reinforced that adage that the good of the one sometimes needs to take precedence for the group. My son felt a lot better because of the impulsive hug that started with one four year old. That’s the type of role model that should serve as the example for a lot of people, even Ms. Hilton.


      Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Sunday, April 3, 2011 | Reply

    • D. Colly,

      I would’ve approved your comment much earlier, but like I said in my previous comment, I found your response so thoughtful that I wanted to post it with a reply of my own. My life is a bit busy these days. My apologies for the delay. Thanks again!


      Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Sunday, April 3, 2011 | Reply

  38. Lol nobody likes you BrotherP

    Comment by Keisha | Saturday, April 2, 2011 | Reply

    • Thanks for the feedback Keisha,

      I guess that makes you nobody.


      Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Saturday, April 2, 2011 | Reply

  39. hey brother P. not to turn this in anyway religious but, just like you, i appreciate the the freedom of expression, and i can’t help but say to you and to the Natalie (the young lady from britan), (Acts 10:34-35) . . .“For a certainty I perceive that God is not partial, but in EVERY NATION the man that fears him and works righteousness is acceptable to him. . .
    so i agree that racisim exists, i also agree that Paris Hilton is not the best role model, but i also agree with natalie, and you, that what should matter the most is in having a connection with people not based on race but on the fact that we are all humans, whether black, white, hispanic, indian etc… if they are kind people, who show love to others; If they make themselves misfits of society simply because they put others before themselves while, like you said, the world thrives on dis-unity (of race, country, religion etc.) I think you would agree they are role models…. if you teach your child to follow someone who is kind and righteous, then it’s not degrating anyone or holding your race back, its imitating God…. he created diversity, its man that created division…. so encourage your children to have a black role model if he’s righteous, a white role model if he’s righteous, a hispanic or indian or chinese role model if they are righteous people…. but dont teach your child to prefer a race over the other, and it seems brother P. , that that is something you seem to agree with also…..forget that Denzel Washington, Johnny Depp are of different race… teach your child “look baby the world is full of division, but you can fill it with unity, love people for being people, not for their culture or race… you will recieve hate no matter what race you are, but you show yourself the bigger person by doing what they couldn’t… showing love anyway….God does see that” thats all i have to say….***
    Revelation 21:4) And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away

    Comment by justsayin | Wednesday, April 13, 2011 | Reply

  40. I am neither Black nor White. I am American Indian. My grandparents chose to leave the reservation so their children would have opportunities to use their intelligence and creativity to contribute to this country in a way it would show our equality in a country in which they were not allowed to be citizens. American Indians did not receive the right to vote in federal elections until 1954. Many states did not grant rights to vote in state elections for as many as ten years for some states.

    Today in 2011 we are all citizens of the United States, and although it is not perfect and never will be, because peopleare not perfect, it is OUR country… yours and mine and white people’s too. Either we are ONE as Americans and therefore strong, or we are divided into just a group of races and therefore weakened.

    I can understand Paris Hilton not being considered a good role model, but not because she has money… but because of her lack of morals and compassion for others. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be succesful and seeing your children be succesful. The Smith family is in the entertainment business. It’s high profile and the children are in the middle of the limelight. But if the parents raise them to be responsible and caring people, isn’t that all that matters?

    What difference does it matter what skin color the role models have? Hearts and souls don’t have any color… they are good or bad. Children should just be taught to look for the good in people. We can’t any of us live in the past or entrench our children in the past and then expect to be succesful in the present. If all I did was think about how my ancestors were treated, I would get no where. I don’t live on the reservation… I choose to be free. I think that’s all the Smith’saredoing. They are simply choosing to use their God given talents the way they see is best and training their children. Are they perfect… I doubt it… but who is? We all make mistakes as parents,but the biggest mistake is to relegate our children to the past, to make them live in a time that is over. They have to learn the skills to become successful in 2011. And if they happen to become rich and succesful… would you really be upset?

    Comment by nedobah | Thursday, May 12, 2011 | Reply

    • Thanks for the feedback nedobah,

      But could you point to any argument that says Ms. Hilton is a poor role model because of her money? Please review all the comments made after the article as well. I think you may believe you have read something that just isn’t there. I do believe I said that Ms. Hilton is a poor role model because of her lack of character. Maybe you think that means money. If so I happen to disagree. But I will say that while I do believe money is not in itself a corrupting influence, people’s love of money and all things that represent wealth can lead to compromises in character that can be dangerous to our spirituality and community. For example, somebody who admires Paris Hilton would probably be quick to turn a blind eye to her antisocial behavior at the expense of demonstrating emphasis at good moral behavior. It is unfortunate that Will Smith appears to be following this mode of thinking.


      Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Thursday, May 12, 2011 | Reply

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