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Black Exodus

Black Exodus Adj

Sunday morning on the Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer somebody made the comment that Iraq cannot recover as long as so many of its professional people were leaving the country in droves. Engineers, architects, people who work in the area of finances, teachers, and others have left and are not about to return anytime soon with the conditions in the country the way they are. Without this raw pool of talent to help rebuild their community Iraq is destined to be less than its best potential. In fact, without people working for the benefit of the country within the country Iraq will always be perceived as second class and inferior.

Now, this interview struck a chord in my conscience and I began to think; why can people understand the need for Iraqis to devote themselves to Iraq but so many people dismiss the idea of black people devoting themselves to the black community in order for the black community to rise to its full potential?

When black people make flight from the black neighborhoods the result is a neighborhood that is unable to heal and rebuild itself. This is obvious when one takes a look at the disparity that has resulted from years of black people making their exodus from the black community to less black surroundings. These days, people in the black community are programmed to think ethnic diversity is more desirable than any affiliation with black solidarity or unity. Consequently, any mention of real black unity is met with derision and ridicule.

Many black people suffer from no illusion of unity with the black community. Said one popular black conservative blogger, “The black man will not be truly free from racial restrictions until he can, without guilt or regret, disclaim being black or owing anything to black people.” This is truly the saddest commentary on the state of black community affairs. Too many black people work way too hard to find racial freedom from our black brothers and sisters. With so many black people free to express such treachery, coldness, and detachment from other black people it should come as no surprise that the black community remains in such a state of disrepair.

The black community is so weak that there is no shame associated with is abandonment for the more financially lucrative pastures of the racially generic community that white people just so happen to be the most prominent race in control. The white mindset people at the economic helm of the wannabe racially generic majority will reward and support any former member of the black community who has developed a scab over their sense of black affiliation. The black community has nothing of material value to counter the offer from the white mindsets.

However, some of these same black people who abandon the black community with abandon will be some of the same people who will stand up and say that the Iraqis need to provide assistance for their home and return from whence they came. So the problem isn’t that these people don’t have a sense of loyalty. These people simply made the choice to sell their souls into the often promoted American illusion that the black community is not black people’s community.

Black people who see other black people and have absolutely no sense of affiliation are a wonder of themselves. Black people who see the black community struggling and have no compassion are a marvel of selfish-ism. Black people who do their best to look the other way are shameful. Instead of looking to liberate everybody in the black community from an economic and social standpoint they seek to liberate themselves from a racial standpoint. The personal crumbs and leftovers from white dominated culture that these blacks are able to obtain for themselves from telling the white dominated culture that they bear no responsibility for the conditions of the black community are just a bonus.

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  1. Hell,

    This is disgusting because it is the truth. That quote by the “so called” black blogger is sad indeed. To only be free once you shake loose the “chains” of blackness is pathetic. I never see white people deciding that the only way to be free etc. is to leave other whites in the dust. Nope they never seem to be running from whiteness just to it along with all our tommed out brothers and sisters.

    Keep telling it like it is. They have even done a piece on African doctors etc. who are leaving and said they need to stay and help pick their community up. Yet, somehow we need to get away from ours, funny. I wonder whose bright idea that was, I am sure it wasn’t Dr. King, Malcolm nor any of the real black leaders.

    Thanks for a great post.

    Comment by theblacksentinel | Thursday, November 8, 2007 | Reply

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