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Trolling the Net With a White Mindset


Some forms of the white mindset are not content to keep their acts of racism hidden in the confines of their racist peers. Some people have a need to make sure they manifest their sense of prejudice right on the doorstep of the people of the black community. These are the types of people who troll black neighborhoods looking for opportunities to cause trouble.

One example of this flagrantly insensitive behavior was the arrest of the two bigots in Alexandria, Louisiana right after the Jena Six protest. Black people were about to board busses to return home after the peaceful protest and the two white racist couldn’t leave well enough alone. After indulging in a few alcoholic refreshments to eliminate the last few digits of their intelligence quotient the two young white boys who aspire to be seen as men got the bright idea to hang two nooses from the back of their pickup truck and parade themselves in front of the remaining black protestors. Not content to keep their bigotry under wraps at the trailer park the two had a deep seated need to show their contempt of black people openly and in black people’s faces.

Another form of this behavior is the people with strong white mindset convictions who have a need to troll the internet looking to mix it up in an exchange with people who don’t quite share their views.

This blog is developed with the less than popular belief that the black community is actively being subjugated by the dominating white corporate mindset. The dominant culture does much to define what are and what are not acceptable behaviors and appearance parameters for black people who wish to adapt to corporate America. In many corporate American environments, black people who have the audacity to show up for a job interview with dreadlocks are immediately rejected regardless of their ability to do the job or any other aspect of their appearance. Please click here to reference the story in of Evon Reid and how he was rejected as the ghetto dude by the government offices of Queen’s Park up in Canada.

The corporate manipulation of America’s psyche is also the same phenomenon that helps promote negative black stereotypes into Americas conscience. There are tons of television commercials, television programs, movies, magazines, and other forms of media that are depicting black people as colorful single minded characters with little redeeming values. Black male actors and models are constantly and regularly emasculated and depicted to be less than their non black counterparts. Dave Chappelle brought attention to the occurrence of this trend in an interview he did with Oprah Winfrey. You can click here to see the YouTube clip of the interview.

Now a lot of people hear this and see this and get a totally different appreciate for what is going on here. Not many people believe these occurrences to be rooted in racial discrimination. About seventy percent of the population is white and actually benefit from the white privilege that is an automatic result of minority discrimination. To acknowledge racial disparity would be the first step towards ending the white privilege that the majority of the population enjoys. So chances are good that these people wouldn’t encourage the recognition of anything that would end their privilege. In fact, certain members of this majority would be more likely to use the various tools at their disposal to protect their privilege and keep the status quo. The resulting propaganda will say that the reality of racial discrimination is only because minorities are ethically and intellectually ill equipped to compete against other racial populations in the marketplace.

Truth be told, there are some blacks who are ill prepared for their hiring. But more often than white people would care to admit, black people are the most eligible candidate and do excel at their jobs. However, the subjugation and rejection of black people cannot be accomplished if the black population is perceived as honest equals. It must be understood that black people are inferior to white people in order to perpetuate the exclusion of the majority of black people from the marketplace, educational institutions, and other areas subject to racial comparisons. Racial propaganda will say that racism is dead and the white mindset is innocent of any manipulation that keeps the majority of black people in second class status. The other thirty percent of the population that is not white is more likely to go along with the racial propaganda constantly being targeted to the community. Relatively few people would actually question the racial misinformation that is being generated from official sources. Therefore, it would stand as a logical conclusion that this blog, intended to make people think about the racial stereotypes regarding black people, isn’t meant for everyone.

Yet, so many people who buy and spread the propaganda with conviction now feel the need to come to this blog and for what, to gain my conversion? Are these people thinking that I’m about to relinquish the dark side and turn to the white side of the force? Or maybe it’s not about me at all but to make sure the people who do visit this blog and may be developing opinions similar to the ones expressed here are saved from themselves. It is possible that these people are indulging in some racial ministry to try and convert so many who come to this blog back to the ways of normal racist society. Everything that is happening in the black community is produced solely by the choices that black people make and dominant white America is totally innocent.

The nooses that we see popping up all over America has nothing to do with white people’s sentiment of black people. The fact that black people are regularly abandoned in times at our most dire need is just a cruel coincidence because America cares so much about us. Black children are attacked on a regular basis by law enforcement and the judicial system for behavior that would prompt a slap on the wrist from white children. Martin Lee Anderson, Jena Six, Genarlow Wilson, Shaquanda Cotton, and Shelwanda Riley are names that have become synonymous in the past year with black children being attacked by the system. It is just another happenstance that our Supreme Court says the only way to combat racism is to look the other way and yet no other form of criminal behavior is greeted with such a dysfunctional form of legal justice.

No one says the only way to combat rape is to look the other way. No one says the only way to combat murder is to stop looking at murder. No one cries reverse incarceration when people are incarcerated for holding someone against their will. No one cries reverse murder when someone is put to death by the state for their acts of murder. Yet, reverse discrimination is such a threat to the American way of life that we can’t correct the imbalance that hundreds of years of racial discrimination have made without white people claiming that they are now being discriminated against. And so the racial imbalance remains in its perpetual state of motion and this is somehow a better form of society than the one that is truly racially equal. All black people have to do is make the choice to get a job and to get an education and raise our children better and all our problems will dissipate.

American society teaches that anyone who speaks of racial discrimination suffers from a victim mentality. Duh! Anyone who is the victim of a crime will suffer from a victim mentality. Yet the black community is ridiculed for claiming to be the victim of the dominating white mentality. The black community should not be so easily manipulated to feel ashamed at bringing attention to our condition.

But regardless of how easily the façade of America’s racial harmony fantasy is wiped away people want to adhere to it and protect it as best they can. People who claim to be black and white and other races as well want to come to this blog with comments arguing for the protection of the status quo. If Michael Jordan and Oprah Winfrey can do it then anybody in America can do it. So because we have a handful of blacks who are able to use the system to their advantage no one in America is the victim of racism. But no one would ever say something like Michael Jordan and Oprah Winfrey were never shot so no one dies from a bullet. Only in matters of racism does the white mindset take such narrow, nonsensical approaches to justify not doing anything about the problem. In fact, the system encourages the people who are being discriminated against to help perpetuate the conditions for their discrimination. Therefore, black people will actually develop the white mindset of subjugation of the black community.

And so brothers and sisters will make the arguments on behalf of the system that black subjugation is a figment of black people’s imagination. Some of these people, along with their other white mindset peers, will come to this blog and other websites that promote the racial reality of America, and troll for an argument so they can leave a comment and demonstrate their allegiance and adherence to the status quo.

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  1. That’s Louisiana for you. Cesspool of inefficiency, broken social systems, and negligent public officials. “The Huey P. Long” state. If (since) racist feelings between American whites and American blacks still exist, they will exist in their ugliest state, in the ugliest of American states, if you follow.
    Those two Crackers? Honkies? See, that’s just it. I wish I had a strong enough word to describe those two disgraces. Those idiotic buffoons who made a bad situation worse, as well as making whites look like barbarians as a whole, are the lowest white people. They are ignorant and angry. Their lives were most likely terrible. They probably went home to trailers at night with single mothers. I grew up in a triple wide. Poverty and ignorance are rampant in the white community too. The American dream has been shattered, even for whites.

    Comment by Dutch Hawkins | Monday, November 5, 2007 | Reply

  2. Yeah, but, as long as you’re white, you can always get a fresh start at life.

    Comment by shabazz | Wednesday, July 30, 2008 | Reply

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