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The Monster on the Supreme Court

Clarence Thomas

Clarence Thomas has been in the news a lot lately. The champion of black assimilation and white dominance has released a book and conservative in politics praises his personal philosophy. Mr. Thomas believes that everyone in America has the same chance for success as everyone else. The odds are not in anyone’s favor but in the hands of each individual who works hard enough to manipulate the system to his or her will.

Chances are extremely good that I will never break the cover on Mr. Thomas’ book. I don’t believe he believes some of the things he claims to believe. For example, Mr. Thomas says he never benefited from affirmative action but in 1968 he took advantage of a minority recruitment program and enrolled in the College of the Holy Cross, a Roman Catholic school in Worcester, Massachusetts. Now affirmative action refers to policies and programs designed to promote access to education or employment of a historically socially and politically non-dominant group such as minorities and/or women. The motivation of such programs is usually to rectify the effects of past policies of discrimination and to encourage public institutions to have a more diverse population.

But now Mr. Thomas wants to deem unconstitutional and illegal the very types of programs that he now claims he never took advantage of. A serious case of denial if there has ever been one. But now a number of people want to promote his deception and denial as something that more black people should emulate. Clarence Thomas is trying to promote this fantasy that he got where he is based on his good looks and he didn’t need a handout or a hand up. Clarence Thomas was fortunate to receive his assistance from his good friend former Missouri Senator John Danforth. As the attorney general for the state of Missouri, Mr. Danforth gave Mr. Thomas a job as assistant attorney general. And as Senator Mr. Danforth was very instrumental in helping Mr. Thomas get his Supreme Court nomination.

Mr. Thomas appears to suffer from a form of narcissism that allows him to internalize his own injuries as a black man suffering in a white man’s world but then turns around and helps white men continue their injurious behavior on other black men. Mr. Thomas complains significantly that he is misunderstood but then does nothing to clear up the misunderstandings.

The primary reason Clarence Thomas got his Supreme Court nomination was because he was black and the only black justice on the Supreme Court, the late great Thuroughgood Marshall, was retiring. If then President George H. W. Bush had replaced Mr. Marshall with a white justice it would have negatively impacted the racial diversity of the high court. Mr. Thomas may believe that he got where he is by his own merits. But it should be obvious to anyone with eyes to see or ears to hear or a brain to think that again he benefited from the fact that he was black.

As a black man Mr. Thomas has done well. He is the very personification of what racial assimilation should mean for the black community. His wife is white. His colleagues are white. His circle of friends includes such white political conservatives as Rush Limbaugh. If his decisions and judgments are any indication then Mr. Thomas has truly managed to immerse himself in the illusion that he is a colorless component in a white dominated world. Mr. Thomas probably thinks that being told that he isn’t recognized or viewed as a black man is a compliment. And Mr. Thomas could not appear happier.

Mr. Thomas has a seriously mean streak and he is all too willing to let it influence his opinion on the high bench. Mr. Thomas said that he would find an assassin’s bullet less injurious than his all too public confirmation hearing to determine the fitness of his appointment to the high court. But then the man turns around and becomes upset that a situation where a prison guards willfully beat a prisoner with their supervisor’s approval is deemed cruel and unusual punishment. Accord to Justice Thomas a prisoner who only suffers relatively minor injuries such as broken teeth and a split lip at the hands of guards is not entitled to protection under the eighth amendment of the constitution. For all his talk about a high tech lynching during his confirmation hearings the man does not hesitate to support lynching prison guards.

However, from a spiritual perspective Mr. Thomas appears to be lost, confused, and forever searching for some kind of peace. He claims he speaks his mind and that he thinks independently of the other justices. But if that’s the case then this is one seriously messed up brother. One would think that with so many of his experiences overlapping the experiences of so many black people across America that black people could find a mutual bond with this justice and someone who would understand the plight of the black community. It is sad to say, but if black people had to go to court and face a judge there is little doubt that most would be praying to go before a Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a little white Jewish woman from New York, than to face the black Tommy.

Mr. Thomas has proven time and time again that he is the type of black man who would protect the enforcement of sadistic policies to keep the black community subjugated rather than protect the black community. The very policies that subjugated him early in his life are the policies he now uses his position to defend. Mr. Thomas is proof that black people can make it in America. Thankfully not all black people are so ready to put their experiences with the system aside and do their best to enforce the status quo where white institutionalized domination.

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  1. We are very proud of you. “OUTSTANDING BRILLIANT AFRICAN MIRACLE” OBAMA. I don’t have any word other than this. God Bless you.

    from Ethiopia

    Comment by Hiwot | Friday, November 7, 2008 | Reply

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