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Bush Understands the Need for Change

Gulf Wars II

“I recognize there’s a debate here in America as to whether or not failure in Iraq would cause there to be more danger here in America. I strongly believe that’s the case. It matters if the United States does not believe in the universality of freedom. It matters to the security of people here at home if we don’t work to change the conditions that cause nineteen kids to be lured onto airplanes to come and murder our citizens.” – George H. W. Bush

The President has made a claim that the more than a half trillion dollar fiasco in Iraq is part of an effort to change the conditions that would cause young men to become murderers and for the population to be the victim of these young men. The conditions the President was aiming to change were related or rooted in the political climate of Iraq. But Mr. Bush conveniently forgets that the majority of the hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. Iraq, then led by Saddam Hussein, was the obvious and unverified hands on favorite to suffer the wrath of a country that needed petroleum energy. Add the fact that irrecoverable damage would have befell the American dollar had Iraq carried out its plan to use the euro currency to transact the sell of its petroleum. Had Iraq sold oil for euros instead of dollars the resulting currency collapse would have pushed the United States down a financial hole that would have been inescapable of ever escaping. The ripple effect through the rest of the world would result in a global crisis the world would suffer for years. So we’ll just skip over all of that.

For all his apparent intellectual simplicity and his inherit failure to think things through thoroughly, even President Bush understands the connection between the sociopolitical climate and people who may be living under a tyrannical form of subjugation. There is a potential for danger if such an arrangement continues unabated. Without so much as a single flutter the President will look anyone in the eye and say that the half trillion dollars and nearly thirty eight hundred American lives lost in the attack on Iraq is more than a bargain in the effort to protect America from the menace of an ideology that takes great umbrage with our freedom.

Okay. More instances of self induced amnesia is called for. Let’s conveniently forget that the freedoms enjoyed by countries such as Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and such suffer from virtually no attacks on their freedoms. Maybe this is just more propaganda designed to keep us from knowing the truth. So we’ll just skip over all of that. I also know that these countries don’t bother to invest half their gross domestic product in a huge war machine. These countries realize that they can make their citizens safer by following an ideology that doesn’t inflict their views of economics and social standards on countries around the world that live civilly under political systems that are unfamiliar. It is quite possible that it is not our freedom that is under attack. Maybe the people in these foreign lands are simply trying to defend themselves from an attack on their way of life. But we’ll just skip over all of that right now.

If it is understood that the political systems can adversely affect a people subjugated then why doesn’t America do more to help its own population of a people subjugated and driven to commit crimes attacking other people’s freedom? We constantly hear how the black crime phenomenon is just exploding in urban areas and how a small segment of the population, the descendants of Africa, is responsible for it. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics we could possibly save thousands of lives every year if we took steps to counter some of the hopelessness in the black community. If the United States made sure that a small percentage of our available educational and employment opportunities went to the African American community. It would also be helpful if people had access to medicine and medical services and actually felt like people cared about their health and their lives.

So if the United States can spend over a half trillion dollars in a humanitarian effort to help the free the poor people of Iraq from their subjugation, how much would we be willing to spend and sacrifice in an effort to help the black community right here in America? We are spending something in the neighborhood of ten billion dollars a month in the war to free the people of Iraq. That is over three hundred million dollars a day. How much would the United States be willing to pay to help its own subjugated people?

It is a rhetorical question. We all know the answer is zilch. If a school does so much as reserve one open placement for a person of color we know that there are attorney’s all across America waiting to attack their attack on white privilege and holler reverse discrimination. We all know that if the United States government gives a single solitary dollar to the betterment of the black community someone will be quick to slap the stigma of welfare on the effort and people will immediately back away from the project as if it was laced with anthrax. And universal healthcare? Don’t get me started on the evils of socialism. That’s just downright un-American.

So we’ll continue to spend three hundred million a day in Iraq and throw in a couple of American soldiers’ lives to boot. We’ll do this in a humanitarian effort to help those people over there. Never mind the fact that they no longer want the United States military there. We are going to help them whether they like it or not. And the subjugated people of America? Maybe someday another country will come and liberate us from our oppressive regime.

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