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Jena Prepares For the Next Phase

Free Jena Six

Today is the day people across America descend on Jena, Louisiana to protest the unfair treatment of the black community by the white establishment. A lot of people think this is about six black young men who were unfairly charged for the attempted murder of a white student during a school fight. But the situation is much more complicated than that.

The incident started a year ago in September of 2006 when black students made a push against white privilege and white entitlement. A tree whose shade was historically reserved for white students had black students sitting under its boughs. The next day nooses were hanging from the tree. Certain white people in key positions of authority dismissed the incident as little more than a school prank. Kicking history to the curb the white establishment chose to forget the disparity associated with such racially insensitive behavior.

The district attorney is brought into the school to try and calm the situation. The students are brought into the school auditorium. Like most racially divisive situations white students are sitting on one side of the auditorium and black students are sitting on the other. Nothing nefarious, it’s just the way things naturally develop when there is a racial disconnect. The district attorney turns to the black students and threatens to make their lives disappear with the stroke of his pen if they don’t learn to behave.

A white man pulls a shotgun on a group of black men. The black men manage to wrestle the gun away from the white man. But when the law enforcers come to investigate they arrest the black men for theft of a firearm. The white man who pulled the gun out is never charged.

Encouraged by such dismissals and lopsided justice it doesn’t take much to imagine the white students feeling empowered and given free rein to terrorize black students. Discouraged by the dismissal black students can easily feel that the establishment is downright hostile to the black community. The black students probably felt detached from the people whose job is to provide for their protection and education.

The racial tensions escalate and lead to a black student being assaulted by white students at a party. A glass bottle is cracked over his head and he is admitted to the hospital for a week long stay. A few days later a white student is assaulted by six black students and goes to the hospital for two whole hours. He is released and goes to a party that same night. But then things really get bad. The black students who gave the white young man little more than a black eye are charged with attempted man slaughter. Although they are all juveniles at the time of the altercation they are being charged as adults. The district attorney made good on his threat in the auditorium.

The charges have been downgraded from attempted murder to assault but the punishment can still mean years in jail for these young black men. Left to his own devices the district attorney would be more than happy to send these black men to prison for the rest of their lives for having the audacity to defend themselves.

Only fairly recently has this entire, bizarre, Jim Crow tainted, incident has gained the attention of the collective public. The Governor of Louisiana and the other politicians in the area have been contacted and asked to do something to put some integrity back into the Louisiana injustice system. But politician’s hands are tied and politicians suggest that we wait and let the system work.

Well, the system is working exactly as it should.

When the people have a concern and the people begin to feel that the government representatives are no longer operating with the will of the people then the people have the right to assemble and protest. The people are assembling in Jena, Louisiana today. The people no longer have faith in the system to allow it to continue to threaten these young black men’s lives while their white counterparts who have instigated and escalated this racially charged incident walk freely through the streets of Jena without any fear from the enforcers of the law. Certain people from the white community, including but not limited to the white students, the district attorney and the superintendent of the school district, have run roughshod over the black community of Jena. While we are told to let the system grind its agonizingly slow wheels to their final result, the fate of six young black men is hanging precipitously on the edge of the balance. And with the way the system has been working lately it’s no longer a sure bet that the result will be what can be considered some derivative of true justice.

Therefore, the black community of America is now exercising its right as defined in the constitution. We have the right to assemble. It’s part of the system. It is the next phase once the rest of the system judged to be ineffective. Hopefully, Jena has prepared itself to receive tens of thousands of protesters. There is little doubt that the vast majority will no doubt be black. So many people are now concerned that so many people descending into the area may lead to so many instances of crime and violence. It is rather comical that after all the crime committed by members of the white community of Jena on the black community, now there is a concern that black people are coming and crime is sure to follow.

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  1. Interesting post! I’m a relatively new blogger and just published a post on Jena 6 that I thought you might be interested in, check it out

    Comment by asoom | Thursday, September 20, 2007 | Reply

  2. Don’t worry BPM, you don’t need an all black outfit from the Goodwill to get your support on. I KNOW that you support what we are trying to do for the defendants of Jena 6. FAUX NEWS has a live stream going on that I’ve been watching here from work for the last hour or so. Shhh-don’t tell them I found a way to get in- lol!

    Comment by Paula aka Jaira | Thursday, September 20, 2007 | Reply

  3. 🙂 Now that’s what I like to hear! Go ahead and try to keep this sistah away from the truth. She’ll figure out a way to keep what’s real coming! My compliments to your ingenuity.


    Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Thursday, September 20, 2007 | Reply

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