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Oprah Endorses Obama! How to Go From Loveable Mammy to Suspicious Negro in 60 Seconds

Oprah and Obama

Back in the presidential race for 2000 George Bush was trailing Al Gore by ten points. Then on September 19, 2000, Mr. Bush made an appearance on Oprah Winfrey’s television show. Mr. Bush talked about how he quit drinking and how he has a love of family and for his daughters. He talked about everything that the viewers of Oprah love. He sold himself. After the show aired, and without Ms. Winfrey actually endorsing his campaign, managed to revive his languishing bid for the presidency.

Seven years later Ms. Winfrey comes out of her luxury box swinging her considerable bat of notoriety on behalf of Barack Obama. This time, Ms. Winfrey makes her first ever endorsement of a presidential candidate. Ms. Winfrey is limited by how much money she could actually give to support the Obama for President campaign. As Ms. Winfrey says, her greatest value to Mr. Obama is in her backing. Said Ms. Winfrey on Larry King Live, “My support of him is probably worth more than any check that I could write.”

So Ms. Winfrey opens her palatial, fifty million dollar, forty two acres estate in Montecito, California outside of Santa Barbara called “The Promise Land” to host a three million dollar fund raiser for her guest of honor. Fifteen hundred guest paid twenty three hundred dollars apiece to attend the high glamour affair. Oprah’s “hallowed grounds” hosted some pretty heavy hitters such as Forest Whitaker, Ellen Pompeo, Chris Rock, Cindy Crawford, Ernie Banks, Bill Russell, Stevie Wonder, Tyler Perry, Halle Berry, Jamie Foxx, and Sidney Portier. A virtual who’s who among black entertainers. And some white people are getting nervous.

Is Oprah being racist? This was a question being asked on a right winged, conservative website. The idea that a black woman endorsing a black candidate is just too coincidental to be anything but some nefarious African American scheme years in the planning. Never mind the fact that a lot of white people are endorsing a lot of white candidates. It is totally farfetched to think that they might be racist.

Another conservative website points out Mr. Obama being on record as fully opposed to the repeal of Roe VS. Wade and his open endorsement of gay marriage. By supporting Mr. Obama Ms. Winfrey supports a liberal stand on these issues as well and is attacking her for trying to use her influence to “sway over two hundred years of American faith in the sanctity of life and a reasonable national morality.” Conservatives may not be able to get everyone to embrace the family values of the party with members like Congressman Mark Foley, Senator David Vitters, Senator Larry “Is this stall occupied?” Craig, and Bob Allan. But they are not going to give up their position without a serious fight.

Oprah has been nothing but accommodating to white people. Her show is used as a forum for issues that impact the white community. Even when she does shows about racial issues it is usually from a white perspective with a very condemning tone against whatever elements may represent the black community.

Anyone who is a regular to this blog knows that I am no fan of Ms. Winfrey. I condemned the town hall meeting she had that focused on the hypocrisy of the black community working to get a famous white radio talk show host fired for using a racial slur that gangsta rappers constantly invoke in their music. I condemned the fact that Ms. Winfrey goes half way around the world to open forty million dollar schools for black girls in South Africa when so many blacks can use that kind of help right here in her backyard. I condemned the fact that she brags about her media empire hiring so many white people when so many black people need jobs. Ms. Winfrey and I aren’t the best of friends.

But now some white people are jumping on Ms. Winfrey’s case and accusing her of being a racist because she doesn’t want to open her show up to anyone but Mr. Obama. White people who have never said peep about Ms. Winfrey in the past now want to try and yank her chain because they don’t like the fact that she’s actually supporting a black man and she has considerable public muscle to help make a black President a reality. Ms. Winfrey has never been attacked by the establishment before. I seriously wonder how well she’ll weather the storm.

A lot of white people actually enjoy Ms. Winfrey and her show. Ms. Winfrey has never given them any reason to ever doubt her commitment to the established white dominated corporate mindset. But now Ms. Winfrey is actually doing something that could actually windup benefiting the black community and smashing a lot of long standing racist stereotypes in the process. I’m sure they’ll be torn as to whether to continue to watch and support the world’s most favorite talk show host.

Regardless, white people need to relax. The white privilege associated with corporate America isn’t about to go away because two black juggernauts are joining forces. It’s not like Oprah and Barack Obama are undercover Black Panther Party members. As the Senator from Illinois Mr. Obama has worked for the benefit of all his constituents. And Oprah’s history of catering to white people’s whims should have been without reproach. Neither one really embraces any of the issues that are sensitive to the black community from the black perspective.

But white people’s fear of the black skin won’t tolerate such a formidable threat as Obama and Oprah. The establishment has already attacked Obama from every angle. Once his supposed naiveté was exposed when he admitted that he is open to the idea of America participating in a dialog with countries like Cuba and other countries that aren’t kissing America’s ass people were quick to jump on the Obama’s not qualified band wagon. The idea of someone willing talking to someone we have been programmed to dislike is just too preposterous a concept to be valued as a political virtue.

Mr. Obama has been attacked for attending a black church. Black churches that actively advocate for the issues of black people from a black perspective is just too racist a concept for some people. What if a white church billed itself as advocating for white issues from totally white perspectives? Here’s a news flash, there are churches that have totally white congregations or congregations with black people who are willing and ready to submit and embrace white mindsets are all across America. They don’t have to advertise their position. It is understood.

Ms. Winfrey is a considerable force in the media business. Her show has been estimated to have more than eight million viewers on a daily basis. Her website gets over two million unique visitors every month. Her monthly magazine O has two million subscribers. Her weekly newsletter has over four hundred thousand subscribers. The vast majority of these people hang on Oprah’s every word. Such a following couldn’t exist if Ms. Winfrey wasn’t careful to avoid even the slightest perception of being sensitive to the black community.

But there is that irrational white fear of black people being above white privilege I hope Ms. Winfrey’s past is as squeaky clean as she fronts it to be. Now that she has endorsed Barack Obama someone with investigative capabilities that the CIA would envy is combing through her past looking for her weaknesses.

I have never been a fan of Ms. Winfrey and I seriously doubt if I will ever be one. Ms. Winfrey is no fan of the black community. But to see people now call Oprah Winfrey a racist because she is supporting Barack Obama is little more than a stereotypical attack against another person of color. I don’t care how uppity or successful a black person gets, some people can’t get over the fact that it is a black person. That is a lesson courtesy of Fuzzy Zoeller and his thinly veiled racial slur against Tiger Woods that black people would do well to remember. Essentially Mr. Zoeller said, “Listen here boy, you may have just won the Master’s Tournament, but you are still black.”

Bottom line is that Oprah isn’t one of them. Despite everything she has done for white people up to and including helping George Bush obtain the presidency she’s still a black woman. Whether she wants to admit it or not, whether anyone else wants to admit it or not, Ms. Winfrey is a member of the black community. And every white person knows that it’s only a matter of time before a black people does something bold to help the other members of the black community. Some white people are actually beginning to wonder if Oprah isn’t really as estranged from the black community as she may have been pretending to be all these years.

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  1. I see this issue from a whole new perspective now and I have to thank you. It always is a good thing when you can give information that can enlighten an individuals thought pattern. I just did not know a few things that you clued me into like the Bush support. I also feel that there are so many talk show host whether they be television or radio that are doing this very thing and no one labels them at all.

    Thanks for this informative and thought provoking post.

    Comment by theblacksentinel | Thursday, September 13, 2007 | Reply

  2. I don’t watch Oprah on a regular. Still, I cannot believe she has spent the past two decades acting as a nefarious “Aunt Thomasina.” I think she is down for helping the black community. She’s carried out her plan by drawing white America in, gaining their trust and faking them out for 20 years.

    I do believe she’s been playing a role all along, but now she’s starting to show her true colors, and that’s what infuriates some of this freakin’ right wingers.

    It makes perfect sense. Bullshit ’em. Draw them in. Employ them. Use your show to cater to their every whim. Collect their money. Reach billionaire status. And then, Bang!

    Fooled Ya! What, did you really think I cared just about you? I cares about my skinfolk too. Too late, I gots my money now. Now I’ll do what I want, what I think is right for the country, and that’s supporting this new brand of politician.

    From that standpoint, which I hope is true, Oprah is a genius. So I wouldn’t be so hard on the sister. She’s the newest form of powerbroker, and that can’t be an altogether bad thing.

    Comment by Profunksticated | Friday, September 14, 2007 | Reply

  3. I am not a Oprah fan, however, I don’t dismiss the power of her influence. Obama needs all the help that he can get. I was disappointed to learn today that Magic Johnson decided to endorse Hilary Clinton…

    peace, Villager

    Comment by Villager | Sunday, September 16, 2007 | Reply

  4. Thanks for the feedback Villager.

    I have to confess I’m no Oprah fan either. But anyone who dismisses her influence makes a huge mistake. In all honesty it would be a hell of a thing to see a black president. Although I will confess disappointment with his timid response to issues involving black people I do believe he would be the lesser of evils pertaining to the black community.

    I share in your disappointment with Magic Johnson. Although he is obviously doing what he feels he needs to do. I have to remember Mr. Johnson could do a whole lot worse than endorse Hillary Clinton. At least he’s not endorsing Fred Thompson like Alan Keyes.


    Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Sunday, September 16, 2007 | Reply

  5. Oprah has overstepped her boundaries. She’s a cultural icon, not a kingmaker. Dr. Martin L. King was killed after he spoke out against the Vietnam War at the Riverside Church in N.Y. City. The power structure in this world doesn’t care about Oprah’s wealth or the white sob sisters that she coddles and caters to. They’re about real power…political and financial. Why else is George W. Bush the president now? I don’t know why she thinks that those same white women that she caters to aren’t racist. They just love being the center of attention but they won’t vote for Obama…watch how it goes. Oprah is wealthy enough to take the fall, however, when white America cuts her down from her very, lovely, very lofty, very wealthy perch.

    Comment by Eloise | Sunday, September 23, 2007 | Reply

  6. I think Magic Johnson has a right to support Ms. Clinton that’s his choice. I do agree that Oprah has indeed been playing a game for the past twenty years. I think Oprah is like a female Booker T Washington she’s played the mammy role to gain white America’s trust. Yet Oprah uses her money to advance black causes. The problem I have with Oprah though is the fact that I think its kind of sad how she has to ignore the racism and sexism of the white female demographic in order to acquire their money and trust. Why can’t Oprah be real?

    Comment by Orville | Sunday, December 30, 2007 | Reply

  7. What black causes does Oprah support? I’ve never seen Oprah do anything for the black community that amounted to much of anything. And while Oprah may endorse Barack Obama it should be noted that Mr. Obama isn’t exactly a representative of the black community. Other than her friend Gail Ms. Winfrey is on record for not employing any black people as part of her Harpo productions.


    Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Tuesday, January 1, 2008 | Reply

  8. Orville,

    Oprah doesn’t ignore the racism of the white female demographic she doesn’t even acknowledge it. And I would LOVE to know exactly what it is that Oprah does to advance black causes. I see her giving tons of things to white America yet she complains that her gifts to the blacks are wasted due to some stupid excuse or another.

    I witnessed her go to the house of two teen girls both white and give them full paid tuition room and board to the ivy league college of their choice. Now when the hell has she done that for two or even just one black child? NEVER!

    I don’t feel sorry for her at all, she is making the bed that she wishes to lie in. And that bed just so happens to be in white Americas house.


    Comment by The Black Sentinel | Tuesday, January 1, 2008 | Reply

  9. […] Oh, we know Kennedy is supposed to be an “icon of the Democratic Party”. Ted certainly knows about the old politics and misrepresentation and distortion better than anybody. So an endorsement from an old guard Democrat is supposed to prove that Obama can leave the old politics behind? Somehow, we don’t follow the logic. Ted has changed since 1969, you might say? Not that much, we would say. Obama may be a very good candidate, but Ted Kennedy’s praise did not enhance Obama’s resume in our eyes because we do not respect Kennedy or his judgement. Oprah’s endorsement had more weight. […]

    Pingback by Who remembers Mary Jo? « Ww - Wolfville watch - Ww | Tuesday, January 29, 2008 | Reply

  10. It is funny that whites condemn Obama’s Pastor for so-call anti America anti-white comments. But white Catholic get away with molesting children and some adults. NO BIG OUT CRY! Where is the pope and is leadership? Million of dollar paid out to abuse of members.White Latter Day Sanist in Utah have upwards of 15,000 member community. Have been for year participlating in child molesting. NO BIG OUT CRY! Under the eyes of the government. NOTHING DONE! Thousand of baby born to white girls as young as 12yrs. old by white men as old as 50yrs old. Now Rev. Wright NEVER molested children or anyone. He serve his country as a Marine! His rant was part of a life of being disrespected at hated by a country that he would have given his life for. 35yrs. as a Pastor and whites condem him for less then 5mi. of clips. Now that is hard for anyone to understand . Whites have been train to HEAR IT! BELIEVE IT! and REPEAT IT! Just look at the Iraq war . The 9/11 report stated that the 9/11 attack and Iraq had nothing to do with each other. Yet to this day I talk to whites about the Iraq war and they will say. We had to do something we where attack first” Or fight them there or fight them here” Remember Rodney King to this day whites I talk to said. ” Well he was high on PCP that why they had to beat him like they did. Every test done of Rodney King showed NO drugs in his system. For me it seem that whites hear what they want and repeat it. Fox News and THE RACIST WHITE MEDIA and OUR Goverment understand white people. They no whites HEAR IT! BELIEVE IT! and REPEAT IT! They also know that keeping white hateful stupid fearful of non- whites. Keep them on the air and in office.I often wonder with all there concern of none whites. What are they doing about the problem in there race? Just think about it they will report on something like black drop out rate. But said NOTHING about white drop out rate which is high too. They will talk about black on black 95% crime BUT not about white on white crime 90% The problem whites chose to hate and NOT understand. If you read some of the late Rev. Martin Luther Kings books he has rants that whites would say is anti-American and anti-white. And I think we know Martin loved his country but at time hated the goverment that ran it.There are some whites that no there judgement will come from GOD NOT man. And one day we ALL will stand before him. WE better asked areself WILL GOD BE PLEASE!

    Comment by Tyrone Harvey | Sunday, April 20, 2008 | Reply

  11. Geez I only just saw this. I’m South African and I have to say that I hate the way Oprah talks about South Africa. South Africa is the RICHEST country in the whole of Africa. It has about 5 percent the population of Africa and yet accounts for almost 90 percent of Africa’s GDP. The money she used for her leadership academy would have built atleast 350 schools, clothed and fed about 100 families for a year and generated about 1000 jobs in a really poor country like Malawi,Zimbabwe or Mali or Chad. In South Africa we don’t need wealthy condescending Americans who want to gain a name for themselves as “philanthropists” because WE ARE NOT POOR, WE ARE WEALTHY and for the poor, there is an excellent social security system! God!

    Comment by Phillipa Thabo | Thursday, April 29, 2010 | Reply

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