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Senator Craig Is Not Gay…Yeah…Right!

Senator Craig Is Not Gay

There is a scene in the movie The Client where New Orleans mob boss Johnny Sulari, played by Ron Dean, has had enough. His bumbling and incompetent nephew Barry “The Blade” Muldanno, played by Anthony LaPaglia, has put the crime family on the line one too many times. Barry had one simple task, get rid of corrupt Senator Boyd Boyette who was going to turn on the mob. Barry kills the Senator but then leaves the body where it is eventually, and rather easily, found by the government.

Uncle Johnny had given his nephew Barry opportunity after opportunity to clean up the mess he made. But once the government had possession of the body the crime boss has no choice but to cut his losses, eliminate the only connection between the death of the Senator and the family, and has his nephew Barry “The Blade” killed. Blood is thicker than water but business is business. Senator Larry Craig should’ve paid more attention to this movie.

The sexual escapades of bathroom bad boy Senator Larry Craig has put the Republican crime family at risk one too many times. As early as 1982 it was reported that Senator Craig was gay. The Senator made an appearance on national news to deny rumors about his having sex with teenage male congressional pages. As one of the most conservative and family values oriented politicians in the US Senate, the Senator should have had a clue that he needed to be extremely careful with his publicly unorthodox, but appearing more and more orthodox within the Republican Party with each Republican outing, sexual orientation. Senator Craig’s penchant for homosexual intercourse without discretion or within the confines of law has finally caught up with him (click here for more information on the arrest).

“I am not gay nor have I ever been gay” is Mr. Craig’s claim. But the introduction to his prepared statement rings with as much accuracy as Tiger Woods saying he’s not a black man but a Cablinasian. But as Colin Powell said of Mr. Woods’ remark, “Here in America, if you look like me, you’re black.” So I guess someone could tell Mr. Craig something like, “Here in the men’s bathroom, if you’re looking for a penis to go up your ass, you’re gay.”

Senator Craig is disgusting. Not because he’s some overfed, over righteous, closet homosexual looking for sex in all the wrong places. Besides, I could really care less about his sexual orientation. I have family members who have made the choice to accept their preference for same sex partners. Their orientation has absolutely nothing to do with me or the rest of our family or anyone else for that matter. But if my homosexual family members went out of their way to promote themselves as the bastion of family values and the champions of heterosexual intercourse by subjugating homosexuals to a second class status then I’d have no choice but to recognize my family member as the hypocrite they are and do what I can to expose their two-faced duplicity for others to see. Hopefully the homosexual subjugation would come to a swift end.

But Senator Craig is most disgusting because he used his position of political power and authority to be a homosexual tom and help the establishment subjugate other homosexuals. In all reality, Mr. Craig’s behavior is no different than those members of the black community who use whatever position they’ve attained, whatever power they may hold, whatever ear they have that will listen, to propagate the subjugation of their own kind. Instead of practicing some measure of tolerance and promoting an environment of acceptance or, at the very least, an environment of patience, people use their position to toe the line of fear of something different or unfamiliar. Such behavior is truly sickening. The house of cards the Senator made of his life had no choice but to eventually fall.

However, there is an important opportunity for learning here for the black community. Like the mob the Republican Party is notorious for sticking together through thick and thin. But even the Republicans have their limits. Like the fictitious Uncle Johnny in John Grisham’s The Client people need to learn when it is time to cut your losses. The Republicans decided to cut Mr. Craig loose and suffer the consequences. Too much baggage is associated with the Senator from Idaho and he is no longer worth the political expense of a party trying to rebuild its image and strength.

Regardless, black people should take this example and learn when to cut our losses with other black people who wish to tom for the white community. Like Uncle Johnny we may want to practice a thick blood philosophy. But sooner or later we need to learn that these uncle toms are doing us no favors and we should rid ourselves of their association. If we can learn this lesson and follow the Republican example then Senator Craig’s very public humiliation has done the black community a huge favor with his end. Pun intended.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007 - Posted by | Black Community, Justice, Life, News, Thoughts

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  1. Well said, cut the toms loose they are detrimental to our society.


    Comment by theblacksentinel | Wednesday, September 5, 2007 | Reply

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