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What Would Jesus Do?

Christ in Rio

What would Jesus do was such a popular expression not too long ago. As the epitome of Christianity the great majority of Americans look to Jesus for spiritual, moral, and ethical guidance. But a lot of people only want to scratch the surface of what the man Jesus was like.

I have nothing but utmost love, respect, and admiration for our collective ancestor the man that many people know as Jesus Christ. For the Ifa faithful, although many claim him to be a child of their personal Orisa, it should be noted that Jesus was a child of Orunmila, the Orisa of fate. For a major portion of the world, time itself is measured by his existence. He is known by many titles such as king of kings, son of man, son of god, and prince of peace. Yet so much hate, death, destruction, prejudice, and downright selfish thinking are carried out in his good name and the principles he preached. Even the President himself is on record saying his Christian faith convinced him to invade Iraq. And so many good Christian people bought what should have been obviously ridiculous hype. How many people stopped to ask themselves what would Jesus do? The answer is obviously not nearly enough. Or maybe people think Jesus would sign himself up into the Air Force and drop his fair share of bunker buster bombs from his F-15 “Superstar” Eagle.

If what I was taught in Sunday school when I was knee high to my dad was any indication, if Jesus was alive today I would imagine he would be severely disappointed by the behavior of so many people who claim to follow his teachings so diligently. The principle of “love thy neighbor” has been modified slightly to a principle of “stomp that bastard into the ground at each and every opportunity so you can have all the material wealth you can muster and they can have your crumbs”. Now the prince of peace is synonymous with such things as the war on terror and the bombing of innocent men, women, and children, in a fruitless war in an attempt to destroy a concept.

I would imagine Jesus would step forward and vehemently speak against the fact that so many people have been thoroughly desensitized to so much strife and conflict going on locally and globally and every area of geographical measure in between. I seriously doubt if the son of man would quietly sit back on a church pew and nod his head in affirmation to the teachings of the prosperity doctrine from the likes of T. D. Jakes, Benny Hinn, Joel Olsteen, Paul Crouch, Pat Robertson, and the like. If people thought the son of man was angry when he drove the money changers out the temple, they ain’t seen anything yet.  Let him inside one of these mega-churches with its billion dollar collection plate and Jesus is likely to go postal like only the son of god could.

Matthew 19:23 and 24 says Jesus spoke to his disciples, “Truly I say to you it will be hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Again I tell you it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of god.” That’s got to be seriously hard. But these words do little to keep the televangelist from setting the Christian example of living large in mansions that would make the late Howard Hughes drool with envy. These words as recorded in the Christian bible do little to keep the televangelist from flying to work every Sunday morning in their personal Bell 407 helicopter or in a Gulfstream G500 business-class jet with rich Cardassian leather throughout the cabin. And the words of Matthew do even less to prevent the majority of the Christian populace of the United States to keep their top priority or sole motivation in life off the accumulation of material wealth and status.

It is interesting how many people who believe they live as good Christians do little to follow the true example of Jesus who owned nothing more than the clothes on his back and the sandals on his feet. I hope someone corrects me if I’m wrong but as I recall the only animal Jesus used for transportation was an ass, truly one of, if not the most, humble means of transportation available back in Jesus’ day. Jesus did his teachings without a certificate from Holier Than Thou University hanging in his office or a not-for-profit license from some government agency in his wallet. But, somehow his example has been lost even though Christians everywhere know it quite well.

Way too many people of the Christian faith choose to follow the example of the televangelist or the politician or the celebrity who want to demonstrate their pious humility in the eyes of the public to win the approval of men instead of professing their humility to god in private in a private “A and B” conversation. Many will exhibit a righteous life every Sunday morning and sporadically throughout the week. We claim to admire people like Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi for their sacrifice. But then we turn around and do our best to live like pharaohs over the minions in our comfortable homes worrying about providing for an even more comfortable future for ourselves and our children, all the while many brothers and sisters are in a never ending struggle just to get through the day.

There is an old joke about Saint Peter standing by the pearly gates turning away men so secular that one married a woman named Penny showing his love of wealth, another man married a woman named Betty indicating his love of gambling, while a third man married a woman named Fanny indicating his love of things of a more carnal nature. But there’s a very materially successful and wealthy televangelist named Creflo Dollar that many people support day in and day out. Am I the only one who gets the punch line?

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  1. Once again… I’m all the way with you… I’m dying for something I can disagree with you on… I’ll keep look’n!

    Comment by Damien | Friday, September 28, 2007 | Reply

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