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Chasing Mirrors Open

Chasing Mirrors Open

I’ve never had the experience of being in a house of mirrors and glass. I would imagine, depending on my mindset and whoever may be sharing the experience with me at the time, it could be a rather hilarious situation. The idea of overcoming the misdirection in an atmosphere of amusement would be a welcome challenge. And when the exit becomes in sight the trekker probably enjoys a rather satisfying feeling of accomplishment. At least that’s what I imagine.

On the other hand I’ve seen movies where the house of mirrors is used as a means of tormenting the protagonist. Francisco Scaramanga (portrayed by Christopher Lee) and his sidekick Nick Nack (portrayed by Herve Villechaize) used a house of mirrors against James Bond (the Roger Moore version) in the film Man With the Golden Gun. Bruce Lee found himself in the house of mirrors of the crime lord Han (played by Shih Kien) in the climatic ending of Enter the Dragon. The campy Batman series found Batman and Robin in a house of unbreakable mirrors in almost every third episode. In these examples, the house of mirrors in used to antagonize and induce fear, confusion, and/or a false promise of deliverance from an intolerable situation.

Black people are often told to simply pull themselves by their bootstraps and magically all their problems will evaporate like so much spilt milk. But one of the biggest problems the black community faces is that the bootstrap that black people must use to pull themselves up by is anchored in getting gainful employment and there’s little doubt that the vast majority of employers are members of the white community. For the majority of black people seeking employment or to do business as entrepreneurs, we must make every effort to assure that the guardians who stand at the gate to prosperity in the white community are comfortable with our persona.

All too often a black person will interview for a job and be declined because the employer “didn’t feel comfortable with the candidate” or expressed other concerns regarding the harmony of the working environment and how it should be protected. Such a bigoted expression without any foundation, whether made publicly known or kept in private, only comes at the expense of the obvious black person who prefers not to keep their racial integrity and maintain their racial identity.

Even after all the years of subjugation the Americans of African ancestry are far from being a threat to white America. The vast majority of people in the black community would enjoy nothing more than to be able to earn the means to live a comfortable existence in their corner of this country without harassment. Yet, day in and day out black people are stepped over and ignored for employment or promotion, but standout for surveillance in the grocery store or just walking along the street.

If every field Negro back in the day of black enslavement suddenly showed up on the plantation porch in a black suit or a tuxedo would they all be given a house Negro job and taken out of the sun? The answer to the seriously rhetorical question is a bona fide and resounding hell no. Somebody’s got to work that field and somebody’s got to be made the example so nobody forgets the rules of the game.

You cannot convince me that if every last person in the black community suddenly showed up at some company’s door with certified A+ grand point average college diplomas in their hands that there will be a job and a position for each and every one. Somebody’s got to be unemployed to keep people with a job The mantra of get good grades and you’ll get a good job just doesn’t ring true for the majority of people in the black community or any other community. Our President isn’t known for his A or B or even his C+ grand point average and yet he’s immune from having to do his best.

People are more than welcome to disagree. In fact, I’d be willing to say that more people, black and white, would rather turn a blind eye to my contention. More black people would rather follow the rules and do their best and apply for jobs all across America. And while some will be successful in finding a career in their field of study, many will be forced to make due with substituting their career field with anything they can find to make a living. Black people are given false promises of hope and assistance with finding educations and employment but way too often the deliverance from a less than ideal situation is little more than a false promise in a house full of smoke and mirrors that’s far from hilarious.

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