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I Am Not a White Supremacist

Now I’m the Racist

A brother/sister accused me of being a non-white white supremacist. No wait! Let me change that. A black man/woman accused me of being a non-white white supremacist. That’s not going to do it for me either. A man/woman with African ancestry has accused me of being a non-white white supremacist. That’s closer but that hammer is still not quite hitting that nail square. A man/woman with African ancestry who probably has a pin-up of Tiger Woods/Oprah Winfrey in his/her office or home space has accused me of being a non-white white supremacist. That’s the description I’m looking for.

This person read my articles and engaged me in a couple of comment exchanges. He/she comes to my blog and starts defending the American government, white people, corporate America and the like, from any responsibility of the conditions of the black community and focuses his attention at pointing his/her judgemental finger squarely at the collective back of black people.

This visitor to my blog got a heads up of from another blogger who made a reference to my article titled “Black People Just Don’t Get It”. The article was written to show a number of real life examples where the white community either turned its back on the black community or how members of the white community, such as their badge carrying posse (both black and white), will attack members of the black community for doing little more than pulling out their wallet to identify themselves or asking for assistance in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina.

This visitor didn’t appreciate the way FEMA was portrayed in the article and came stepping forward volunteering to defend their honor. I’m not quite sure but I believe he/she has training as a disaster responder and felt that I was being unfair in my criticism. He/she wanted me, average Joe Black, to tell him where FEMA, the deep pocket government agency, was supposed to get the buses to help transport people and the diesel fuel to power the phantom buses. This person gave me the “I’m talking to an idiot” kind of flavor in their writing and proceeded to lecture me on how “LOGISTICS” take planning and it was perfectly reasonable for people to wait four to five days for water, food, medicine, sanitation, and rescue in the hot, mosquito infested dead zone of New Orleans in early September. I won’t bore you by rehashing the entire exchange (feel free to follow the click here to read it for yourself in its entirety). But I closed with an observation that for FEMA, who is charged with having disaster response plans on the shelf ready to respond quickly, to wait so long to respond to so many people in need in a single location was indicative of a spirit that is certainly not compassionate to the needs of the black community.

But after that exchange this visitor kept coming back for more. In my article titled “Minimize Your Exposure to Corporate America” I used the phrase “legal definition” in a reference to corporate America’s relentless focus on making a buck as a single focused priority instead of their business (for example an American car company that wants to make money instead of cars probably won’t be in the car business for long) and this person responded like they wanted to sue me for libel. I wrote an article titled “The Assault On Blacks Must Stop” and you’d think I declared war on this person and his/her kind. There I go with that racism crap again. The only thing the black community needs is more jails and more people to put more black people in jail.

I wrote an article titled “The Courts Rule Against Diversity” and this person challenges me to explain why so many black people send their kids to schools controlled by whites if things are so bad. It seems all my contentions that there are white people with a more than cursory interest in keeping black people subjugated is based on some irrational fear of a white boogeyman. So I wrote an article entitled “The White Boogeyman”. This person claims I would never compare the pressures of the black community in the 21st century to the pressures of the klan in 1930 so any argument that social pressures contribute to the crime rate in the black community need no examination. I swear this person is like a Terminator model T-1000 with all the upgrades in their seemingly relentless attack on my philosophy and their belief that all black people need to do is pull themselves up by their bootstraps.

Anyway, my visitor says that I’m a non-white white supremacist. I guess this person is taking the long route to call me a black white supremacist. But since the last thing I’m trying to do is be a black man advocating white supremacy I think he/she means to call me a black supremacist. Anyway you cut it I found the comparison amusing as well as disturbing.

When I think of a white supremacist I think of the epitome of racial hate based on nothing but the color of one’s skin. But, I honestly don’t hate white people. While a white supremacist may say they welcome the opportunity to kill black people or perform some bodily harm against black people I’d never attack any person simply because of their outer packaging. While a white supremacist would parade up the street with his/her mob and say black people (substitute the racial slur of your choice) must die or go to hell or something else as sick I’d prefer to march for the protection of everyone’s right to be regardless of skin tone, sexual preference, bedroom behavior, or anything else that minimally effects other people.

A white supremacist would happily tie a black man to the back of his truck with a chain and then proceed to drag the brother along for the last tour of his life. I could never dream of something so cruel and inhumane to any fellow human being simply because of the color of his/her skin or the lack of their character. Hell, I don’t know too many people who’d do that to a dog. But I do know of three white people who would do it to a black man though. A white person would be willing to deny a black person a livelihood, a living wage, an education, housing, and any of the necessities required in order for them to establish a standard way of life.

My opinion of the white community is based on their long history of subjugation of black people and the racial disparity that permeates every aspect of our society. White people have fought black people and resisted every fight for racial parity. Anyone who says racism is dead because of the Civil Rights Law of 1964, or because Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves, or because Jim Crow is dead, or because we are free to go to any school or job that white people will allow us to attend or work is out of touch with reality. Generally speaking it is by no mere coincidence that the white people enjoy having the advantage of every positive social measure while black people enjoy not a single one. All one has to do is watch the news to see the difference.  News articles will show people doing the exact same thing but the interpretation of their actions are different.  Black people will be accused of looting while white people doing the same exact thing are procuring food to feed their family. White women come up missing in the news inspiring massive nationwide alerts while black women die in obscurity. A white man can commit treason against his country and get a commuted sentence from the President within days of his confirmed guilt by jury while the same man as Governor would be more than happy to pull the switch on a mentally impaired black man whose guilt is secured with questionable, circumstantial evidence.

Instead of recognizing these facts my visitor chooses to attack me and point to me as the source of the problem. I would be willing to settle with us disagreeing on whether or not America at large has anything to do with the substandard social conditions of the black community. Everybody’s entitled to their own opinion and great minds do not always think alike. But this guy bends over backwards to show his contempt for me or any person, white or black, who may feel that the black community’s poor condition is more than happenstance or the result of some genetic flaw specific to black people that instills some innate proclivity for social violence or less than virtuous behavior. I am not a non-white white supremacist, black white supremacist, nor black supremacist. But this guy surely sounds like a non-white collaborator in the continuation of black subjugation.

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  1. It sounds like this guy seriously has the white mindset that you talked about in another post. I would feel sorry for him but, you can’t want for him to come to love his blackness more than he wants it! I hope that you continue to counter his crazy attacks each and every time that he posts, as it is necessary that we nip these massa lovin’ toms in the bud when they start their assimilation brainwashing techniques or ABT for short.

    Keep black hope alive!!

    Comment by BlackMamba | Friday, July 13, 2007 | Reply

  2. I be that person who he is talking about.

    One does NOT HAVE TO BE “WHITE” in order to attribute special powers and reverence to the White man.

    Here is a full articulation of my position on the “Non-White White Supremacist”. He shows himself based on his own promotion of the power and supremacy of White folks as compared to what Black people can do.

    I stand by my contention.
    Black people who can articulate how Slavery of the past has more power upon a new born Black baby today (the year of our Lord 2007) than does the management and indoctrination by his parents and community who raise him have symptoms of “Non-White White Supremacy” for they don’t know their own power and abilities as Black people.

    Comment by Constructive Feedback | Saturday, July 14, 2007 | Reply

  3. [quote]When I think of a white supremacist I think of the epitome of racial hate based on nothing but the color of one’s skin.[/quote]

    So let me ask you to take the case of a White Liberal Abolitionist of the past. He advocated for the freedom of Black people from slavery. He thought that Blacks should be US citizens just as any other person. But many of them ALSO believed that the White race was the SUPREME RACE. I have a documentary of a school for Black children in New York just after the Civil War. A mix of Black educators and White people who were in the Abolitionist movement gathered to educate Black children. The organization had a drag down, knock out fight over who should lead the school. Of course the Black people, feeling that it was a Black school felt that a Black person should be at the helm. Several people in the White faction thought that it was unconscionable for a Black person to be in charge of a White person and they rebelled against having anyone but a White at the helm.

    So let me ask you brotherpeacemaker…….does this White Abolitionists who worked to educate Black people be considered a WHITE SUPREMACIST in your view because he did not believe that WHITE PEOPLE should take orders from Blacks? Certainly he probably wouldn’t want to drag a Black person down the street with chains upon them but CERTAINLY you could not tell me that he saw Blacks as his RACIAL EQUALS? If he is not a “White Supremacist” then pray tell, what is he?

    Fast forward to today. Many of the best intentioned White Liberals don’t “Hate Black people” and too would not hitch a Black man to the tow bar of their pickup truck. At the same time there propensity to “help Black people” to the point where we don’t build the SYSTEMS NECESSARY TO HELP OURSELVES indicate to me that this person just might have the belief that “if it weren’t for his HELP Black people would starve to death”. Please don’t tell me that you don’t believe that many Whites of the most altruistic nature don’t look at Africa and then make the inference that the Black man – including the American Black does not possess the necessary composition to create a self governing, self sufficient society and instead needs “our help” to allow him to exist to a point of civility.

    I chuckled in reading your recount of our recent debate. You deny being a “Non-White White Supremacist” but if an objective observer notes all of the passages you reference in all of your commentary you shift the burden off of the Black community to render at least some means for itself and shift it off to someone else.

    *School Segregation Case – Would you advocate Mexican and Black integration as being beneficial to Blacks? Or is it just White/Black integration?

    *Katrina Rescue –

    * Assaults on Black Folks – 50% of Black Homicides go unsolved in 2007. If ONLY your claim of “Assaults on Black folks must stop” included BLACK ASSAILANTS then we would be on the same page. Instead, in your prioritization of White assailants and the police – you only want to focus on them assaulting us.

    I am a Black Male, by the way.
    A resident father who is the primary imprint (along with my Black wife) on my Black children’s character and education.

    Comment by Constructive Feedback | Saturday, July 14, 2007 | Reply

  4. Destructive Feedback,

    The reason 50% of black homicides go unsolved is because nobody cares about solving crimes against black people. If the case gets too difficult to solve it’s better to save those resources for citizens the people who run the corporate political machines actually care about. You quote statistics but close your eyes to reality. I find it interesting that you can chuckle at what I write. I find your thinking disturbing and your comments worrisome for the black community and its future. If your defense of the white community is truly objective then I’d rather just be me. I have a statistic for you, 100% of what you write is troublesome.


    Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Saturday, July 14, 2007 | Reply

  5. [quote]The reason 50% of black homicides go unsolved is because nobody cares about solving crimes against black people.[/quote]

    When you realize that inclusive in the “NOBODY” that you reference are BLACK PEOPLE OURSELVES then you will set yourself on the proper course.

    How perverted is it to ask that SOME OUTSIDER “value your humanity” when you don’t show this to be the case with your own actions?

    Yesterday in Douglasville GA was a march that drew 1,000 people, mostly Blacks ranting about the “Non-Justice” (per the words of the radio advertisement) surrounding Genarlo Wilson. I would bet that 90% of these people traveled west on I-20 to get to the march having driven past the Vine City section of Atlanta were 68% of the killers of Black men now walk the street. And you question MY logic and thought process?

    All of this is the consequence of being CONDITIONED to fight the external fight against the WHITE MAN while having little or no ability to MANAGE your internal affairs. I am not surprised at all at the things that get the community of so called civil rights activists riled up as I have watched the events of the past few years play out.

    You say that I ‘defend’ the White community. I will accept this charge for the minute only if you accept my charge that YOU have the White man and what he might do to you so much as the centerpiece of all that you do that YOU FAIL TO ARTICULATE WHAT THE BLACK MAN MUST DO TO BE INDEPENDENT of this threat.

    Just look at how you can’t even sustain your position across different subjects. First you expressed outrage that Black kids might not be allowed to be shipped into classes with White kids and then later you warned Black people of adopting ‘White ways’. Which one is it brotherpeacemaker? Do we need to learn via osmosis from White folks or do we need to insure that we retain our own sensibilities?

    It seems to me that YOU want to control the separation from White folks and cannot stand the notion of having them to INITIATE such a choice to keep their distance from you.

    I have little doubt that there is some White blogger making note about how White people should make sure that they don’t acquire “Black ways of thinking”, the very photographic negative of what your claims are.

    Comment by Constructive Feedback | Sunday, July 15, 2007 | Reply

  6. Destructive Feedback,

    Of course I can’t sustain my argument. Because of your lack of integrity, logic passes right through you.

    You don’t have to accept anything from me. You are who you are. You don’t have to accept the fact that you defend the white, corporate American system. What you write, think, and the way you live confirms it with or without your acceptance.

    You say I haven’t articulated what the black community must do to become independent of the white community. Please! Learning history is just the first step. If more black people make the choice to see the history of our relationship with white people for what it truly is, more people will learn to see that the black community is in danger the longer we choose to live next to people who don’t care about us. Hopefully, learning the past will teach us what choices to make in the future. Similar to the process of you studying your bible and learning to live your life based on that history.

    Once more people learn the history and experience the epiphany that comes with knowledge the more we can prepare as a community for the next step. One man can’t save the entire world in a vacuum. Even Jesus can’t save the world. He can only save the people who want to be saved. Why do you insist that I have all the answers? Unless, like many white people, you choose to display contempt for anything black that works for change.


    Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Sunday, July 15, 2007 | Reply

  7. Destructive Feedback,

    I had to give some thought to the crap you wrote about black people and their choice to try to save the life of Genarlow Wilson. You are too cruel to black people to see the beauty of these people’s actions. The black community comes together to try and save one and you want to criticize. Who are you to judge the black community?

    There are many fronts in this struggle. You have your priorities (although it is becomine more obvious each and every single day that any allegiance you profess for the black community takes a back seat to your loyalty to white people). I have my own priorities. This component of the black community has its own priority and it is to save this young man from the system. This is an outrage and you have the nerve to question their decision to save him. Do you even have a heart?


    Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Tuesday, July 17, 2007 | Reply

  8. It is hard to argue that FEMA’s delay is jsutified during Katrina when compared to the oh-so-terrible Communist China’s speedy reaction to the Sichuan province earthquake.

    Comment by Yang Xia | Wednesday, September 30, 2009 | Reply

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