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Happy Birthday America

American Flag

Another Independence Day has come and gone. People all across America celebrated another birthday for the good old USA. Barbeque pits are still burning with the embers of charcoal, trying to cool down from all the meats and other foods that they were used to cook and burn. People’s retinas are still burning from the images of various combinations of phosphorous and sulfur and magnesium brightly lighting the night sky with fireworks. And people’s ears are still ringing from the sound of firecrackers exploding throughout the day. Happy Birthday America.

It seems not too long ago there was a time I was knee deep in the phenomenon known as the Fourth of July. My family would load the car up for everybody to take the drive down to Pulaski County, Illinois. It took about two hours to get there from St. Louis, Missouri. My uncle, dad’s brother, inherited the family farm and there was no such thing as a law against fireworks. All of my father’s family would come back home. All of my aunts, uncles, cousins, and the like. We’d have a big barbeque and do a lot of joking and laughing and all the things families do when they’re having a reunion. Somebody would make a big bonfire and there were fireworks for hours. Life was just way too simple then.

The celebration of the Fourth doesn’t hold nearly the same interest for me these days. It’s just another day now. The cosmetics and perfume of red, white, and blue patriotism does little to cover the stench and scars of its racist, elitist, separatist, and imperialistic culture intended to dominate and control nearly every aspect of life in every corner of the globe. Nearly everything about the American way of life is wrapped up in a thick web of lies, half-truths, propaganda, misinformation, and denial designed to manipulate people into a mindset easily managed by remote control.

The government wants war so all the government has to do is tell people the color for today’s security code is orange and if we ever want to see green again we’re going to have to blow somebody up and kill a lot of innocent people. The American public will buy it hook line and sinker.

The government wants to take away your right to an attorney, your right for due process, and your right to reasonable expectations of privacy within the confines of your home. No problem. Write a law that takes everything away in one fell swoop and call it the Patriot Act. Not many people will have the balls to challenge it.

The government wants to take away your ability to criticize the decisions and strategies of the commander and chief. Simply spread the propaganda that any American who has the audacity to exercises their freedom of speech is some kind of commie bastard extremist unfit for their citizenship.

Like many governments that grow out of touch with the needs of its people the American dream has become a stone cold nightmare for way too many people who live on the verge of going under. The next straw that falls could be the one that breaks the camel’s back and we fall into the proverbial crack known to gobble people and their resources up as if they were the next sacrifice to burn in the pit of the volcano god of poverty. Hopefully, and soon, this economic class system of America, otherwise known as capitalism run amok, will come to a swift termination.

Here’s to another year of rich people getting richer while the poor people get the shaft. Here’s to another year of more people loosing their health care while insurance companies make more profits to help cover the cost of replacing all those rubberstamps that say claim denied. Here’s to another year of pretending the government wants to help the economic underclass with more promises of assistance for the victims of Katrina. Here’s to another year of watching oil companies make obscene profits while people everywhere struggle with the extra cost of fuel. Here’s to another year of hearing people everywhere say insensitive things to black people like “Oprah did it why don’t you?”

Here’s to another year of ineffective leadership from the Whitehouse. Here’s to another year of ineffective leadership from the United States Congress. Here’s to another year of watching the Supreme Court tow the totally conservative rightwing agenda. Here’s to another year of Roe versus Wade for it’s just a matter of time before it meets the same fate as Brown versus the Board of Education. Here’s to another year of watching the President make his oh so painful to watch speeches on various stages throughout the world. Here’s to another year of pardons and commuted sentences for friends of the President while poor people are railroaded through the justice system.

Here’s to another year of brothers getting their asses kicked by America’s badge carrying posse. Here’s to another year of people pretending healthcare is too expensive for everyone.  Here’s to another year of people saying life is too precious to allow abortions but will drop a bomb on an entire Iraqi village in order to kill one man.  Here’s to another year of people using bombs against an ideology because they know that their half-assed and elitist ideology is useless as a countermeasure.

Here’s to another year of the United States of America as we know it to be right now. Hopefully there won’t be too many more under these conditions.

Thursday, July 5, 2007 - Posted by | Black Community, Black Culture, Black People

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