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Insurgent Attacks Counts

Insurgent Attacks Counts

John McCain and a few of his colleagues went to an Iraqi market a few months ago with body armor, one hundred troops, armored hummers, tanks, attack helicopters, snipers, under cover agents, NORAD, NASA, and Houston watching their backs. Traffic was directed away from the area and business in the market was paralyzed. The Republican Senator from Arizona said in a news conference that he felt completely safe and that the visit should be evidence that the new security plan for Iraq was working effectively. I don’t think anyone took McCain’s word seriously. In fact, the Senator himself must’ve recognized how stupid he had sounded and tried to backtrack a bit on an interview on 60 Minutes with Scott Pelley. Mr. McCain tried to make the point that he simply misspoke but it shouldn’t take away from the fact that progress is being made in Iraq and the war on terror.

The new military surge in Iraq announced way back in January by President Bush, although close, has yet to be fully implemented. It’s been explained that with the military stretched so thin these things may take a little more time. I’m sorry, but when I hear the term surge my thinking is of something quickly implemented and carried out. The surge looks more like what it should’ve been called in the first place had the President been honest, an escalation. But with every move the United States takes the numbers seem to keep rising. According to as of this very moment this article is being written, as of June 2nd, there have been at least 3,480 military personnel killed in this war on terror and that number rises virtually each and every day. That number does not include the number dead from the war in Afghanistan, the number of troops wounded, the number of civilian deaths, the number of troops wounded or killed from other countries, the number of Iraqi civilians killed, or much of anything else. And the insurgents continue to come.

While surfing the internet I ran across a graph of the number of insurgent attacks in Iraq broken down by month. The source for the information is the Multi National Forces. Now if memory serves correctly there were no terrorist bombings or suicide bombers in Iraq when it was controlled by Saddam Hussein. It wasn’t until the coalition of the dwindling invaded Iraq back in March of 2003 that the insurgents became active. According to the graph the number of attacks for May of 2003, when George Bush declared the mission accomplished from the deck of the USS Lincoln, was less than a hundred, paltry relatively speaking.

According to the graph, in the month of December of 2003 when Saddam Hussein was captured, the number of attacks per month had risen to about eight hundred. In the span of about seven months the number of attacks had increased over eight hundred percent. In the month of the official handover of Iraq to the new puppet government, June of 2004, the number of insurgent attacks had risen to about sixteen hundred. In the month of January 2005, the number of attacks jumped to nearly three thousand per month. In October of 2006, just before the midterm elections here in the United States, the Iraqi attacks hit its peak of nearly 5,500 attacks for that month. Since the month of October 2006 the number of insurgent attacks dropped to about 4,500 attacks for the month of April 2007, the last month data is available.

A number of people like to feign indignation at the suggestion that the United States has created the very problem it attacked Iraq to prevent. The numbers don’t lie. There was no such thing as an insurgency before Mr. Bush gave the go to invade. And now the American public is supposed to believe that our escalation surge is going to eliminate the rebellion. They can see their final death throes coming to them from just over the horizon.

But if history is any indication all the evidence says that the rebellion will meet the escalation of the United States with a proportionate escalation of its own. The rebels aren’t fighting for a political ideology, a corporate economic advantage, or even for a paycheck. The people leading the rebellion against the Iraqi government handpicked by the United States aren’t fazed by the economic cost or the loss of lives. They haven’t joined their struggle based on a series of falsehoods and outright lies. They are there because they believe their future depends on it.

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