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Remembering Ancestors

Buffalo Soldiers

Memorial Day has traditionally been reserved for the remembrance of ancestors who have given their lives in service to their country during times of war. It was originally intended as a day to honor the Union soldiers who died during the civil war. After the First World War the day was expanded to include anyone who died in any military action.

However, America has forgotten the sacrifices made by its citizens of African descent. While our ancestors sacrificed their lives in the service of this country ever since the American Revolution, time and time again, African men and women who survived their call to duty would come home to cope with a country that would forget their collective contribution to the struggle for truth, justice, and the American way. There are stories about African soldiers having to wait outside restaurants while their German prisoners were welcomed inside to eat their meal. Never mind that the soldiers may have been war heroes. All some white people saw were Africans to be subjugated.

The ancestors who survived war had remove the uniform they wore to fight the enemy of America, and replaced it with civilian clothing so they can fight new enemies of inequality, subjugation, separation, and racial hatred. As our ancestors marched and fought for respect and equality white people used every means at their disposal to make the struggle as difficult as possible if not totally unattainable. All anyone has to do is watch clips of the Selma to Montgomery March and watch as black people are attacked by dogs and are knocked around with high pressure hoses. News clips show black people being assaulted by white people as they protested at food counters. News clips show Governors, Senators, and other government officials as they promise segregation as a way of life regardless of the efforts and contributions of blacks to our way of life. It’s a matter of historic fact that the resources of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, under the direction of the suspiciously homosexual J. Edgar Hoover, was used to investigate Black Panthers as a terrorist organization while organizations such as the Ku Klux Klan, the Aryan Nation were allowed to thrive. No black people ever used a rental truck to destroy a federal building. The Panthers were vilified and propagandized in order to justify their status as public enemy number one. The Panthers were systematically hunted and destroyed for little more than being who they were while white people shot black people in the back from the shadows and bombed churches with four little black girls inside. All this and more was done to our ancestors as they fought their fight for their community and the future of their community.

Our ancestors fought a very good fight. Many of them have been forgotten. Too many of us who reaped the benefit of their sacrifice now squander it away with petty pursuits of materialism and me-too-isms. A lot of black people think that because we can obtain credit and fall into a bottomless pit of debt with little means of escape, we think the war is over and there’s nothing else to gain. But as Dr. Martin Luther King once suspected we have integrated into the moral and political equivalent of a burning building. But in all honesty, it is more like the Hindenburg as it embarks on its final voyage.

While it’s nice to remember our ancestors on Memorial Day, the worshippers of Ifa should be remembering not just our ancestors, but our elders as well, for their sacrifices made on our behalf in the war for our dignity, equality, humanity, and our history. It has been a long hard fight against a foe that is relentless in its objective of total domination over the children of Africa. In recent years we have lost considerable ground in the struggle. But the fight is far from over.

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