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The Future of Weather

Oya and Sango

Pickup a newspaper and turn to the weather section. Tropical depression Andrea has formed off the southeast coast three weeks before the official start of hurricane season. There’s record flooding in the Midwest with a number of levees failing in Missouri. An enhanced F-5 tornado with winds topping 205 miles per hour hit Kansas while sister twisters hit Oklahoma. Devastating thunderstorms hit Texas in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Raging fires are inside the city limits of Los Angeles. Nature has already started the response to changes in the atmosphere.

Many scientists believe that the atmosphere is being affected by polluting emissions. In response, The Kyoto Protocol was a United Nations agreement for countries all over the world to cut carbon dioxide and other greenhouse type emissions. As of April 27th, 2007 170 countries have agreed to abide by the conditions of the agreement. But the management team of the United States is holding out for a better deal.

It is disappointing to say the least to watch the Untied States slip into obscurity as much of the rest of the world tries to respond to global warming. In order to protect every nickel of profit of every major polluter in the United States the Bush administration cites the perception that the agreement would hold the United States to a higher standard than other polluters around the world. The government warns that the US would loose jobs and competitiveness if we forced our poor polluting corporations and conglomerates to standards after they’ve been polluting for so many generations. The world shouldn’t hold the world’s biggest polluter to such lofty standards. Please!

Multinationals and this government could not care less for the protection of American jobs. The government looks the other way as more and more companies find it far cheaper to setup shop in other countries. And some of those countries have signed the agreement. The truth is that many companies lobby the government way too hard to allow any laws that would affect their bottom line get passed in this country. George Bush has ransacked the Environmental Protection Agency to a point where one of the directors of NASA publicly accused his administration of refuting widely accepted scientific evidence of the dangers of global warming because it did not “fit predetermined, inflexible positions”. The Bush administration was also accused of editing reports to make the potential dangers of global warming sound far less threatening. Anyone familiar with the environmental history should know Mr. Bush’s reputation. While he was Governor of Texas George Bush enabled policies that allowed Houston to succeed Los Angeles as the pollution capital of the country.

There is supposedly some debate on whether or not global warming is a natural occurrence in nature or if it is a manmade phenomenon. And as we sit around and argue over which comes first the chicken or the egg the storms will get stronger. Hurricane season will start earlier and last much longer. Tornadoes will start to appear in places few people thought imaginable. Glaciers will continue to melt and we will continue down our path of consequences. More cities will require more electricity to run more air conditioners to counter the warmer weather. But more electricity will require more fossil fuels which will release more greenhouse gasses and the cycle continues like swirling soiled water down a toilet.

The Bush administration did not believe that the Environmental Protection Agency is entitled to regulate automobile emissions. In the Supreme Court case of Massachusetts v. Environment Protection Agency twelve states had to sue the EPA to get off its ass and do something about automobile emissions. On April 2nd of 2007, the court ruled that the EPA has the authority to regulate automobile emissions because, “greenhouse gases fit well within the Clear Air Act’s capacious definition of air pollutant.” The court also stated that the EPA must regulate in this area unless it is able to provide a scientific reason for not doing so. Can’t regulate the weather, but they will bomb the hell out of a country on the slightest whim for weapons of mass destruction.

Mr. Bush cares for the environment like a wolf cares for a chicken coup. This is the same President that decided to protect the national forests by letting logging companies cut down trees. So let the strong, harder storms rage. Let the summers get hot as all hell. Let the winds blow and the rains fall. Besides, the next disaster hits will be yet another opportunity for companies like Halliburton to win lucrative no bid contracts to clean up the mess and squander our national treasure while our military fights the War on Terror and squander other national resources. It’s just a matter of coincidence that Halliburton just decided to move its headquarters, and some of its highest paying jobs, over to Dubai.

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