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This Bloodthirsty President

Presidential Seal

As of this morning, Monday May 7th, at least 3,376 men and women in the military have died in the service of the United States in this country’s conflict with the country of Iraq started 1,460 days ago on March 19th of 2003 as part of an initiative in the War on Terror. Every day since this conflict was started nearly two and a quarter American military lives have been lost. No one knows how many Iraqis have lost their lives. But the guestimate ranges from a very conservative fifty thousand to nearly seven hundred thousand men, women, and children.

Last week, in an unusual display of balls, the Democratically controlled United States Congress sent President George W. Bush a military spending bill that included a solid deadline for the withdrawal of all United States military personnel from Iraq. The President promised he would veto the bill as soon as it would arrive on his desk and, in another rare politically unusual event the President remained true to his word to the American public. The President claims that he will not accept any funding bill that ties the hands of our military. Mr. Bush must be trying to reserve that single privilege to the President’s office.

This past Friday an enhanced F-5 tornado literally flattened Greensburg, Kansas. With winds reaching as high as 205 miles per hour the town is estimated that as much as 95 percent of the town has been utterly destroyed. The cleanup and repair will be massive and long. Unfortunately, it will be made that much longer because much of the equipment the national guard would use to effect repairs and remove debris is part of the military’s effort in Iraq. Ironically, what remains of Greensburg looks like a war zone.

Another twister hit the Oklahoma town of Sweetwater located 225 miles south of Greensburg. A number of tornadoes were spotted across Kansas and Oklahoma. And as much as half the equipment necessary to make an attempt to rescue and/or recovery is in Iraq. Hurricane season starts next month and half of our national guard has been committed to the seriously unpopular war effort.

George Bush will remain in office until January 20th, 2009. That is another 624 days away. If the current rate of lives lost remains static at approximately 2.25 per day, we can expect to loose another fourteen hundred of our American service men and women in the war effort in Iraq for a grand total of nearly 4,800. And who knows how many American people will loose their lives because our homeland defenders aren’t available to help us through the natural disasters that have yet to come until the end of Mr. Bush’s term. And keep in mind that this number does not include the number of US service men and women wounded or suffering from mental problems as a result of their service in Iraq. The coffers of the US treasury have been plundered to a sum of half a trillion dollars. It would have been far cheaper to simply write every single individual in Iraq, man, woman, and child, a fifteen thousand dollar check to and offer Saddam Hussein another ten billion dollars to simply leave.

Mr. Bush appears clueless or heartless to the suffering he has inflicted on the American people, on the Iraqis people, and to the world at large. The President makes tough speeches and invites terrorist to take on the American military. It appears that somebody took Mr. Bush up on his invitation. The greatest military this world has ever seen has been brought assigned to another humiliating quagmire while the President sanctimoniously admonishes the Congress for trying to force an end to the mess that Mr. Bush has made. Mr. Bush is headstrong in his pursuit to kill. This President wants the world to know that he suffers absolutely no regret for his attack on Iraq and looses no sleep at night.

Mr. Bush is a classic example of a bloodthirsty warmonger. He made a conscious and informed decision to push America into a unilateral war with assistance from other countries better known as a coalition of the dwindling. Mr. Bush makes no apologies for the bloodshed that will be the legacy of his presidency and the proverbial albatross in the history of the American people. The entire world population is the victim of his shame.

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