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Blacks Can Learn from the Republicans

Republican Party

One thing I admire about the Republican Party is their ability to come to support each other from external attack. When Bill Clinton was elected President the Democratic Party acted as if he was a political typhoid marry. Mr. Clinton was fighting the Republicans in Congress who were emboldened the support of their democratic colleagues against a President who stood alone.

From the day he took office Mr. Clinton was hounded for every little move he made. Employed to investigate the President’s participation in a suspected land deal the special prosecutor was given freedom to investigate every corner of Mr. Clinton’s life. Throughout his presidency the Clinton White House was investigated for every decision made. Without the support of the Democratic Party the opportunity for universal health care was defeated without a chance to correct any perceived problems in its implementation. The Clinton White House saw more subpoenas to testify before Congress than the mafia.

Bill Clinton made a mistake with Monica Lewinski. He then compounded that mistake with a lie that he wasn’t in Ms. Lewinski’s panties. For these horrible crimes against the American people Mr. Clinton had to face the indignity of impeachment. The Republican Party pushed for it and the Democratic Party went along like the sheep they were. The democrats conceded defeat without standing up for their member, their symbolic leader, the President.

George Bush follows Clinton into the presidency and we see a totally different attitude in the Republican led Congress. Republicans rubber stamps every move he makes. With the attack on New York and the World Trade Center George Bush was given even more support for his political agenda. Since then we’ve attacked the country of Afghanistan and the Taliban for their support of the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda. Since then the administration kind of lost its focus and the Taliban have reorganized to put up a fight for their country.

We’ve attacked the country of Iraq and Saddam Hussein because somebody said he tried to buy some yellowcake uranium. The evidence was flimsy. But that didn’t stop a republican led Congress and their spineless democratic members from following suit with anything Mr. Bush wanted to do. The campaign was called Operation Iraqi Liberation (OIL). How blatant can you get?

Since this man took office there has been an attack on the principle of separation between church and state. Mr. Bush claimed god told him to attack Iraq. God wanted him to cut finding for foreign organizations that offered women assistance with abortions. His appointments of John Roberts and Samuel Alito made the Supreme Court so conservative that abortion proponents have successfully implemented federal laws designed to limit a woman’s right to choose. The President squandered a budget surplus with a well over a one trillion dollar tax cut that overwhelmingly benefited the rich and corporations. The President tried to tell the American public that the federal government had no clue Katrina was on its way to devastate New Orleans and the Gulf States. In response to the disaster he suspended the minimum wage law in the area so contractors can better hire locals to help in the effort to rebuild (still scratching my head on the logic of this). The Republicans have suffered several scandals such as Jack Abramoff and the K-street lobbying group, Mark Foley and his homosexual house page controversy, and Scooter Libby was the scapegoat for the outing of Valerie Plame. The President implemented a secret program for spying on citizens. And the list goes on and on and on.

Through it all the republicans stood together with little dissention in their ranks. If anyone even hints that they’re thinking of implementing impeachment proceedings the Republicans respond with one voice, don’t even think about it. They are so closely knit that they are blind to the indiscretions of their members almost to a fault. It is only after the development of such overwhelming negativity over an issue do republicans jump ship and publicly admonishes a member. But even then their rebuke is relatively mild and impotent. Regardless of how they may feel personally Republicans stand united The Republicans are a unified force to reckon with. Black people can learn a lot from the Republican Party example.

The whole affair with Don Imus and the black community’s contribution to his firing is a prime case in point. Al Sharpton, Bruce Gordon, Rutgers University, and a lot of other people made it a point to respond to Mr. Imus’ racial slurs appropriately. They united in an effort to get him fired. But people in the black community feel it is more important to criticize the black people who criticize the white people who criticize the black people. Go figure.

I saw a brother on television rip into Mr. Sharpton on the CBS Morning News a few days after Mr. Imus was canned. He had nothing good to say about Mr. Sharpton and his effort to bring some kind of retribution for the black community in general and for Rutgers University women’s basketball team specifically. In the eyes of this one particular black man, Mr. Sharpton was nothing more than a big hypocrite who should be ashamed of himself. Rappers have been making music calling women bitches and whores for years. Why do black people suddenly want to tell this white man he can’t do what we’ve been doing to ourselves for years? Why is Mr. Imus being held to a double standard?

Bill Cosby did the same thing about a year ago. Mr. Cosby gets in front of a bunch of white people and says the black community isn’t doing their fare share to help resolve the problems of the black community. The problem isn’t that he criticizes the black community. There are many people in our community who deserve to be criticized. The problem is that Mr. Cosby takes his black ass in front of the white people and criticizes the black community with very broad and general statements that reinforces some stereotypes that white people have of black people. In essence Mr. Cosby goes out there and tells these fine white people that they some good white folks and they’ve done enough to atone for the mistakes of slavery and racial discrimination and should sit back and wait for the black community to do something because they haven’t done anything at all. In the words of Mr. Bush, Mr. Cosby gives aid and comfort to the very people the black community is struggling with for our equality, dignity, and fairness.

The man who gets on CBS and criticizes Mr. Sharpton is no different. He gets on network television and criticizes one of the leaders of the black community to white people. This guy doesn’t care one way or another about Mr. Imus but damn if he’s not ready to rip Mr. Sharpton a new one. Here is another black person that the white dominated American society can use to fragment black people

History records black people making their greatest strides for equality when we stuck together as a unit. Overwhelmingly black people supported the men and women who stood before all of America and the world to represent black people of America. Whether you agreed with all aspects of the civil rights movement or not didn’t matter. There were a lot of black people who didn’t agree to standing up and making trouble. They had no problem with the status quo. But instead of getting a forum to air their dissention in front of the nation they kept their difference of opinion to themselves.

Imagine the damage that could’ve been done to the civil rights movement by blacks going in front of the camera and saying other black people are wrong to be marching and demonstrating against their treatment by white people. If the television networks were more clever than they were they would’ve paid some tom at the time to voice his condemnation of the movement. The more time they could’ve put the tom on television the more division they could push onto the black community. Well America has learned from that mistake and is now using propaganda in its highest form. Unfortunately these black people are so caught up in their push to express their independent thinking that they don’t stop to see the potential damage they’re doing in our current struggle in our ongoing fight for equality.

I’m sorry. If I had to choose between fighting a white man who calls the women of Rutgers bitches and whores or fighting a black man who says the white man is wrong for calling the women of Rutgers bitches and whores I’d have to choose fighting the white guy and supporting the black guy. I think it’s a lot more important to have a unified front against racial discrimination. Once that fight is done and we prove to America and the world that the black community operates with a unified front it would be nice to come together to face the other issues in the black community such as rappers who promote the subjugation of black women.

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